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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Just finished working 3 12 hr days and came off a 12 hr night. I'm totally EXHAUSTED! But cannot fall asleep just yet, so here I am blogging.

Yesterday I had my OB appointment. I've gained yet another 5lbs in 3 weeks, bringing my total up to *GASP* 37lbs. That's insane, I've exceeded the recommended weight gain for pregnancy and then some, with the most weight to be gained in my last 2 months!~

BP was fine, baby's heartrate is fine, 137, but baby boy is breech right now. I know, he can flip, hubby's aunt was in labor (yrs and yrs ago) and her baby flipped to breech position. So I know, that they can move, and whatever, but with the band on the lower half of the placenta that may also be causing him to be in this presentation. I'm not worried, I'm sure I'll endure my torturous labor and delivery for him, as I did with the other 4. LOL.

Other than being super overtired and giddy right now, there's not a damn thing going on here. I have "meet and greet" night with the teachers at the school, so I'll be there surely explaining to my son's teacher what is going on with his learning, since he can't do a thing right now at the grade 2 level. I hope to get the written report in the next 2 weeks so they can decide on a plan of action for him.

Must get some sleep now. I'll post a new belly pic soon.


At 12:29 PM , Blogger AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

You witch! You are complaining over 37 measly pounds. Hand out & don't go there. When the scale goes from 120something to 200something, we'll talk about GASPing.

At 8:55 PM , Blogger Mrs G said...

My weight gain scares the heck out me too. Especially knowing that the biggest gains are yet to come (at least as far as the baby is concerned - please no more gain on my thighs!)

At 4:52 AM , Blogger my4kids said...

Izzak was breach right up till I went into labor with him. He flipped into the right position during labor actually.

At 3:20 AM , Blogger Emma in Canada said...

Good luck at the meet the teacher! I had Liam's last week and Taylor's is on Thursday. I'm a little nervous about meeting all these junior high teachers!


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