My family of 5

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Well the reunion thing is over and done with. I couldn't get away from the unavoidable. Blah. I think what erks me more is that they don't discipline that hyperactive son of theirs. I mean, he'll start running around then my kids will run. So I get after my kids, sternly say, Please stop, people are eating, there is hot tea and coffee being served this is not the time to do this. Mine will stop then animal boy, starts it right back up with his parents completely ignoring him and talking about themselves and I'm all like will someone tell that kid to stop. It got to me enough that I was much happier leaving and not having to get after the kids. It's not fair to me or the children. For people that are desparate to have more kids why don't they pay attention to the ones they have? Anyway, I got that out of my system on to other things.

Big Brother tonight! Yay, I can't wait to see what goes down with the nominations. I hope it's Chicken George and Janelle.

Over at Silly Hily's site, she's started a whole question and answer thing. Basically you's ask, I answer. So I thought I'd give it a try, if you's have any burning questions out there for me, I'll answer em. :)

Friday, August 25, 2006

Tonight is the start of a week-end long reunion for hubby's family. This should be intersting. LOL. Tonight is the "meet and greet" it's a wine and cheese for everyone to get together. I'll be taking the kids for this one. I don't plan on staying long and don't see the point of getting a sitter for such a short period of time. Tomorrow night is the dinner and dance. We won't be going to the dance since I don't have a sitter. I asked the girl that I always get to see if she'd be available for that night, but of course her boyfriend is coming home on that same day. So there goes her. Anyway, it should be an ok time. Just hoping I can dodge a certain someone.

Wednesday night we went to the drive in and saw Talledega nights. It was pretty darn funny. I love stupid funny movies and that ranked right up there! haha. The second movie playing was Miami Vice. Well I went to sleep shortly after it started, wasn't very appealing to me.

Yesterday, I had to go shopping to get the baby some fall outfits. She's outgrown most of her things, and the weather has really cooled off. So she's got a couple of cute things. I just can't bring myself to buy much when I know she'll grow out of it so quick. I sooo wish I never gave away my old stuff from my last daughter. :*(

I've been doing really good on the whole weight loss thing. I'm down 6 lbs now and hubby is kicking my ass at a whole loss of 18lbs. But I'll say, he had a lot more than I did to lose. I usually take the baby for a 2 mile walk each day, but I think I'll try 4 miles today. It's a nice break just me and the baby.

The baby has now changed from an easily content baby to one that must be entertained and played with. A lot. LOL. She's too funny. She'll yell for attention from her sisters. She's rolling all around now, from tummy to back, back to tummy. She eats like a horse. Loves her cereal. Hmmm, she "talks" all the time. I think she's cutting teeth too, she's chewing and drooling everywhere, but her gums feel like something is just there, ready to cut through. I sure hope it happens soon for her. She definately has her cranky moments. Her sleeping has changed again too. She doesn't get a really good sleep like she used to. She wakes up tossing and turning in her crib about 3 times a night, where before she'd sleep pretty much through. So something is bugging her. Poor baby.

Ok, Big Brother is definately getting interesting. I have a feeling Erika is going to reak havoc in the house. Although I think she's pretty close to Boogie, their target may just be Will. I'm glad he made it this long in the house though, it provided for some entertainment. I just don't want Janelle to win. There's something about her, she's just gotta go! Anyway, we'll see Sunday what shall happen.

Anyone out there that watches RockStar: Supernova, I was really surprised at the whole behaviour that was shown about Dilana the other night. Wow. I wonder if this will affect her votes. I mean you can't deny she's a great singer and would be great for the band, but with all the talking behind people's backs, the public may have a different point of view.

Well must go soothe cranky butt, since she's woken from her nap. Have a great weekend. :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

What is one thing that I cannot stand in the whole world????

It's cleaning blueberries. Let me explain. Hubby's aunt calls me up last night saying she's got 2 big buckets of blueberries and wanted to know if I want them. I said, Ok, she's like I'm going to bring them up to you now. She lives like 2 seconds away. So here she comes with one 10Kg bucket and the other one a 12.7Kg bucket. Yah, here's the catch, the guy that gives them to her "rakes" the berries. There's more f'in leaves, rocks, twigs, bugs and flowers in the buckets than there is blueberries.

