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Friday, February 10, 2006

Oh the time is slowly going by. Nothing much new here other than the fact that I am a raging basket case. I can't believe how bad the hormones are kicking in now. Today for instance, I was watching a kids show and cried at it. Another thing, I was at the mall and forgot my receipt and had to have ID to return a sweater for my daughter, and of course didn't have any on me, well when I got to the car I actually cried. This has got to stop, and in a real hurry too.

Still can't decide on a crib set for the baby. We have been told twice that we are having a girl, but my stubborn hubby doesn't want to believe it so we have to go neutral, and his idea of neutral is blue, yellow and green. Hopefully we can make a decision together within the next few weeks. Anyone else tend to disagree with hubby more now? Anyway, I am going to blame it on the hormones for now!


At 10:35 AM , Blogger Chas said...

I feel for ya...I've been doing the same kinds of things lately.


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