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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why can't I sleep?
I'm so exhausted but yet I have times where I just can't sleep. It only really happens when I wake up in the middle of the night for one of my many times of going to the bathroom. Last night for instance, I was woken up by a phone call at 1am saying I was supposed to be to work last night, imagine that~ Seriously this time I had booked off but they didn't change it, so the other nurse that was there called looking for me at that time of the night. Of course I immediately called her and told her that it was so and so that took the message that I wouldn't be there for work tonight and I had told her that on Thursday.

I finally made up my mind I'm going to resign from that place. I love the nursing home dearly, it's a slower pace, I enjoy my time there, the co-workers are great but we have one slut of a director. She's hateful and this is the one that tried to force me to work the holidays when I was working the odd shift while still on maternity leave. The lady is the worst thing that could have happened to that place and I am going to leave. I mean I still have a full time job at the hospital on the ortho ward. I just enjoyed my time at the nursing home, I wasn't running like a nut getting new admissions half the day at the nursing home. It's a decision that took me quite a time to finalize but I must do it soon before she trys to use her authority to dismiss me as an employee. Apparently if I refuse 3 shifts in a 2 week period I can have my job taken from me. I would much rather quit than be canned~

I still haven't made an appointment to see the Dr. The only time that I could go when she is in her office is the 16th of April, if not then it will be the end of April. I just wish I could relax and start to enjoy being pregnant again and not worry about what could happen. It's awful this worrying all the time.


At 12:51 AM , Anonymous Heidi said...

Emma, you should read Novelle360's blog. She's in her late 20's, and now 8 weeks pregnant. She had a miscarriage in October.
In her words,

"Now I can't help but wonder what's going on inside. And it scares me to no end.

But I guess a big part of pregnancy is having faith. Having faith that things are going to work out alright.

I'm going to try very hard only to worry about the things I have control over."

At 10:36 AM , Blogger Petunia said...

"Don't worry" much easier said than done. I was so worried when I was pregnant with Jessica (after having a miscarriage) that I couldn't sleep, I had anxiety attacks, I had PIH and gestational diabetes. You're in my thoughts.

At 10:47 AM , Blogger Jodie said...

I think you're making a good decision about the nursing home. Less stress in your life.

That was a great comment from Heidi - it's hard not to worry, but its only because you love your children so much.

You're in our prayers.

At 1:36 PM , Blogger girl from florida said...

How are you feeling, Emma? I think about you all the time with this pregnancy!

So did you quit yet? Let us know how it goes!



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