My family of 5

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm moving my site.

it's now here

Still have some posts password protected.

Friday, January 25, 2008

I can't believe it's been a week since my last post. E had his party last Saturday, he had a good turnout, about 12 out of 20 from his class showed. I would have taken pictures, only to find out that my camera was dead when we got there. So that sucked, but anyway, we had fun it was at a bowling alley, Ava had fun trying to bowl too.

We finally got our mortgage signed and will be getting the first draw for our new home today! I can't believe it. The exterior is almost all finished, I'll post another picture once they get the step all done on the front. The siding is on all of the house except the front part above the step. I think they'll finish that today.

Ava is now in a big bed. She was jumping out of the playpen/crib that she was sleeping in while at the inlaws. So we had to make the transition. She did really good last night for the first night. Even with all the chaos happening. Hubby and I woke up with Nolan around 2am and heard a dripping sound, so we were like what the hell, so turned on the light, there's a leak right behind our headboard from the ceiling. I went upstairs and the washer (one of those frontloader ones)was full of water and leaking all over the floor and enough that it was now ready to drip on us! I can't get over their shitty luck, just in August the whole house was flooded, now this! And for the last 2 weeks the water has been going off and on, the pressure is gone then there is no water. (we live on well water here) So I told hubby if this happens to us, he gets' 2 tries to fix it, if he can't I call a plumber. They have been attempting to fix this numerous times and obviously it didn't work!

I have been walking on the treadmill at SIL's house every evening, I go about 2 miles, I feel like I'm going to drop dead each time I start but I'll push myself to go that distance. Jeez it was nothing last year to do it, now this time I am struggling. I weighed myself today and I'm down to 129.5. So the weight loss is still going just a lot slower now.

Been busy watching American Idol and just started getting interested in criminal minds and csi: ny. I've got lots to watch while this writers strike is on, because they are all new to me, I have never had any interest in them before. Big brother starts soon, I'll have to check to see when it airs, I can't wait!

Anyway, this has been a long ramble about basically nothing. I'll post again sometime soon. :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Well you probably guessed by now that I am not one that talks about how I feel. I don't know why, I have such a hard time expressing things I guess. I never even wrote much about losing the twins, I do think about what could have been, and I think of the baby I have now, that I would have had, if they had of been born. Even if you knew me, I'm not one that talks about how I feel. I keep things pretty much to myself. A few had asked how I was feeling emotionally since I had my tubes done, and to be honest, i don't regret it. I thought I would, but really I don't. I know that my family is complete, 5 children is a lot to take care of, and it'll only get more crazy, and expensive as they get older. Then I look at how fortunate I am, there are so many that struggle to even have one child and here I am with 5! I thought about my last 2 pregnancies and the complications that had occurred, Ava with her cord wrapped around her neck twice, with her initial apgar of 4, what could have happened is awful, then Nolan with his thin cord and that band across the placenta, to chance things again isn't something I would want to do. I have perfectly healthy children and am grateful for this.

Anyway, that was a long blurb to answer a question. On another topic, E's bday party is tomorrow, he turned 8 yrs old yesterday. I'll post pics tomorrow after the party :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Well, I'm officially sterile. I had the tubal done on Monday. I got there around 12pm, they did the pre-op junk then I waited till 1:30pm for the Dr. to come get me. There he did the explaining and told me my pregnancy test was neg. *no surprise* lol. Then the OR nurse came out to talk to me to see if my jewelry was gone, that's when I realized she was my BIL girlfriends mom, too funny she was in with me for my gallbladder surgery too. Hubby had gone to change the baby at this point, since I had him with me so I could nurse him as long up to the surgery as I could. Anyway, they anesthetist came to talk to me, and he realized he works with me on my surgical floor. He started hugging me, grabbed the baby when hubby came back with him, it was hilarious, it was like a zoo out in the waiting area. He was all like you sure you aren't having more, I'm like NO!@ Anyway, then I went in. He started my IV joked around about how it takes him 4 tries then he lets the nurses try, I laughed so hard, because that's my cop-out when I can't get an IV started. So there I was all strapped down, and he started the drugs, and bam last thing I remember is the lights.

I woke in recovery room, no pain, no problem. Just my legs and back hurt a bit, so the nurse there, which I also knew was chatting away, said I could have tylenol#3's if I wanted, so I accepted. She had also said, he gave me extra fentanyl in surgery since I'm allergic to naprosyn. So about 1/2 hr passed and the pain got worse and my bp was now 150/92 so she figured I was having more pain and asked if I wanted more meds. I said I'll take what you have, so she gave me 10mg of morphine. I felt fine, no probs. So then about 1/2 hr later she took me to the day surgery area, I was ready to go home. All the while I never sat up though.....

So down in day surgery I sat up, that's when the nausea hit, OMG. I threw up/dry heaved for an hr straight. The nurse was just after taking out my IV, and called the anesthetist and he told her to restart it to give me Zofran IV push see if that worked, of course it didn't, still 1/2 hr of vomiting later, then he gave me 50mg of Gravol. After that I fell asleep. FINALLY the nausea wore off long enough for me to get home!

I feel fine, just a little sore, but whatever, it's not bad. I'm safe and that's about all that matters. :)

Oh Denise had asked about the house the size, bedrooms etc.

The house is 1700 square feet, with the basement completed it is 2544completed square feet.
There are 6 bedrooms, 3 upstairs and we are putting the other 3 older children in the basement, like I said it's all finished. There's 4 bathrooms, 2 full and 2 half. The siding is going on today, I'll have to update the pictures when it's finished.

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Pics

Well the house is officially "roof tight". Here's the newest picture. I'm starting to get super excited. There is still a covered porch to go on below the part that comes out in the front. We are picking out the cupboards and fridge this morning.

This second picture is of Nolan at like 5am, doing his favorite thing, keeping me awake :) Poor guy has a heat rash but still is cute!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Apparently it's that time again, National Delurking week!

So if you are a reader and haven't commented, come on and leave me a message. I'm always looking to read new blogs. So don't be shy :)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The house is really going fast, well so it seems from the outside, the roof is on and even shingles on one side, I'm sure they'll finish it today. Just wish the rest was this fast...

Well my appointment for my tubal was changed, now I'm getting it done on Monday. I go tomorrow for the girly fun part and then Monday. At least hubby is off for the procedure, there's one good thing, he'll be able to watch the kids. I was trying to get Nolan used to using a bottle becaue I won't be available right when he wants boob on Mon, yah right, the boy wants absolutely nothing to do with a bottle. Has no idea what it is, spits it out. I finally got him to take it a tiny bit, he drank about 1/2 ounce and power barfed all of it out. I'm getting images of this child going to school on the boob!

Anyway, not much else is going on, I have nothing much to blog about these days. It's pretty chaotic here getting kids ready for school, feeding, diapers for 2, and so on. Hope all are well.