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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ok, I am so impatient about next Thursday to come. It's terrible, I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa to come!! My worry now is that I'll be all hyped up for the induction and something like a stupid massive snowstorm will hit, or he'll use that gel and it won't give me so much as a cramp. I have to stop thinking these things or I'll go bonkers within the next week.

Anyway, hubby called his unit manager at work to tell her that he'll need the 6th off next week and he also told her he would need the 7th and 8th off. Because he works 4 days on 4 days off all 12 hr shifts, 2 days to 2 nights. So he goes back on Wednesday and he requested the next 3 off. She actually thought that all he'd want off is Thursday. I'm like ok, who's going to watch the kids during the night on Friday and Saturday, the magic fairy from la la land??? I'll still be in the hospital for Friday night at least, depending on when I have the baby. That's even if this works the first try. Anyway, whatever I don't care if he is granted it without pay. There is enough casual nurses begging for work around here to be able to pick up the extra shifts.

My friend just came up and dropped off an order of hotwings. Ohhh they were soooooo good. I have been craving them for days and she got them for me. I've also been craving chocolate really badly. But I haven't given into that craving yet. Well must get ready to watch ER tonight.


At 9:47 PM , Anonymous Hannah said...

Thursday will be here soon! How exciting that you're so close! Heck, your baby could even come before then. :-)

At 9:42 AM , Blogger Hoping said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you that this happens soon!

At 7:33 PM , Anonymous angie said...

Wings?! OMG that sounds so yummy!
What's up with hubby's boss? Magic Fairy! I love it. Tell her that the magic fairy will work his shifts for him :-)

Thursday will be here before you know it...hang in there!

At 10:10 PM , Blogger Lesley said...

Not long now, give in to that chocolate craving..just once :-)
Hoping that hubby can sort out the time off. I have never been lucky enough to have the magic fairy look after my son... Where do I contact her/him?
Take care

At 10:57 PM , Blogger Chas said...

I hope the induction works out for you...good luck!

At 12:19 AM , Blogger Shannon said...

oh I couldn't deal with that wait either... hang in there!!

At 2:14 PM , Blogger Stephanie said...

that sound great!!

At 5:11 AM , Blogger Joe Berenguer said...

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