So this afternoon I start on my mission to clean these bastards. My house is so damn hot that they are already starting to get soft. So I'm picking through them and I'm getting nowhere. I have slop all through my hands, I'm getting those damn berries on the floor, it's just a big friggen mess. There's nothing I can't stand than doing something as tedious as that. I am grateful for the berries, but hell I have no time to clean 'em. Everytime I go near them one of the kids start buggin for something, then the baby starts, blah. Hubby and I had a good laugh anyway. I should have known there was a catch to 2 big "free" buckets of berries. :)

Here's another meme thing, i stole from Hoping's blog.

1. How tall are you barefoot? 5'1"
2. Have you ever been cheated on? yes
3. Do you own a gun? no but hubby has a pellet gun.
4. What do you think of hot dogs? Actually there are times that I can totally crave them, I think it's more ketchup than anything.
5. What's your favorite Christmas song? They are all great
6. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Really cold diet pepsi!
7. Do you do push-ups? hell no, i have no time for that!
8. Have you ever done ecstasy? No.
9. Do you like Disney World? I've never been there, so can't answer it.
10. Do you like the rain? I only like it when I come home after a backshift and have to sleep. Other than that, blah, I'd rather the sun.
11. Do you own a knife? Sure, got lots of butter knives, hehe, no i have no knives as weapons if that's what the question was about.
12. What do you smell like? BLUEBERRIES!!
13. Do you have A.D.D.? No, but sometimes I wonder, lol.
14. Full initials? I suck, I can't go there. I'll tell you S.
15. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment. I hate the blueberries, wish hubby were home and not at work, and damn wasn't that a great episode of Big Brother last night???
16. Name the last 3 things you have bought today. Pepsi, chicken and bread.
17. Name five drinks you regularly drink. Diet pepsi, diet coke, *omg, totally just typed out diet cock, yah, ahahahahaha* flavored water, chocolate milk, that's it.
18. What time did you wake up today? 6am, blah!
19. Can you spell? Yes, but my blog makes it look otherwise. hehe.
20. Current worries? Who the hell am I going to find to babysit all 4 children when I go back to work, will I be able to relax with them watching the kids, etc.
21. Current hate? bills, who doesn't hate em.
22. Favorite place to be? home with the kids when they are all getting along and quiet. :)
23. Least favorite place to be? around SIL, LOL.
24. Where do you want to go? On a cruise, alone with hubby, to have a real honeymoon, since we never had one.
25. Do you own slippers? yah, hubby got them for when I had the baby, so i could wear them at the hospital. I have no idea where they are now.
26. Where do you think you will be in 10 years? Hopefully in a new house, with my children.
27. Do you burn or tan? Burn then tan.
28. Yellow or blue? Love the color blue.
29. Would you give up your current life to be a pirate? No, why would i do that?? LOL.
30. Last time your cell rang? I don't have it my FIL borrowed it. So who knows when it rang last.
31. What songs do you sing in the shower? I dont' have enough time to sing in the shower, it's a rush job.
32. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child? my house would catch on fire and we wouldn't be able to get out in time.
33. How much cash do you have on you? 8 dollars
34. Last thing that made you laugh? Me with my cock typo, I'm laughing now.
35. Best bed sheets you had as a child? Strawberry shortcake, I still have them, the kids use them now.
36. Worst injury you've ever had? Sliced the top of my finger off when I was attempting to cut a jaw breaker gum in half. *why the hell did I think that'd work? I was desparate to stop the fighting between the kids, the sight of my blood all over the counter stopped them, hubby had a good laugh*
37. Where have you been out of US? Canada, that's where I live, I've never gone outside of Canada.
38. Who is your loudest friend?I'll say S.
39. Who is your most silent friend? Ha, S, the one who's having the twins.
40. Does someone have a crush on you? Not that I'm aware of, hubby that's about it.
41. Do you wish on stars? With the kids.
42. What song did you last hear? Far away, nickelback
43. What song do you want played at your funeral? I can't think of anything right now.
44. What were you doing at 12:00 last night? I was getting up to pee!
45. First thought upon waking up this morning? Do I have to wake up now???

