My family of 5

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I did it!

I actually went shopping with 4 children today. I fed baby as much as I could get her to feed and off we went. My oldest daughter wanted to go shopping for clothes, so we went and bought a few outfits for her. We still have to get more, she's outgrown everything! I think we'll go again next week. Of course the baby woke up while we were there, so I had to pick her up to stop her from crying. I think the funniest thing is when I see older people, like in their 60's and 70's, they look like there is no way that I could have all those kids. I mean, I get told a ton of times that I don't look 20 years old and have one child, let alone 27 with 4 now. hehe. I just keep saying, tell me that when I'm 40 please :)

So I finally put the toy bar in front of the baby's vibrating chair, and she actually loves it. She kicks her feet when it's there, and stares at it. It's really funny seeing a 3 wk old look like she's enjoying the toy on it.

Anyway, must go feed baby again, she's fussing.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Well, I went for my pedicure and facial today and I did not want to leave. I think I should move to a spa. hehe. Really though, it was great, definately a great gift on behalf of hubby! I told him that on mother's day he should get me a full body massage gift certificate, since he's too lazy to do it for me. (other than when he's looking for love, lol). Thank goodness the woman doing the ped/facial watches American Idol, because I fell asleep yet again throughout the show and managed to miss completely who was kicked off this week.

My oldest daughter turned 10 today, along with my youngest turning 3 weeks. We went to the movies and saw benchwarmers. It was pretty funny, I really liked it, I think there were parts that were too mature for her in it, but not much I could do once we were there. Overall it wasn't too bad. But I had a good laugh! Just looking at David Spade's hair in that movie was hilarious. Anyway, she had a good time and I survived the outing.

This was basically the first day that I was really away from the baby. My pedicure/facial was at 12pm and took 2 hours. By the time I came home hubby had given her a bottle that I pumped. Then we went to the movies around 5pm and I never came home until about 9:30pm, and he just finished giving her a bottle of formula. For the last 3 days, I've been giving her one bottle a day of formula. My doctor has been talking about putting me on stronger medications for my chron's disease and I want to make sure that she'll take it, and she's been loving it. I have been using Carnation Good Start, and she's been doing great with it. She nurses from me all other times during the day so that's not too bad.

We had an ice cream cake too for my daughter's birthday, from DQ. Oh how I love those cakes :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

So, hubby was home last night, since he had just finished working 3 night shifts in a row.

Anyway, it was wonderful, I was actually able to fall asleep as soon as I wanted to, which was just after hearing Kelly Pickler sing, on American Idol. LOL. He then cuddled with baby and tucked her into bed, just after I fed her. She slept (in her crib) from 11pm until 5:15am. Every time that I would wake up through the night to make sure she was breathing, she would start grunting but quickly go back to sleep. It was the longest the baby has slept all at once. It would be so great if she did this again tonight. Here's hoping.

I finally booked my pedicure and facial for tomorrow afternoon. My hubby had bought me a gift certificate at Christmas, but I thought I would appreciate it much more after the baby came, and I realize that yes, I certainly will enjoy that a heck of a lot more now! hehe.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I had to post up this pic. This is my 2nd youngest daughter when she was about the same age as A now. Not hard to tell they are siblings. lol. Just she had way more hair then baby does now.

Show's ya how bored I was today =)

I finally took the baby in to where I used to work to let the "girls" see her. They of course ooohed and awwed over her, but everyone just melts when babies are around. It was pretty funny seing the older patients all coming out of their rooms to have a look at baby too.

Anyway, baby is going through another growth spurt, she was up every 2 hours throughout the night. It was such a long nigt, as soon as I fell asleep, she'd wake, yikes. Hope it's a better night tonight.

Well I'm off to watch American Idol, hope it's a good episode, lately they haven't been singing very well.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Yesterday I went to a baby shower for my hubby's cousin who is 18 and is 8 1/2 months pregnant with her first baby. She had a huge turnout of people and got over 1000 dollars not including all the gifts, swing, car seat, etc. That was so nice that she received all of this since she didn't have a thing for her baby, but she'll be more than prepared now :)

I have resorted to using a soother. I am sick of being the human soother for baby. She has been nursing more often, only to fall asleep at times too. It's very tiring so I finally found a soother that she'll take. And she knows when she'll accept the soother and when that's just not good enough for her she'll have a mad fit and spit it out. It's pretty funny that a person so small has such an individual personality already.

