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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You You Meme

This meme has been done by a number of bloggers I have been to. So here's my version.

1. I often wonder if you have nothing better to do than to complain.

2. I read your site daily wondering if you'll update, but you never do.

3. I think you are an amazing mom and I wish I had your patience.

4. I believe we have a lot in common.

5. I read your site religiously; but you don't even know mine exists.

6. I cried when I read your post about having your son, who was born still.

7. I am praying now for you and your family, hoping that this baby will make it term and your health will stay strong.

8. I am so happy that you are doing well now, I hope your hubby is able to be there for your delivery of your son.

9. I wish I could write the way you do. Your posts are always so interesting.

10. Your son is adorable, I think he would make a good match for my baby.

11. Your posts are hilarious, I enjoy reading them. I think hubby can hear me laughing in the living room from some of your vivid tales. :)

12. I hope you get the baby you have been longing for, for so long.

13. Your girls are beautiful, I love reading updates on how they are progressing.

14. I have been connected to you, from another site, since before I knew about blogging. We were due 2 days apart.

15. Your blog bores me, but I continue to read. It's like an addiction.

16. I wish I had your sense of humor.

17. I admire you, as you raise your son. I hope this pregnancy progresses well.


At 3:49 AM , Blogger Emma in Canada said...

If I'm on there, please don't tell me if I'm 15! I'll be posting my list of who's who at some point today.

At 7:41 AM , Blogger Heather Noel said...

I've been seeing this everywhere, I'm tryin to decide if I'm going to do it. Are you excited about Greys yet...just one more day

At 9:50 AM , Blogger Lizzy said...

these are so interesting. it produces such a weird feeling, like: am i on there? ooh, i hope i'm not!
i'm probably the blog that bores you!

At 12:31 PM , Blogger Jodie said...

These are so much others, I hope I don't bore you.

At 2:58 PM , Blogger villagegirl said...

I don't believe I've ever commented before so there. I'm out of the woodwork. :)
I don't think I've made it onto your list but I do enjoy reading your blog.

At 3:03 PM , Blogger miraclebaby said...

I've never seen this meme... do you just pick random blogs on your list to see if people can figure out if they're on there and if so, which one?

At 5:38 PM , Blogger Karen said...

I don't think I'm on here, unless I'm #15! These are fun to read though. I bet #7 is Patrick's mom, Kathy. But you read a lot more blogs than I do--maybe there are others in that situation...

At 5:45 PM , Blogger Emmakirst said...

They aren't particulary bloggers on my list, I'll make a note of that. I have to finish it when I get more time.

At 9:30 PM , Blogger Lisanne said...

My blog is #15 on your BlogRolling list; maybe I'm the one whose blog bores you! LOL! :) Hey, hope that you're doing well. I'm catching up on blog reading! Yeah! :)

At 11:35 PM , Blogger jenhen said...

LOL I hope I am not 15 as well!!

At 10:06 AM , Blogger Ashley said...

You are on mine:)

At 6:43 PM , Blogger alissa said...

While I doubt I'm on here, I can guess that if I am I may be #10 (but I'm biased!!)

I WISH I was #9 or #16... but know full well that I'm not!!

At 11:48 AM , Blogger Chas said...

You're right; I know I'm assuming I'm one of the negative ones too.


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