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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

36 Week Checkup

I had my OB appointment today. When I got there, I had to wait the usual eternity that it feels like, well really only an hour. Anyway, I saw of friend of mine there and she's expecting twins due only a few days before me. I had wondered if she had her babies, and of course I knew the answer, she's still hanging on! 37 weeks along with 2 girls!~ Ack the size of her belly. And this girl is all babies.

Anyway, my OB is gone away on vacation for the next 2 weeks so there was a fill in there for him. When I went in, I was surprised that I actually know this guy. He just finished his residency or whatever Doctors do to become doctors since they are in school for umpteen years. He introduces himself to me and is like, "hey wait a minute, do I know you from somewhere?" I'm like well you know my brother, I met you like ages ago and I never thought you'd remember who I am, considering name is different and it's been a long time. So that was kind of neat that I know him, I was definitely more comfortable around him even with talking about excretion. UGH!!!! LOL

He did the weigh in check to discover I have lost another 4 pounds in 2 weeks. He was a little surprised. As was I. I told him the steroids don't do D**K for me, so he said, get off them. Better to be off then on, since it's not making a darn difference. Other than that he checked the heartbeat- 140 and B/P 124/84. All is good there. So in the last 4 weeks I have managed to lose 6 pounds. hmmmm, maybe I'll have this baby soon, since not gaining weight or losing weight is a sign of pre labor. I wonder.

Anyway, I had my ultrasound today to check in on little miss. She is measuring at 35 weeks 5 days, and I am currently 36 weeks 2 days. So that's not bad, only a 4 day difference. And she weighs an estimated 6 lbs 2 oz, and of course I asked if she was still a girl and she is. LOL. So all is good with baby, and now I can breathe a sigh of relief.


At 10:40 AM , Blogger Silly Hily said...

Hey, at least you can still breathe. I remember at this point I could hardly catch my breath when I was preggo with my girl.
I'm currently carrying my boy soooo low that breathing is not a problem this time around.
I'm just a week behind you. Cheers to popping these kids out early!

At 11:33 AM , Blogger Shannon said...

wow hat is awesome that you had such a good visit... and that everything is going well!!

At 11:52 AM , Blogger Dazed said...

Glad the visit went good, I would be totally embarassed if my gyn was someone I knew!!!

At 11:52 AM , Blogger Karen said...

Yay for good visits! I'm going to be checking back daily for that post that you've had your baby. And now you can be even less concerned about the boy name. :)

At 12:42 PM , Blogger Hoping said...

Good news at the doc! You are losing weight.....? is this a condition you have? I think the names you picked are wonderful and perfect for a little girl. Screw everyone else. Have a great day!

At 6:46 PM , Blogger Chas said...

My 36 week checkup is tomorrow. I'm told this is the one where you have to get naked, not looking forward to that.

At 9:19 PM , Anonymous angie said...

I'm so glad the ultrasound went well! YEAH!!!!! Mine is next week! :-)

At 8:44 AM , Blogger Emmakirst said...

Strange, no one mentioned nakedness at mine. LOL. Not that I am upset about that. hehe. I have no clue what this guys protocol is for internal's or anything. My regular OB is on vacation. I didn't even get the swab for GBS done yet. ahh maybe my "luck" will change next week.


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