My oldest daughter's birthday is on Thursday. She's going to be 10 yrs old. I can't believe that I'm a mom of a 10 year old, let alone have 4 children. For her party she wants me to take her and a friend out to the movies, so this will be my first time out of the house without baby. She'll be home with her dad so I'll have to "pump up" and get ready for the outing. hehe.

Sunday, I was daring enough to venture out to church will all 4 children and my father in law. The older children were great they are very well behaved when they go to church, but little miss here decided it was mommy soother time and that the plastic one just wasn't going to cut it. Thank god there was only about 10 minutes left that I could rock her and comfort her until we got out to the car. I just don't really like nursing in public, I mean I have done it before and am very discreet about it, but it's just not for me.

Anyway, that's about all I have for now, I'm pretty tired, still so sleep deprived. Hubby is working his 3rd night shift in a row. Can't wait to have him here to help out with baby tomorrow night :)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Another Cute pic :)

She's so serious! This pic was taken just before her power puke alllll over me!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Last night hubby came home with a movie for me to watch. It was Hostel. Now, I absolutely hate gory movies full of blood and stuff. I just can't sit through them at all. What does he bring home?? A movie, JAM PACKED full of blood and gore!

We watched Survivor last night first, poor little Bruce with his massive bowel obstruction, YIKES. Anyway, I had managed to get baby down to sleep at around 8:30pm, in her crib I must add. So I fell asleep halfway through Survivor, then hubby put on that movie. I woke up during one part of the movie, where a man was getting his fingers chopped off with a chainsaw, and other stuff that I refused to watch!

Hubby thinks that I have no taste in movies and I am "not allowed" to pick movies out. LOL. I like comedy and romance movies. He has been married to me now for 8 years, you think he would get it that I hate bloody movies.

Baby girl had her first massive puke session earlier today. Oh I knew it was coming from the gagging out of her, since she thinks I am her human soother. Anyway, grabbed a towel to try and preserve my clothes from puke, but that was a failed attempt. All over me, and her face in her eyes, over her hair! Poor little girl, had to put her in the tub again, her most hated time of the day. Then she cuddled on my chest from all her drama that happened to her. Sobbing the whole time.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

2 Weeks Old

Ok, I'm just curious as to how many times this baby can change her looks. Already she looks so different and she's only 2 weeks old! lol.

Anyway, a lot has happened in the last few days with baby. She's starting to sleep more, which is a plus, since babies have a growth spurt at 10 days and again at 3 weeks, I only expect it to last for another week then we'll be up the usual 3-4 times a night. But last night she went to sleep at 10:30pm and woke up at 4am, then again at 7am. That was the best night yet! And, i must add we are actually getting some use out of our crib, she actually slept till 4am in her crib. She also is so much more brighter at times, she'll turn her head to our voices and just stare at us for such a long time, i think it's so cute. She also holds her head up for so long,

Her Dr. appointment went well. She's growing nicely, no sign of a heart murmur (which i have and my oldest has) so that was good too. I told my dr. about how my insides have been acting up and i'm on 25mg of prednisone again. So we'll see how this goes.

That's about it for now :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

12 Days Old

I still can't get over how fast the time is going now that baby is here. I mean, I sat here counting days upon days for her arrival and bam now that she's here it's flying. She's 2 weeks old on Thursday, before I know it she'll be walking and talking. Oh how I wish they would stay small just a little bit longer than they do :)

The public health nurse did a home visit today. She weighed baby and I can't believe it, she weighs 8lbs 2oz. She gained nearly a pound since last Monday when she was 7lbs 3oz. She's growing like a bad weed. All of her tiny sleepers actually fit her now and some are getting too small! Baby also has a dr. appt tomorrow.

My crohn's is in another flare up, but OB and GI told me to expect it to get muchhhh worse after I had baby because all the hormones are all out of whack. I don't want to take anything more than my asacol since I am nursing. Hopefully I'll have a "good" day soon. It's the severe cramping that's really getting to me now :(

Well must go finish watching American Idol and America's Next Top Model.

Monday, April 17, 2006

You can totally tell she's bored with me snapping pics of her all the time. lol.

Anyway, I have managed to absolutely spoil her rotten in the short 11 days that she's been here. She uses me as a human soother half the time, just loves to lay with her head next to my boob!