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Well I finally made a decision as to when to go back to work. I got a new job on an orthopedic floor and when the unit manager called to tell me I had the job she mentioned how I am off on maternity leave got the job to fill in for someone that just went off on maternity leave. haha. Anyway, I said I'd go back sometime in January, since that's when I have to start re-paying those hateful student loans back. Hubby is going to take the rest of the parental leave off to stay home with the baby. I realize how fortunate we are to have such a long time off with our children after reading other people's blogs, so I am EXTREMELY lucky I was/am able to stay home for as long as I did with her.

I mentioned before how I have 2 jobs. One at the hospital and one at a nursing home. Anyway, when I handed in my sick slip I told the staffing lady that I wouldn't be back until after I had the baby. She's all like when do you think and I said October. Our original plan was that hubby and I would share the parental leave but hell I like staying home so he's getting a little less. Anyway, the crazy staffing lady calls me up Wednesday saying she's got me booked in to work Oct. 5th, 8th, 12th and then I'm like, HOLD IT, my availability totally depends on hubby's schedule. I can only work when he's off. AND I can only take one shift and see how bad it dings my EI, because if I make too much it's not really worth working. So I am booked in for Oct. 3rd night shift. Oh how I love the nights. Have I mentioned before how I LOATHE them! Anyway, we'll see how it goes, there are probably a bunch of new residents since I was last there.

Tuesday we took the baby to get her pics taken. They turned out sooo cute! I'll post some when I get them back in another 2 wks. I couldn't be bothered to pay an extra 20 dollars for the cd rom of the pics, so I opted to just wait it out. They were expensive enough. After we got the pics done we took the kids school shopping for supplies and bookbags and all that fun stuff. Little E starts school this year, she was super excited to get her supplies. It's too cute seeing her pick out all her things. Of course we got the mandatory things on the list.

SIL did it again, managed to piss me off royaly. I had said last year before I bought the van how I'd like a 4 wheel drive SUV, 7 passenger. Well guess who's getting one? BITCH! I have to say it's very nerve wracking living so close to the in-laws. And she's such a ditz, like we all know she's super horny to get pregnant, since I just had a baby, and for someone that doesn't want people to know, she's dropping far too many hints. So I'm not a genious, but I suspect that she'll anounce her new coming arrival fairly soon. Ugh. She has her kid in hockey and she's been bugging my son, NOT ME, MY SON, she keeps asking my 6 yr old son, to go into hockey. Now, the whole prospect of me lugging a 6 month old baby, along with her 5 and 10 yr old sisters and then getting all that hateful gear on, not to mention skates in a cold ass rink does not appeal to me whatsoever! The boy is quite content in not being in that sport, but bitch face has to go to the source and try and convince him to take it. See what she'd expect me to do is take her hyperactive kid there too, along with my 6 mos old, 5 and 10 yr old. So here we go again. I need to find a tactful way to say, leave me the hell alone. If anyone has any advice, lol.

I went off my prednisone last week and ever since then have had a nasty rash on my hips, neck, arms and legs. I think I may go back on it to see what will happen. Never a dull moment in my life. lol.

Monday, August 14, 2006

So we actually went out. Alone, no kids, just us. Before we even left the house my son decides to announce that he feels "sick". I think he was just saying that so his dad wouldn't leave because he never mentioned it again to the sitter while we were gone.

First we went to a newer restaurant that we've been meaning to check out but knew we'd have to do it with just us, as it is one of those expensive, non-kid friendly types. Anyway, I ordered the special which was haddock stuffed with lobster with linguine and lemon-garlic butter sauce. Oh it was pretty damn good and came with apple crisp for dessert. I couldn't eat all the dessert since we are trying the damn diet thing.

After we had our dinner, I of course had to call home to make sure the baby was ok and to check in on my boy. He was fine and not complaining. The baby had just finished crying her ass off. She of course had her moment where she was gonna fuss until she cried herself to sleep. The sitter said that may have only lasted about 10min. So not too bad. We can leave the house without baby and she will survive :) YAYYY for us. lol.

