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Monday, December 04, 2006

I have been such a scatterbrain lately. I feel as though I could be thinking of one thing and totally say something different. Must be those hormones that are doing it to me. hehe. Hey I need something to blame :) Lets see, an update on how I am feeling well, pukarific, along with daily headaches and dizziness. I'm convinced this one is a boy. I was only ever dizzy and lightheaded with my son. I'm frozen all the time, well that's not just reserved for pregnancy. I am down to 110lbs and I'm noticing it in this weather! Not as much insulation on me, hehe. Other than that, I feel fine, found myself tearful as I watched Toy Sto.ry 2 last night. HAHA, I know, only 8 more months of this. :) I still don't really know what to think about this, I'm still in disbelief. I guess the reality of it all will kick in eventually, I guess I have no choice.

We're getting a lovely snowstorm here right now. Just what I wanted! I drove home from my mother's and slid all over the highway and then didn't make it one foot up my driveway, so I had to walk up the hill (it's a steep, slippery, cold f'in wet hill covered in snow) Ahhh the joys of country life :P

I watched Cler.ks 2 last night. It had it's moments. I laughed, quite a bit and was repulsed by quite a bit of it. LOL. I never saw the first one, so I have nothing to base this on. It was something to watch, since TV licks on Monday nights, as well as Tuesday. LOL.

I'm pretty freakin' tired right now, so I think I shall snuggle up with my little A and go to sleep.


At 9:55 PM , Blogger Shannon said...

hehe clerks (the first one) is really really funny... haven't seen the 2nd one yet hehehe... but we own most of their movies... gotta hide those from Lore lol... hope you get pass the puke and dizzy stuff... oh yeah tell work to stuff it and don't work the new years... you have a new baby to grow... and that takes work hehehe...

At 3:50 PM , Anonymous Mary Boston said...

Wow, I finally pushed the dog doing the pee pee dance out of the apt, Maddie went down for a nap, got some clothes in the washer, navigated through the Christmas junk waiting to be put up and found my blogs....only to see that you are pregnant too!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I can only imagine all the emotions flooding through you right now! You are one fertile mamma! Once again we're pregnant together. If I keep going does that mean you will too? lol


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