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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

We had the worst night ever!

Nolan started fussing around 6pm, after the family was over for supper. I fed him and he ate a big, would start pulling off and crying, this went on for about an hr. No hard screaming just that. Then 7pm hit and he would stop crying. Oh it was awful, I know he was in pain because he'd stiffen up like a board and cry and cry, you get the drift. He did that pretty much non-stop until about 11pm. Thank god he finally settled. I guess it was something I ate, although the only thing different was Chinese food on new yrs eve.

Then I got up with around 3 for his usual feed, that went fine, then he woke again around 6am. I fed him, he's still stuffy but anyway, after he ate, he laid in bed with hubby and I then power puked all over me! Ugh, i changed him, got him dressed, then took him out to the living room with me. We cuddled, and I thought he was fine, looked to nurse again, I fed him a bit then BAM, barfed on me again, all over my boob this time!

After that, I changed him, and me and swaddled him up and put him in his swing. There he slept for another 2 hrs. And is fine now. I hope we don't have a repeat of this again tonight. I'll never forget when he turned a month old that's for sure!


At 11:54 PM , Blogger Shannon said...

oh man I hope that he is feeling better now...


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