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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sorry in advance for the terribly randomized post here, just have a few thoughts to put down...

Hubby's grandmother died on Sunday after a 1 1/2 yr battle with lung cancer. She had many treatments with just chemo, needing frequent hospitalizations and blood transfusions. She certainly was a fighter, she tried the chemo enough to know that at that stage, she wasn't getting any better, the cancer would never leave and her quality of life was awful. She finally decided 4 mos ago to stop all treatments. She knew she was palliative at that point. She had always wanted to die at home so hubby's mom helped her have her wish. For the last 2 months, his mother was taking care of her while she continued to deteriorate. She was a bad diabetic with retarded sugars, often in the 30 range, so she required insulin towards the end, hubby's mom did it all for her.

It was tuesday last week that she was at her sickest, at this point she no longer was responsive. The palliative care Dr. came in and ordered her dilaudid, versed and robinal around the clock, every hour. She was tough because she continued like this for almost 5 days! It's terribly sad to see her go, be we all know she's better off, she was a christian and knew she was going to a better place. The funeral was yesterday, hubby was one of the pallbearers. It was sad, but the service was quite nice. We all went to her house yesterday, it is just so hard to believe that we won't see her there anymore, especially at the holidays. I feel so sad for my mother in law since she cared for her for so long and had to watch her die, but worst of all, her damn house is destroyed and can't even get away to her own home! She's still staying at her mom's house. :(

Her home is in the works of being repaired. So far the ceilings have been torn down, up and down, the carpet, hardwood and walls have been removed. She even needs to have her cupboards replaced. Anyway, hopefully it won't take that long, one guy told her it could take about 3 mos. Shit that's how long it's supposed to take to build our new home.

Oh I had a Dr. appointment on Tuesday, all looks well with baby, I'm measuring now at 27weeks. My weight gain now is 31lbs ACK!!!! shit I have 14 weeks left, i'll be a monster at this rate. I had my u/s on Monday, baby is fine, still a he from what the tech could see :P
His newest trick is grabbing his foot up by his head then letting it go and smacking himself in the forehead, I told the lady that he's just like his dad! hehe.


At 5:03 PM , Blogger Shannon said...

I am soo sorry for your family's loss... and your MIL is a saint for doign that for her mom... and just too funny what the baby is doing lol...

At 1:28 PM , Anonymous Liz said...

i'm so sorry for your family's loss. how wonderful that your MIL cared so well for her mother during her final days.


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