My family of 5

Sunday, October 29, 2006

She's too funny. When she gets really excited this is what she'll do before she'll crawl for a bit then do her "belly swim" to get where she wants to go.

I worked a backshift last night. It wasn't too bad. I actually didn't really mind it. We watched scary movies on TV for the better part. The best part though was when I was halfway home I reached into my pocket for my pen to try and reset the clock, I pulled out an insulin pen. Better to find it then, rather than when I am getting ready to go to sleep in the am 15 min away. Could have been worse ;)

The kids are super hyped for Halloween. We still haven't gotten a costume for the baby. I was thinking a monkey but not so sure now. I will more than likely pick one up on Tuesday. I'll make sure I post pictures of whatever the kids dress up as.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I decided yesterday to get my haircut. I told hubby if they had an opening that I would definately get it done. They took me right away. It was a girl I went to school with that I hadn't seen for about 7yrs that cut it too. Anyway, I asked her if she thought it'd look good and she was all like yah, it's a great style blah blah. So I said go for it. What a drastic change. It's now only to the bottom of my ears in length and shorter in the back!

I found out my official start date to work too, Jan.10/07. That'll be here before I know it. Alissa asked what hubby's job is. He's a nurse too. We both graduated at the same time, so we got our pics taken together. :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Don't we look all serious? LOL. Gotta love grad pics. This was taken about this time last year. I don't ever change my looks.

Thought I'd put it up since I never gave my hubby any credit for my kids cute looks. :) (they look like him)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I took the baby to the Dr. on Wednesday and she got all her needles. She only fussed for the Pentacel shot, after it was given. Anyway, she survived. She weighs 17lbs and is 26inches long. Her head circumference is 16.5inches too. She's still in the 50th percentile.

Since she's gotten those needles she's been TERRIBLY cranky. I don't know if it's related to the needles or if it's teething. Because she's a bear. It's like she has a cold, her nose is running all the time, she's cranky and won't take a bottle. These are all signs of teething or it could just be a cold. Ack, nothing easy with babies is there?? lol. Whatever she's going through, I hope it happens quickly. I want my happy baby back. Must mention, she gets up about ohhhh every 1-2 hrs throughout the night too, and will wake at 5am for the day. AND the beast is pretty much crawling. She was doing a bit last night. lol.

I went for my "much needed" full body massage on Thursday. Oh I wish I could have taken her home to give me a back rub after my long nights with the baby. I swear, I lay in the most awkward position when I nurse her and my back is killing me when I wake up.

I didn't end up getting my hair cut. I still haven't decided on what to do. It's still falling out, and needs something done with it. The baby keeps grabbing it and ripping it out too.

Such a rainy day today, we have plans (my son and I) to play Zelda for the Gamecube today and "beat" the game! Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ok, here's a back and front view of my hair. Please excuse the exhausted look on my face, that's because my baby was up every 2 hrs last night. Gotta love growth spurts.

The baby is going to the Dr. tomorrow for her 6 mos checkup and needles. I'll have to post about how much she weighs because I'm thinking it's close to 18lbs now. Oh I took my resume into the public health spot and was talking with pne of the nurses there and she is personally going to recommend me for possibly getting on casual. She was my preceptor for one of my placements during training. So hopefully something will come of this. Keep your fingers crossed for me ;)

Monday, October 16, 2006

I need a change

Well, I've been contemplating doing something different with my hair. It is in desparate need of a cut. Last time I had it done was August last year. I know, what a slacker! It's quite long at the moment, halfway down my back, and I want something easy to deal with that doesn't take much time to do. I'm thinking of going shoulder length. I'm thinking of getting it layered too, but not 100% sure yet.

Oh, I am finally getting my full body massage my hubby bought for me for mother's day. It will expire if i don't use it soon, so I'm pretty excited for that on Thursday. yay!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Just wondering what you's think

I have to ask the big blogosphere a question. Of course it relates to my SIL that's my major dilemma at the moment. Here goes.

What normal 30 yr old woman asks a 10yr old this question, when the 30yr old is feuding with the 10 yr olds mom(aka me)

her: When's your mom having another baby?

My kid: Ummm, she can't, she had her tubes tied.

her: Yah and her friend had her tubes tied and had another baby (said very sarcastically)

Like really that's not a topic of conversation to have with a 10yr old kid! She's nuts. Or am I nuts?? Also she was "bragging" about things she's buying her 8 yr old. Like a big ballet bar for her room with a huge mirror to practice with, also that amazing bunk bed that my daughter has always wanted. I mean, I could care less if the 8 yr old kid was going on about all those things, but the 30 yr old mom! that's too juvenile for me. UGH!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Pictures and Random Ramblings

Here she is in her bed, getting a tickle by me of course :)

She's been doing the whole up on 4's thing, rocking back and forth for the last week. Which means, crawling will be coming soon. She may go backwards at first too, which will stall the process a little longer. I know my son was 5 1/2 mos old when he started crawling. He was up on all fours, and actually started going forward. We were in trouble ever since. He started walking at 9mos. I thought that was young, but realized not that young because his younger sister started walking at 8 months. Boy we had our hands full!

