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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Not much at all has been going on in my life. I worked 2 shifts over the last 5 days. I worked the holiday and then again on Monday night. The shift on Saturday was an evening one, much more tolerable than nights. Anyway, I was on a different unit and never worked an evening there. Basically I hand out pills for about 5 out of 8 hrs. Not bad, not at all, just annoying when you have residents telling you off, where to go, how to get there... who to take with me.... and what to do when I got there! LOL. Needless to say, I wasn't fighting with that person very long to take some meds. Anyway, about 2 hrs into the shift, a lady starts complaining of chest pain. Yah, with all the good ol' signs of a heart attack, radiating up her jaw and down her arm, all on the left side, her blood pressure was also 210/90. Lovely I thought to myself. So I had to call the other rn to figure out the policy and procedure as to how to send her to the hospital. One good thing out of it, I learned how to do that :) She was fine too. No cardiac probs. Which was a relief, however a bad chest infection, causing her pain. I dont' mess around with any "potential" cardiac problems, I'd never get over it if I didn't send her to be checked and something happened.

The next night I worked was interesting. Another resident was complaining of her "ribs felt as though they were broken". She was afraid to move. Now why she wouldn't tell the day staff, who knows, but hell, why not tell someone at 4am. That's a great time. I was in with her for about an hr. Trying to tell her the Dr. will see her during the day, and that odd as it sounds, the treatment for broken ribs is to lay on the affected side, blah blah. Apparently she gets obsessive like this from month to month. Ahhh the joys of working in a nursing home.

I really have nothing else to blog about, we rented the DaVinci Code and of course I fell asleep. I think I may take another attempt now to watch it before the kiddies get home from school.


At 2:58 PM , Blogger Shannon said...

that is why my mom never wants to work in a nursing home... she says she gets enough crazy problems from her older patients hehehehe... but, glad it wasn't too painful!

At 6:49 PM , Blogger Tonya said...

wow sounds exciting to work in a nursing home.. lol my hubby rented that flick too but I fell asleep also.. never did end up watching it.


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