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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I took the baby to the Dr. on Wednesday and she got all her needles. She only fussed for the Pentacel shot, after it was given. Anyway, she survived. She weighs 17lbs and is 26inches long. Her head circumference is 16.5inches too. She's still in the 50th percentile.

Since she's gotten those needles she's been TERRIBLY cranky. I don't know if it's related to the needles or if it's teething. Because she's a bear. It's like she has a cold, her nose is running all the time, she's cranky and won't take a bottle. These are all signs of teething or it could just be a cold. Ack, nothing easy with babies is there?? lol. Whatever she's going through, I hope it happens quickly. I want my happy baby back. Must mention, she gets up about ohhhh every 1-2 hrs throughout the night too, and will wake at 5am for the day. AND the beast is pretty much crawling. She was doing a bit last night. lol.

I went for my "much needed" full body massage on Thursday. Oh I wish I could have taken her home to give me a back rub after my long nights with the baby. I swear, I lay in the most awkward position when I nurse her and my back is killing me when I wake up.

I didn't end up getting my hair cut. I still haven't decided on what to do. It's still falling out, and needs something done with it. The baby keeps grabbing it and ripping it out too.

Such a rainy day today, we have plans (my son and I) to play Zelda for the Gamecube today and "beat" the game! Have a great weekend.


At 6:08 PM , Blogger Tonya said...

aww I hope she is feeling better soon and if it is teething it lets up a bit *Hugs* We just got back from Canada and was just catching up on my blog reading! Love the pics of you below.. your gorgeous and love the glasses!


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