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Monday, January 23, 2006

29 Weeks and counting.......

Well, today marks my 29th week. I find this pregnancy is really dragging. Nothing new here to report, just swelling more each day. I find even after the slightest amount of activity my feet are swollen. Anyway, just another lovely aspect of being pregnant.

I was wondering if anyone can help me here, I am having a terribly hard time trying to pick out names for this baby. We know we are having a girl, but can't decide for the life of us. I like the name Ava, but my hubby isn't that fond of it, and of course he likes the name Lauren, and I mean I like it but I don't know if that's the name I want. Please leave any suggestions, any idea will be welcomed. If anyone else that is pregnant is reading this blog, have you or when do you plan on getting the nursery ready? I haven't even started thinking of it.

Well my son is feeling much better and his appetite is back, now my daughter well she's got the flu now. So anyway, I know that it can linger around for about 4 days, so it's no surprise if she's sick that long. So Wednesday marks another Dr. visit. I finally realized why my OB preobably hasn't sent mr for that glucose test, due to the steroids, that'll elevate my sugar and probably say I have GD, when I don't. I'll have to update on Wed. to tell how it went.


At 3:48 PM , Blogger Karen said...

I have to do that glucose test next week. I'm a little nervous about it because I don't want to do the 3-hour test! This pregnancy is dragging for me too, but I'm 2 weeks behind you. It's my first, too, so I can't imagine how it must be with your 4th!

We are almost finished with the nursery because we have slowly been accumulating things from other people. Used or borrowed. We painted about 2 months ago, only because we got new carpet and wanted to paint before then. As long as it's ready when the baby's ready, I don't think it matters!

I like both Ava and Lauren. We were actually considering Lauren too. It depends on what your last name is. I'm big on not wanting a name that's too popular, and Ava was in the top 10 for 2005.

At 4:33 PM , Blogger Karen said...

Hey--you added tickers! Very cute. I want to see your newest belly pic! I feel like I'm getting bigger by the day, but I'll probably add another pic to my blog in a week or so.


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