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Monday, April 16, 2007

Thursday last week I gave my letter of resignation to the nursing home. I was booked to work Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night, all without my acceptance. That was enough for me, I had had enough. The director insisted on calling me numerous times through the day, until she left a message wanting to "discuss" with me the resignation. I thought it was quite clear. "Please accept this as my letter of resignation, effective immediately".

Her assistant called me the next morning and I had explained to her, that I was in a flare up of my crohn's and that I'm done working there, that I had enjoyed it to the fullest but I no longer am available to work. That was sufficient enough. She understood and now I'm free. Damn, wish I didn't have to work at all ;)

In other news, today I am nauseated, jeez, I find it so odd that if I feel good I worry, if i feel bad I am happy. Just can't wait until Wed.


At 12:24 PM , Blogger Josefina said...

I'm sorry you're feeling nauseous, but also, don't worry if it isn't everyday you feel that way, it says everywhere that symptoms are not everyday the same!

I hope everything goes well with your appt!!

And well, good for you and your resignation!!!!

At 4:21 PM , Blogger nailgirl24 said...

I hope everything goes well too. I am sure it will. Cant wait to find out when you are due. I still say Jan. Good riddance to that nursing home and the snotty director.

At 6:44 PM , Anonymous Kayce said...

What a pain with the nursing home stuff. They picked a great time to mess with you; I can't think of a better alternative reason to quit a stressful job.

I'm actually jealous of that come-and-go nausea. It sounds frequent enough to be comforting, but you get breaks from it too.

By the way, I'm guessing you've got a Christmas baby there, if not a week or two earlier. I can't wait to find out!

At 6:54 PM , Blogger Lizzy said...

What is with having to EXPLAIN a resignation letter? I've had to do that in the past and have always wound up slack-jawed looking at the boss and thinking "well, this just proves what an arse you truly are."

Congrats on your resignation. It's one less thing for you to worry about, for sure. Stick up that director's pie hole! :-)

I'm so excited for you appointment, I'm betting that baby comes as an early Christmas present!

At 9:55 PM , Blogger Mrs G said...

Hi, thanks for reading my blog, sounds like we are due about the same time.

The internet tells me 10th December - still waiting until Wednesday's doctor appointment to see what the actual dotor says!

Thanks agian for leaving comments- it is great to hear from someone who has children already - I am such a nervous first time mother!

At 10:17 PM , Blogger my4kids said...

That must be load of your mind to be rid of that job. I find it interesting they would want to discuss your resignation, thats weird seems pretty clear to me!

I understand your feeling good that your not feeling well, I guess its another thing we chalk up to pregnancies. Feeling sick is a good sign...


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