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Sunday, November 26, 2006

I remember my 17th birthday as if it were yesterday.

I had been dating a guy who was 3 years older than I was. We dated for 2 years and then we broke up about 2 months before my 17th birthday. Anyway, he called me about a month later, asking to meet up again. Of course when we broke up, I was devastated. I was on the pill but didn't really care if I was taking it regularly since I had no intentions of dating anyone anytime soon, since I had just gotten out of a 2 year relationship. How naive!

I agreed to meet with him and of course I was stupid and we of course "got it on". I had instantly thought, what if I got pregnant? But that was a crazy thought, I was still on the pill, but had missed two during that month.

I wasn't even late that month but I just knew something was different. I knew. I just knew. I told the ex about the possibility of it and he had said, we'll deal with whatever happens.

Then I took a test. I will never forget that feeling, on my 17th birthday I found out I was pregnant.

Telling my parents was one of the most "surreal" things I have ever experienced. I felt as though I were watching myself telling them. They were supportive and disappointed. They took it much better than I thought they would, considering the circumstances.

Oddly, I feel like I did when I was 17.

Still late, hoping she'll show up by tomorrow. If not I'll test.


At 8:24 PM , Anonymous Heidi said...

Well, I hope she shows up tomorrow too! But, if she doesn't, then I know you'll deal!!! My period was once 13 days late. Maybe you're stressed?

At 8:47 PM , Anonymous Sara said...

Wow! My dear AF showed up yesterday. It was with mixed emotions, I will admit.

I have a friend who has 5 children. You actually remind me somewhat of her. You are a wonderful mother and if it is in the cards to do it all over again, then that child is the luckiest little baby ever. I mean that.

Will be awaiting your test!

At 11:29 PM , Blogger Jessica said...

I'm on pins & needles!

At 12:09 AM , Anonymous girl_from_florida said...

oh my gosh, what a crazy story! I felt like you left me hanging, I want to read the rest of the story :) PLEASE let us know!!!!

At 3:56 AM , Blogger Emma in Canada said...

You were lucky to have such great parents. I hope all goes well tomorrow, whatever way it may be.

At 3:57 AM , Blogger Emma in Canada said...

Just noticed that you changed the name of your blog...was this recent or am I very out of it?

At 9:05 AM , Blogger Lizzy said...

Waiting with baited breath, with you.

I'm with Sara: whatever is meant to be, will be. And if this turns out to be a 'positive' result, that baby will be a very lucky one. You're a wonderful mother with so much experience and love to share.

Thinking of you!

At 12:41 PM , Blogger nailgirl said...

well any news??? i am waiting???

At 1:54 PM , Blogger Anita said...

Well are you going to share with us? have you tested?

I come and read your blog all the time when I am on so don't you be going

At 3:43 PM , Blogger Tonya said...

I have to agree with Emma @ your parents taking it really well.. I hope everything goes the way you want it to go *hugs*

At 4:22 PM , Blogger Ashley & Charles said...

How late ARE you? I think our bodies change a lot after having babies, so maybe yours has just changes some? Either way, I hope it turns out the way you want it to!

At 4:23 PM , Blogger Ashley & Charles said...

Changed some, I meant. I really am not illiterate.

At 4:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! What are the odds. I hope you get whatever you want.


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