Then we went to the movies. I wanted to see Talledega nights but hubby wants to wait and take our son to see it. He's been bugging for the longest time to see that movie so we couldn't go there. Urgh, men. Anyway, we finally agreed on John Tucker Must Die. I didn't think I'd really like it since I figured the previews gave away most of the movie, but surprisingly enough I was still entertained throughout. I enjoyed our little outing. I of course missed the baby the entire time and couldn't wait to get home to pick her fat little face up!

We got home about midnight so I woke her up when we got home and I fed her and the little darling slept until 7:30am. :) I was pretty happy.

I watched Big Brother last night. I couldn't believe that Janelle got HOH again! Damn, I want to see someone else get it. It was pretty good. I wonder who won that new thing, I bet it was Danielle her guess was pretty good. We'll have to wait and see.

Well must get to bed, I'm freezing my butt off here, listening to my dog bark her butt off and I just want to sleep.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Here's a pic of us taken on our wedding day. :)

So tomorrow is the big 7 year anniversary. Amazingly enough hubby got the day off of work. Yay :) We are going to celebrate tonight though since his mom will be close by incase the babysitter needs some help with the baby. Yep, we are actually going out ALONE without the baby. I'm nervous of leaving her alone with the sitter but the baby needs to be left with people other than us. We plan on going out to dinner and to see a movie, that's if baby lets us go. Last night my mother in law was over for supper and the baby wouldn't go with her, she'd just cry and cry, then when she was in my arms she'd stop fussing. Ugh, I've managed yet again to spoil another child. Why must I do that??

Baby had her checkup on Wednesday. She now weighs 15lb 11oz and is 24.5 inches long. She's in the 90th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for head circumference and her length. She's a healthy little nut. ;) She's trying to eat my arm as I type. hehe. Anyway, she got 2 shots at this visit and she didn't cry at all. I was amazed. She has been kind of off the last couple of days, so I attribute her crankiness to that.

Big brother is great! I love the crap that's being stirred up in the house, and can't wait to see tonight's episode. Of course I'll have to see it after I get home around midnight. Hope I can stay awake.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Am I the only one whose husband trys to use a backrub to initiate sex? Just curious. LMAO!~

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

100 Things

I love reading other bloggers 100 things so now I'm gonna do one of my own.

