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Saturday, September 02, 2006

You's Asked, I Answer

Hoping asked:

What was the most perfect day ever for you?

I'd have to say I had a few "perfect days". The day hubby proposed to me. It was new year's eve, 1998. He had rented a room at a really nice hotel. We went down to the restaurant (which happens to be my favorite) and pigged out. It was a set 3 course meal, I remember it costing close to $100 for the dinner. I knew something was up at that point. When we got back to our room, he told me he had one more present left over from Christmas. I thought it may be a ring, but I thought the box was too big. Anyway, I opened it up and sure enough there it was. I was pretty excited. That was definately a pefect day for me. Of course another perfect day was the day we got married.

Honestly, what goes through your mind when giving birth? (you are a expert with 4 kids!)

I'll go by my most recent experience, since that's the one that I have the best recollection of. hehe. Mainly, just trying to cope with the pain is a biggie for me. But I do remember at one point, when hubby was there while I was ready to squeeze the everloving shit out of his hand at one point, I thought to myself, how sad if someone had to go through this alone. Like if someone was pregnant and their hubby wasn't there to go through this with them, because I think that it's such an amazing thing to experience that I wouldn't want anyone else there with me but him.

With my son, it was such a bad blizzard the day I had him, I remember my father was out of town, on his way home. Anyway, during the delivery of my son, I wondered if my father made it home alright.

Last but not least, for my last 2 deliveries, a major thing that went through my head as the nurses told me not to push, all that I thought is this baby is gonna fly out, please someone catch it! This baby took about 1 minute to be born, no pushing at all involved (please dont' be jealous, I had a forcep delivery with my first) anyway, my 3rd baby was born after only 9 minutes. Her head was coming as I rolled over on the bed. :)

One thing in the whole wide world you want

One thing I want in the whole wide world is: to have a job I REALLLY love. I think that'd make everything else in life much easier to deal with. Knowing I hate where I'm going everyday, makes for a tough day at work, and thus comes home with me making me irritable with hubby and at kids. And to live away from SIL would be pretty friggen good too ;)


At 12:42 AM , Anonymous Heather said...

I couldnt think of any deep questions to ask. So I'm asking about what you like to watch on tv and what do you do to relax. If you get time.

At 1:10 PM , Blogger Hoping said...

thanks emma!

At 6:39 PM , Blogger Susan in va said...

My last two came out that fast too! I remember them telling me not to push - AS IF!! With my third child I went from 5 cm. to birth in 15 minutes. OUCH!!

On another note - I was born during a blizzard in North Carolina - trust me, that is a RARE occurrence!

At 10:20 PM , Blogger Lisanne said...

I can't imagine going through pregnancy and childbirth alone, either. Or even with a trusted girlfriend as a coach, you know? I don't see how single moms do it. I can't imagine giving birth and then coming home from the hospital with your little one, alone. Doing it all by yourself. :( Anyway, I liked the answers to your questions!

At 2:22 AM , Anonymous Hannah said...

I hope the next one comes out faster for me. Looking back, I'm almost surprised they didn't do a c-section. I pushed for close to 2.5 hours total and even the vacuum took forever.

What a romantic proposal! :-)

At 2:57 PM , Blogger Silly Hily said...

Ahhhhh, wouldn't we all be able to do something we really LOVE to do.


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