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Monday, April 23, 2007

I had the most uneventful weekend ever. I worked Friday night and pretty much slept all Saturday. On Friday morning I found out that my monitor for my computer wouldn't work, so I bought a new flat screen one. Much better than what I had.

Just so tired! The nausea is pretty much non-existent, only happens in the evenings or at night shift, because I am so desparate to sleep, but I find if I eat, I feel a bit better.

Finally told a couple friends, remember the ones with the hateful remarks, well I told them the truth. In my opinion it's pretty fuckin' bad when you can't be happy about an u/s to friends. The only ones that know about is the ones that read it online. One girl was a little better about it and said, awww, what's one more, blah blah, but the other one was still an asshole. I have concluded that I'm not going to waste my time in talking to her. She is someone that I have met within the last year and could care less if I speak to her again. Asshole. Even pretend you are happy, try and keep your asshole comments to yourself, fuck I wouldn't even say that to someone what she said to me. Oh well that's my rant for today. I'm sure I'll post again soon.


At 3:06 PM , Blogger nailgirl24 said...

Yeah who needs those biatches anyway??

At 4:38 PM , Anonymous Jen said...

Right! What nailgirl said!
I have come across a few assholes lately, and I made the mistake of giving a shit.


I am SO glad that things are running smoothly! weeee!!!


At 9:41 PM , Blogger Petunia said...

happy to hear the nausea is letting up. don't let yourself run on empty!

At 11:50 PM , Blogger Mrs G said...

It is true that there are some real bitchy people around - it is good that you still feel you can share your news with them, don't let anything dampen your spirit.


At 1:36 PM , Blogger Lizzy said...

Seriously. With friends like those...

I'm pleased to hear that the nausea has subsided. The energy will come back soon.


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