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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The kids all know, they had some mixed reactions.

R the oldest, who is 11 tomorrow said:
"mom, are you kidding, no really, are you serious, omg, that's insane~"

E (boy) said:
"I hope it's a boy, I don't want anymore stinky girls around here"

E (girl) said:
"why mom?, Why are you having another baby, we just got one."

That was the cutest response. R is pretty much the happiest, cause she understands and whatnot, the other 2 don't have much to say, little E (girl) told everyone she knew, her friends at school, teacher, cousins, LOL.

I also wanted to post for my own records that I am in a massive flare up of my crohns' again. Why wouldn't I be? Urgh, I'm on 40mg of prednisone right now, my GI wants to me stay on that dose for 3 more weeks then taper off, I'll have a pumpkin head at the end of that! Anyway, I saw my OB on Wed, cause his office is down from the unit I worked in and gave me all the prescriptions and the rush apppointment to see the GI guy. Hey, never a dull moment in my life is all I say.


At 11:08 PM , Blogger my4kids said...

Your kids reactions were great! Especially E (girl)! Are you hoping a little for another boy for E?

At 11:28 PM , Blogger Shannon said...

omg E reaction totally cracked me up... we just got one... omg I have tears that is just too funny lol... I hope the flare up goes away soon... that has to just suck!

At 11:54 PM , Blogger Claudia said...

"omg, that's insane"

At 12:24 AM , Anonymous Jen said...

"We just got one." HAHAHAAA!!
Kids! *shakes head*

That is just too cute! Sorry about the Crohn's flare-up. That just sucks.


At 4:44 PM , Blogger Merr said...

Nice responses. I like the boys the best! I hope you get a boy just for him.

At 4:55 PM , Blogger Emma in Canada said...

I always say to Liam that he's our special one because he's the only boy. I love the what little E said, that's hilarious.

At 7:52 PM , Blogger Tonya said...

WOW I go on vaca and come back to find you pregnant!! THat is awesome.. congrats !!! The reactions were super cute :)

At 4:39 AM , Blogger Lesley said...

How adorable, kids say the cutest things. Congrats on getting through the "telling the family bit". It must have been weighing on your mind a bit not knowing exactly how everyone would react. Sorry about the flare-up... but.. atleast you prepared yourself for it happening. I hope it doesn't make life too difficult, well anymore so than it has previously...if ya know what I mean.
Hope your weekend is really relaxing and stress free..
Hugs, Lesley

At 4:23 PM , Blogger Lizzy said...

I love E's reaction, so cute.
I hope the flare-up dies down. I don't know much about Crohn's and especially it's effect during pregnancy. How is it diagnosed? When did this all start for you?
I suppose I ought to just go consult Dr. Google rather than pester you.
Anyhoo: I hope you're feeling better and tapering off the meds sooner than planned.

At 8:54 PM , Blogger Sara said...

What cute reactions, and I love the oldest one, OMG - sooo 11 yr old!


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