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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Braxton Hicks Are My Nemesis!

Well by the title you can see that I've been having those wonderful, play with your mind, make you think something is actually happening, pain the butt BH ctx. LOL.

Last night they started around 7pm and were pretty regular at about 15min apart. Like the typical ctx that you read about, from the back to the front. But I know better. I've had this happen with my last 2 children so my trick is, if I can manage to go to sleep and stay asleep, it isn't the real deal. Of course I fell asleep watching American Idol and woke up to go to the bathroom at around 4am. No more pain in sight.

Anyway, I'm in a better mood today. Just the pressure of the baby is getting to me, it feels like at times she wants to fall out. (I wish it were that simple) Anyway that's about it here.


At 2:39 PM , Blogger AnnaBana said...

It's great to hear about stuff like this, so I know what to expect when I get to that stage. There's so much I don't know!

At 2:59 PM , Blogger Jodie said...

At least you were able to sleep for a while. False Labor is just as bad as sugar free chocolate - what's the point.

Hang in there, she'll be out soon.

At 3:03 PM , Blogger Karen said...

Yeah, it would be great if they just fell out! :) I wouldn't know the difference between real and fake, but at least you can tell! I used to get braxton-hicks a lot, but or the past month or 2, I haven't experienced them. Isn't it supposed to be the opposite???

At 6:47 PM , Blogger Chas said...

I haven't had any contractions of any kind that I know of. My doc says I could have had some and not even realized it...but that seems kind of weird. I almost wish I'd have some just so I could know what they feel like.

At 8:37 PM , Blogger Hoping said...

Hang in there!!!!!

At 8:47 AM , Anonymous angie said...

I wish they could just fall out! I'm glad you're feeling a little better!


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