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Sunday, July 15, 2007

I am on vacation from work for a week and have been relaxing everyday at the beach with the kids. The weather is so hot and nice it's amazing. I am really minding the heat though, I have never been big pregnant in the summer before so this is completely new to me, I'll cope though, no other choice ;)

Isn't this just a great picture, she was loving some cake we had the other day. Lovely eh?

Wednesday is my birthday, I'll be 29. Only one more year to the 30's!


At 9:45 PM , Blogger nailgirl said...

HOw flippin cute!

At 11:24 PM , Blogger Ashley said...

Happy early birthday!!! I can't believe how big she is now!

At 12:13 AM , Blogger my4kids said...

I love babys and cake pictures!

Happy Birthday early!

At 8:49 AM , Blogger alissa said...

You actually sound excited about nearing the 30s!

At 1:47 PM , Anonymous Chas said...

Happy EARLY Birthday!!

At 2:48 PM , Anonymous karen said...

29 with 5 kids. You are going to have an awesome time when they are won't be too old to enjoy them (like me)! :) Very cute pic!

At 4:44 PM , Anonymous Emily said...

That picture is awesome. And in case you don't post tomorrow...happy birthday!


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