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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Lately I have been eating like a horse. I swear, that's all I do, eat and eat again! This pregnancy is so much like when I was pregnant with my son it isn't even funny. I am totally 100% convinced that this baby is a boy, hopefully healthy and still alive. I always have that fear in the back of my head though, that won't let me completely enjoy this pregnancy, it still feels surreal to say, i'm due in November with my 5th. I'll believe it when the baby is here.

I'm still very impatiently waiting for my dating u/s that was booked on the 12th of April, it's almost a month later, I am sick of calling the office, she said she'll call me. I'm sure by the time it's booked I'll be almost 20wks. Still feeling great, the crohn's is under control the icky pressure feeling is still there but no different. My cervix is no lower, so I guess the standing isn't affecting it. I'll wait to see him, which is only 11 days away. I know i'll have an u/s then so only 11 more days to see the baby again. It feels like its' forever though.

I have worked the last few days, and going in agian tonight. Oh it was too cute, I had to put an NG tube in the man that had an AAA repair a few weeks ago, keeps ending up with an illeus, anyway, the last time someone put it in it took 6 trys, 6 different nurses, he was petrified to have me do this. I was on meds, but said I have a few minutes, I'll give it a try, and only once. Well I got that sucker in first try and it barely bothered him, everytime I see him he's all like, "there's the little one that's the best at doing this". He's too cute, poor fella, I hope he gets better and gets home soon.

Anyway enough babbling, gotta get ready.


At 2:55 AM , Blogger my4kids said...

Your son will be so happy if you are right and this baby is a boy!
I know what you mean about being a hard pregnancy after the last. Joshuas was a very hard pregnancy and we both almost died. When I was pregnant with Kenzie I couldn't stop worrying about something being wrong.

At 8:29 AM , Blogger Petunia said...

Happy to hear you're feeling good...that always helps! Can't wait to find out if your intuition is right about having a boy!

At 11:38 PM , Blogger nailgirl24 said...

I am sure that everything is fine. Btw I tagged your for a meme.


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