1. I'm 28 yrs old but only feel like I'm 20, well that's in mind; body, I feel like it's wearing out.
2. I had my first child at age 17, I actually got pregnant a week after my 17th birthday, I know this for a fact because there was ONLY one possible time, hehe, coincidentally enough mt daughter was born EXACTLY 9 months from the day of conception.
3. Telling my parents I was pregnant was one of the hardest things I had to do. Their response, we love you and we'll support any decision you make.
4. I was in grade 12 and almost quit highschool.
5. Instead I stayed in school and went to university for 7 years and finished 2 degrees, BBA and BScN.
6. I wish I were a pharmacist, but I would have to move away from home to do this.
7. I bottle fed my first child and she ended up severely colicky. I remember my father and I taking turns walking the halls with her as I would have to write exams the next morning, that sucked.
8. I swore I'd do anything to prevent/help colic if I ever had anymore children, that's why I breastfed all the rest.
9. I'm breastfeeding my baby as I type this.
10. I actually never thought I'd have children, I'm not a "kid" person. I love my own, but don't really know what to do with other people's children.
11. Wow, I'm thinking 100 things about me is going to be hard.
12. I do much better in math and science than in english type of courses, I have a hard time being creative.
13. I have one dog named Mia. She's a cairn terrier. She's a yappy little thing but she's alright.
14. I'm not a huge animal lover, I'm allergic to them.
15. My kids are fighting right now over a game.
16. I hate my current weight, I totally need to lose 15 lbs but have no desire to do anything about it.
17. I'm still taking prednisone. I've been on it for a year and a half, I'm thinking I should get off it, since my bones are probably as soft as my ass. lol.
18. I have crohn's disease. Actually the Dr. thinks it's crohn's/colitis, yah the worst one to have.
19. It's actually quite embarrasing at times. I usually can't eat out unless I want to have the major runs in public.
20. When I say I hate my guts, I literally HATE my GUTS, lol.
21. I hope my children never get this disease, but I know their chances are much higher now that I have it.
22. I actually spent the last 2 months of my last pregnancy in a major flare up causing me to lose 8lbs in 4 weeks.
23. I'm sad that I'll never have another child.
24. I think what I miss is the pregnancy, and feeling the baby move, I don't want to raise anymore children.
25. I want to build a 4 bedroom house.
26. I live in a 3 bedroom mini-home. Too small for us now.
27. My hubby is my best friend.
28. I asked him out when I was in grade 11.
29. I thought he was cute.
30. We dated a bit, but then I got back with my Ex and got pregnant.
31. A year after I had my first child I got back together with my hubby, we were inseperable.
32. My hubby's mother lost a set of identical twin girls at 6 mos due to TTS syndrome.
33. They wanted to adopt a girl after that. I actually thought of putting my daughter up for adoption when I was pregnant to them.
34. That would have been totally strange. Glad things worked out differently.
35. My father is an alcholic.
36. He's actually an incredibly smart man. When he was younger he quit school in grade 11 and decided that he wanted to attend university. At that time you could go without graduating. He needed one course in particular. He never attended any classes and asked the instructor if he could write the final and if he passed to get credit for the course, he made 95.
37. It makes me sad to see such a person piss his life away.
38. I wish he would stop.
39. I am a pack rat. I have a hard time throwing things out. I love to save everything, but it just makes one big mess.
40. I think all things happen for a reason.
41. I don't have much tolerance for my sister in law.
42. She'll get, what I say I want.
43. I've learned to keep my mouth shut around her.
44. It actually bothers me that she's trying to have a baby.
45. I know that's a stupid way to feel.
46. I swear too much.
47. I'm fortunate my kids are smart enough not to repeat me.
48. I constantly bite my nails.
49. I started biting them after I quit smoking.
50. I have only ever had one family member close to me die, my grandfather died last year.
51. I don't really care for nursing. I did it as it was a guarenteed job when I finished school.
52. I did it so I could provide for my children.
53. Now that I am a nurse, I enjoy it more, but there are more than enough days that I'll say, why did I chose this career??
54. The hours at work suck.
55. It's all 12 hour shifts, 2 days 2 nights.
56. I am going to have a horrible time finding a sitter for those hours.
57. I keep telling my hubby we have only so many months to find a sitter he just tells me to relax and not worry.
58. The time is going fast, before I know it I'll be at work again.
59. I love Chinese food.
60. I also loveeeee chocolate. I pretty much crave that all the time.
61. I used to play piano as a child.
62. I would love to play the cello.
63. I played the piano for 5 years. I'm sorry I quit.
64. My baby is getting really big.
65. Well to me she's no longer a tiny baby, grabbing at my glasses right now. :)
66. I hate glasses. I used to wear contacts, but they hurt my eyes when I got pregnant.
67. I have to get a new pair, but I spend my money on my children before myself.
68. So it'll wait for a few more months.
69. I would love to get lasik surgery for my eyes.
70. I would also love to get a tummy tuck.
71. Most of all I would love to be comfortable and love my own body the way it is now.
72. I was practically raised by my grandmother.
73. My father was away a lot as a businessman when I was a child.
74. My mother struggles with mental illness.
75. I have one brother, he hates my parents for his "rotten" childhood.
76. I am grateful for mine.
77. Things could have been worse. We were well cared for, had all we ever wanted. We were never abused. That's my outlook on it.
78. I drink farrrrrr too much pop.
79. I'm drinking it for breakfast.
80. I am thinking of taking more courses in school.
81. My hubby thinks I'm nuts. hehe.
82. I'm tired right now.
83. It's not that I do anything tiring in the run of the day. I'm just tired.
84. This list is hard to do.
85. I like reality TV.
86. I don't actually believe it's "reality" but it's entertainment, nonetheless.
87. I have absolutely NO interest in politics.
88. I do not watch the news.
89. It actually bothers me what is going on in the world.
90. So I just watch cartoons with the kids or go outside.
91. I picked up the paper yesterday and read a 20month old child drowned in a blow up pool in her yard.
92. That's one of my biggest fears about my children. That something terrible will happen to them.
93. I think I am overprotective.
94. I can't help it, I would never forgive myself if something did happen to my children.
95. I'll be married for 7 years on Monday.
96. It's hard to think that we've been married that long.
97. At the same time, it doesn't seem long at all.
98. I don't have a clue what to buy hubby for our anniversary.
99. He's actually scheduled to work, I hope he gets it off.
100. This list was hard to do! hehe.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

My baby is 4 months old tomorrow. This time last year I was breaking the news to hubby about our impending arrival. Since she was our surprise, he was VERY shocked, needless to say. But it only took him a few days to realize that she would bring about good change and we couldn't have been happier. It was just the timing sucked. I just started a full time job, actually just bought a new van and new motorbike. We were thinking about building a new house. Well scrap that idea! hehe. Anyway, looking at my monkey now, I couldn't imagine life without her.

