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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wow, Almost 7 Months!

I can't believe it's February. I'll be 7 months on the 10. This last part of pregnancy seems to slow down a lot. As eager as I am to have this baby, I am at the same time scared. I know I have been through this 3 times already but I feel like this is the first time I've been pregnant. I was watching one of those pregnancy/birth shows and was watching the woman, screaming in agony and I had a sudden fear come over me. It was like I could feel the pain all over again. Mind you my last delivery was wonderful (I finally got my epidural, which I highly recommend). She was a breeze. But as the nurses say, "the road is paved". Haha. So as my due date quickly approaches, the more I think of the labor, the more I think I can hang on for the next 2 months.

Just wondering, if anyone else is pregnant reading this, have any of you outgrown your maternity clothes?? I was putting on a shirt yesterday and it doesn't even cover my belly. I only have 2 that cover me now, so I am thinking I have to get out shopping for a couple of tops to fit me :(

On a lighter note, we are getting yet another major snow storm here. Actually the worst this winter. We got 20 cm dumped on us last night and are expecting another 40-50cm today. My hubby actually went to work this morning too. I made him take the cell phone so I could make sure he got there safely, and he did. I of course convinced the children that they should go outside and check out the snow. So I bundled them all up and within 10 min they were back in the house. lol. It was cute but didn't last long, not that I thought it would.


At 10:02 PM , Blogger Karen said...

I'm a couple of weeks behind you, but I also have clothes I can no longer wear. I'm thinking at the end, I'll be wearing the same thing ever day, and I probably won't care. :)

Your kids are so cute!


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