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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

28weeks 2 days

So here's an updated photo. My god I can't believe how big I have gotten in only a week! I think it takes looking at the picture to realize it, I mean I am super uncomfortable and stuff. My back is absolutely killing me these days and I find sleeping with my hubby is next to impossible, with all that snoring so I go out to my sofa. He's working a backshift tonight so I'll get a good sleep.

The birthday for my son was cute. I can't believe he's 6 already. Seems like yesterday that he was born. Although he is still battling with this damn flu, he's still nauseated and now has the diarrhea. Poor guy, couldn't even eat his cake :(. I may take him in to the doctor this week if he doesn't get any better soon. I think my youngest daughter my be getting a touch of something too. She slept for about an hour this afternoon which is totally not like her. My oldest daughter is fine, she's like a tank and resists everything.

I have an OB appointment coming up on the 25th and a GI appointment. I'll have to see about weaning off the prednisone. I know that I can't still be on that close to delivery because the baby will have to be weaned too. Well, it's not that I can't be on it, it's just more complicated that the baby will have to be monitored closely and have to see a perinatologist, etc. If I can avoid that I will. So anyway, I'll get some information from them then. The one thing I am afraid of is my weight gain, last time I was there I gained a whopping 6 lbs in 3 weeks, and the time before was 7 lbs in 3 weeks. That's a little too much for my liking.


At 3:29 PM , Blogger Karen said...

You look cute! I'd say you have your hands FULL. I got your blog address from the pregnancy-info forum.

At 3:22 PM , Blogger Karen said...

I got your comment! We are close--I am 26w3d. I have a ticker on my blog that keeps track of that, so every day it shows how far along I am. Very fun--you can get one for yours at or (the second one is easier & doesn't require you to register). They also have birthday ones to keep track of how old your kids are. Those are fun, too.

At 9:38 AM , Blogger melony said...

my children are 9,7,4, and almost one! four is NO different then three! after three children, i think you could have 10 and if wouldn't matter!;) thank you for your comment on my blog page, and your blog is great. have a wonderful day! mel-


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