Lets see what else is going on. We went looking at houseplans yesterday. There's this house I realllllllllllly want to build. It's a gorgeous 2 storey house with 4 bedrooms. Oh it's wonderful to dream about it. I'm sure it'll take us forever to agree on anything so it's time to start looking now, because hopefully by next spring we'll be a building.

Big brother is getting better all the time. I can't wait until tomorrow night to find out who got HOH. I hope it's who I'm rooting for ;)

We went to visit my hubby's grandmother yesterday, the one I posted about who has/had cancer. Anyway, they said that her last scan showed that it's pretty much gone. What a miracle! I can't believe it, she just had her last round of chemo a week ago so hopefully after the next scan it'll show that she doesn't need anymore treatment. She feels pretty good now too, she'll probably need a blood transfusion but hopefully won't need to be hospitalized for being so sick like she had to a few treatments ago.

I think our summer heat wave is completely over. It's actually pretty chilly now, well it's like 19 degrees out but compared to the 30 something weather we did have it's quite a change. I could care less if I ever went to the beach again with this weather. I'm wearing jeans with a little sweater coat now, haha. Crazy weather here, you never know what it'll be like.

I'm cooking a turkey right now as I type, since the weather has cooled off. Can't wait! I love a good ol' turkey dinner. That's about as exciting as my life gets right about now, hope everyone has a great weekend. :)

Here's some serious playtime pics in her new toy. LOL.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I lead a very boring life these days. Must be the lack of adult stimulation! I swear that's what it is. Well that and the fact that SIL insists on sending her kids down to play all the time, I'm not babysitting them, but they are always here. May as well say it's the same thing. I am feeling blah. I think also the fact that I haven't been going to playgroup is another reason I'm all blah. I'll have to go tomorrow and see some familiar faces :)

Yesterday we went shopping, that'll perk ya up when you're feeling down. So got the baby some new sleepers since she's now into 6-9mos clothes. Yah, my piglet is growing like a weed. She eats pretty much all day, lol, and does however sleep all night long. So I can't complain. She's almost 15lbs. She's starting to get a bit more hair and it's coming in super blonde. I think she's going to look a lot like my oldest daughter. Oh back to yesterday, I bought her an Intellitainer thingy, she LOVES it. She'll stand in it and smack the toy bar which of course is all loud and colorful and fun for baby and she'll start laughing in response to it. Too cute! I also got my friend who's having the twins her baby shower gift. I think I would have been better off getting her a gift card. I'm contemplating still doing that and returning what I got her. Or just using it myself. Because I ironically ran into her at the store and I can't keep a surprise so I showed her what I got her and she's already got all that and then some. See the cheaper things she's gonna get a ton of and I got her a diaper bag which she had on her registery but she's already got a diaper bag, just not that one. I could return it, it was $30 and then just give her a $50 gift card. I dunno, I just want her to get the best benefit of it.

We also got the kids some art kits so they were busy yesterday creating me some wonderful pictures. My son is obsessed with battery packs for cars. LOL. He would draw an army tank then point out excitedly the battery pack in it. ahaha. What a kid.

Oh the highlight of tv is Big Brother 7. Isn't it great??? I can't believe all the shit that's being stirred up by Dr. Will. I think his plan is totally working! I am beginning to think that the show is also rigged to keep ratings up. I mean come on, him and boogie should have been kicked out long ago. Can't wait to see the next episode.

Also RockStar is getting better. There are some completely talentless people on there, but I see some potential in a few of the people. I like Dilana, Toby and Ryan. We'll see who gets booted off tonight.

Well I'll leave this with some pics