Back to baby. She's quite moblie. She kind of does this "swim" like movement where she puts one arm out in front of the other then digs her little toes into the carpet to push herself forward. She'll do this for her most favorite things such as paper, babywipes and small toys she's not allowed to play with.hehe.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Well as you could see in the pics of my girl I decided to get her ears pierced when she turned 6 months old. My other 2 girls have their ears pierced but I waited until they were over 3 yrs and were old enough to ask for it to be done. They usually cried a bit as I had warned them it would hurt. But I decided to get her ears done now because I was getting a tad bit fed up with people asking what gender even when she was all in pink. Urgh. Anyway, the lady put EMLA cream on her ears and we had to wait an hour. When I went back the lady would pretend shoot the gun close to her so the sound wouldn't startle her when she did do the piercing. Anyway, the only thing the baby didn't like was me holding her head still. She didn't make a sound. I was VERY surprised and she doesn't even bother with them now either. Actually she's never had her had around them yet. They are pretty cute though.

So I did one of my famous blonde moments again, last night.

I was booked to go to work at the nursing home I do the odd shift at. (which I seem to be doing more of these days) Anyway, the shift is from 12am to 8am. So I get there after a 15 min drive at like 11:55pm. I was late too. So I go to get report from the nurse that is on that level and she's got a cup of tea and sitting down, well it occurred to me then that "hey dummy you aren't supposed to be here tonight, more like tomorrow night". How stupid was I??. When they post the shift, it's posted for Oct. 11 but we come out at 12am, so it's basically Oct.12 not the 11th. That just shows how long it's been since I've done a night shift there because I totally forgot!~ It wasn't a total flop, I got a quick rundown of what you do on that level and then headed home. I was awake with the baby anyway prior to going in. Just the gas that I burned that was the only loss.

What else to blog about, my son, the sickly boy threw up in my van on Thanksgiving day. AND IT STILL REEKS in my van. I cleaned it 3 times now and can't get that raunchy ass stink out of my vehicle. Nasty. After that he had a rash on his belly, they actually looked like hives, and he had the diarrhea. He's all better now, but what a weekend we had. Thank god no other kids got it! BUT my nephew has a "high fever" now so I assume one of my kids are going to pick that up. :( OH the joys of school starting. (the nephew is in the same class and sits next to my daughter, so I think if anyone gets it, it'll be her)

Well, must get babers, she's cranking and it's time for some yummy cereal!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy 6 Months

My little one is 6 months old already. She's getting bigger day by day. She can roll from one end of the room to the next, always getting into things. She sits up on her own with no problem. I love her more and more and couldn't imagine life without her. :)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I have a question, Why do I always set myself up for disappointment?

I'll explain. About 2 months ago, a friend of mine who works in pediatrics was talking to her unit manager about how I would be willing to do casual work in ped or NICU. The manager told her how I should definately call her and she'd try and work something out. Well I called, left a message and was somewhat excited about the possibility of working there. Anyway, a few weeks passed by, I never did get a call. I got over it, but it would have been somewhere I'd like to work.

Anyway, about 3 weeks ago, a public health nurse that I know called me telling me how her manager was desparate for casual RNs and told this to them during a meeting. She thought of me and called me and told me to give him a call. I did, left a message and never got a call. What the hell??? I am going to drop off a resume tomorrow. Then I will have done all I can do for that job.

Finally, Monday, I got a call from the unit manager for OBS/LDR. I was shocked to hear from them. It's the job I have always wanted. Anyway, he tells me, well the lack of experience will probably hold you back from this job. DAMMIT. I was all hyped and now let down. So close, but not close enough. :( Like how do you get experience, if you haven't worked there, but you can't work there without experience. Never ending circle. Oh well, gotta get over it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Well, I went to work last night at the nursing home that I do the occasional shift at. The staffing lady called me back in August desparate to have me do this shift, so I agreed. Yesterday before I went in, I just prayed it would be an easy going shift with no actively dying patients. I wasn't up for that yesterday. I know one time I went in to work and not 20 minutes into my shift the workers told me one of the residents had died. Yesterday wasn't too bad. BUT it was busy. There were about 10 new residents since I had last been there.

I swear I must have given about 10 insulins yesterday. Everytime I blinked I had to run over to the other unit to give them their shots and then back to my unit. Since I'm the only one who can give them. That's the reason she was desparate to have me work, because the CNA's cant' give them at this nursing home.

Another thing I didn't want to have to deal with was Dr. visit's. Of course one of the Dr.'s came in about an hour after shift started. There's nothing more embarrassing then having the Dr. ask questions about the resident and not be able to tell him very much of anything. I find nursing homes have less of a report to give to oncoming staff since it's such a small place and they are the same people day in and day out, and the staff are all the same and they know all the residents. Well I haven't been there in a year. I don't know much other than the fact that this lady is displaying symptoms of an upper resp. tract infection. Anyway, I managed to survive this. Like when I saw him coming, I'm like mrs. x is not feeling well could you go see her and he's all like, that's why I"m here. I thought to myself, "ok, when did i become psychic, because the tone in your voice makes me feel as though I should have known this is the only reason you would grace us with your presence". I turn red easily, it wasn't hard to tell i was embarrassed. lol.

Anyway, I made it through the wonderful shift and get to go back to torture myself next week. LOL.