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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Because I have nothing else to blog about...

Found this at Emma's site, as the title of this post suggests, I don't have much else to write about lately. Here goes :)

Are you:

A cuddler? No, I like my personal space. I will however cuddle with a baby, but only for a short while.
A morning person? No, I don't like mornings at all. Once I'm up, I'm ok in about 2 hrs. Getting up for work at 5am is a killer. I keep telling hubby, why can't I just get a day job from the hrs of like 9am to 4pm. THEN I WOKE UP!
Are you a perfectionist? No, never have been, never will be!
An only child? No. I have one brother.
Catholic: Nope, Baptist. Hubby is trying to get the children all christened in the catholic church since he is, I am all for it, but I'm not arranging it since it's not my religion.
In your pajamas? Of course, what else would I be doing at 10am.
Currently suffering from a broken heart? Kind of, I was teased about potentially getting a job in OBS where I have always wanted to work, then to find out I didn't get it. But in a relationship way, no, we are fine.
Okay styling other people's hair? oh I'm awful at it, I can't even style my own!
Left handed? No, hubby is though and my grandfather was. But back in his days when the nuns taught school they would force you to use your right hand, so he could use both.
Addicted to MySpace? no, I dont' even know what it's all about and could care less.
Shy around the opposite gender? Not really, only if I think they are hot. LOL. Other than that I dont' care I'll talk the same with them as anyone.
Loud? When I'm angry.

Do you:

Bite your nails? Yes, since I was 10 and I "crack my knuckles". Lovely eh?
Get paranoid at times? No, I don't really let things bother me much.
Currently regret something that you have said/done? Not that I can think of.
Curse frequently when you get mad? Yes, I'm currently trying to break that awful habit.
Enjoy country music? NO it's all wrong. I like 80's crap and other rock/pop stuff. I'll be honest, I have no time to listen to music!
Enjoy jazz music? No.
Enjoy smoothies? Yeah, they are alright.
Enjoy talking on the phone? Of course, but only when the kids are asleep, if not its a nonstop fight.
Have a lot to learn? I believe so, you never stop learning in life.
Have a pet? Yes, an annoying little dog that barks a lot and 4 fish.
Have a tendency to fall for the "wrong" person? In the past I had, fortunately I have found the right one.
Have all your grandparents died? No, my mother's mother is alive and my father's mother is alive.
Have at least one sibling? Yes, i just put that down.
Have been told that you are smart? Yes, by one of my professors in nursing, she gave me 100% on an assignment and swore she had never done that before and during my evaluation made it a point to put that as one of my positive qualities.
Have had a broken bone? No.
Have Caller I.D. on your phone? Yes, gotta know who's calling, so you can avoid the unwanted ones. LOL.

Have you:

Changed a diaper? About 5 times a day!
Changed a lot over the past year? Yes, had another child, cut my hair lost about 20 lbs since before I was pregnant.
Had friends who have never seen your natural hair color? My hair is it's natural colour.
Had surgery? One, laproscopic cholesystectomy. (yah, however that is spelled)
Killed anyone? No.
Had your haircut within the last week? About 4 weeks ago.

Last person who:

Slept in the bed beside you? My baby and hubby.
Saw you cry? hubby.
Went to the movies with you? hubby, we saw "last kiss" I think that's what it was called. Horrible.
You went to the mall with? hubby and baby.
You went to dinner with? hubby, the last time i went to the movies.
You talked to on the phone? Hubby. LOL.
Said 'I love you' to you and meant it? My oldest daughter this am, when I dropped her off at school.
Broke your heart? My first boyfriend.
Made you laugh? My 5 yr old daughter.

Would you rather?

Pierce your nose or tongue? Well if I had to chose I'd say tongue, but neither one appeals to me.
Be serious or be funny? Funny, serious bores me.
Drink whole or skim milk? Skim, but milk just makes me sick.
Die in a fire or drown? Oh they were my biggest fears of how I'd die. I would rather just go in my sleep. =)
Spend time with your parents or enemies? My parents, but only for a short while.

About you!

What time is it? 10:23 am
Name? I try hard to keep this blog anonymous, so I use the alias Emma.
Nickname(s)? does bitch count? LOL.
Where were you born? Canada, east coast. That's all I'm saying.
What is your birthdate? July 18.
What do you want? No bills! Who doesn't??
Where do you want to live? Where I am, just away from the in-laws.
How many kids do you want? I'm good with the children I have now.


At 5:35 PM , Blogger Silly Hily said...

Your name isn't Emma? I'm always amazed to find that bloggers aren't named what I thought they were.

And my Grandma was left handed too but her teacher slapped her with the ruler and made her be right handed. What was up with that?

At 1:27 AM , Blogger Emma in Canada said...

They tried to slap the left handness out of my mum too, but my grandad had a fit. And no one messes with him!

Glad you did this one. I always reading what other people have to say.


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