She slept really well last night, for the first time. We went to my inlaws for turkey dinner last night and she was tossed around from person to person, but managed to stay awake for about 2 1/2 hrs while they played with my "toy". Anyway, when I took her home I fed her around 10:30pm and she settled really well (in bed with me of course, because like I mentioned before she runs the house). She slept until 4am. I actually felt great after that long sleep undisturbed! Amazing what little sleep I get excited about now.

Other than that, the bunny was here and the chocolate is crazy. UGH! Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

9 Days Old

Baby is already 9 days old. Where the heck is the time going?? I guess between constant feedings, diaper changes, napping when I can (that's rare), homework battles with my older 2 children, dishes and giving extra attention to my little E, that sums up where the time is going.

I never imagined how busy I would be, but who am I kidding I do have 4 children now! I must say though, it's no different than 3. It's just adjusting to having a new baby around that's the part I have to get used to. I'm starting to get used to baby's schedule now, the time when she is most alert is from 8am to 12pm. She's pretty much wide awake and "socializes" at this time. Then she'll pretty much nurse off and on till about 5pm when she'll settle down until about 8-9pm. Then has me up at midnight and again at 2-3am then again at 5am. So yah, I don't sleep anymore. Since I can't "sleep when baby sleeps" in the day.

I found out that baby loves her vibrating chair~! It's about the only thing that gets her off of me so I can resume some normal household chores.

I have to note that the baby blues are starting to let up. I don't find I am as weepy as I was when I first came home. Just watching home videos of baby moving in my belly made be cry! So there is hope! I never experienced the blues after I had my other 2 girls, however I ended up with PPD after I had my son. That lasted for a few months, actually I ended up pregnant with my little E when he was only 8 months old because I was getting sick from the med he put me on and ended up vomiting up my pill.

Aside from the chaos in my life, hubby has returned to work and is working a night shift tonight, so that means I have to be the bunny! I just hope the kids go to bed early enough that I can manage to get things done for them, because I am soooo used to falling asleep ASAP when baby goes down after I feed her at 9pm. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lean Mean Pooping Machine!

So I have a pooping machine on my hands. LOL.

I'm sure all the other new momma's know exactly what I mean. hehe. Anyway, it was too cute, here she is with her big sis the first pic, and about 2 seconds after I took that pic, bam she peed through her diaper on her lap. So I took her in to get a bath and all washed up, of course just got her sleepers on, the middle pic and what does she do, poops, yet again! That last pic was just too cute not to post with her overalls on.

It was pretty funny, the other night my little E was sitting down watching TV with me and there was a commercial on about winning the lottery. Well she pipes up and says, I wish I could win a baby mom. My own baby. One that I can take care of and play with and change and bath and one that I can FEED! With a bottle!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Almost 1 Week Old Already

Well, to think, one week ago I was sitting here impatiently anticipating the induction for the next day. So excited that I'd finally be meeting her. And already it's been a week!~ I can't get over how fast the time goes.

The first night was long, I couldn't sleep at all at the hospital. There were at least 20 babies there and that's about all I could hear at different times throughout the night. The nurses took her to the desk and brought her in when only when she had to be fed, to try and help me get some sleep but that was a flop. Anyway, I just started to fall asleep, all these thoughts were racing through my head about the whole experience, the baby's face so blue and everything, just as I started to doze, a code blue was announced through the hospital at like 2am. I jumped up and it scared the crap out of me, of course I was all in a panic that it had something to do with the baby. After that I pretty much didn't sleep at all.

In the morning about 10am, my hubby came in with our 2nd youngest daughter to visit. She was so amazed with her. She came over to touch her hands and marveled about how small she was. It was too cute when the baby started to cry my daughter was very concerned and tried to make sure the baby was alright. Then when she saw me nurse the baby, that was pretty funny, her eyes were big as saucers!

Since the other children were at school hubby had to go home to get them to take them in for a visit. My son was pretty funny the questions and comments he would make about his new sister. First of all he said, "she's a lovely baby". lol. He's only 6. Then he asked where her teeth were and when I had mentioned that I had to feed her he said, where's is the milk ma?? lol. They were all pretty much surprised at how I feed her, although they've been told before. I guess just seeing "mom" do that was surprising for them. My oldest daughter is a good help, she's pretty happy that she can hold her without a pillow under the baby and that she can pretty much do it on her own now (she's 10).

Day 4: Monday morning I had to take baby in for a mom/baby checkup. She did great, when we left the hospital she weighed in at 7lb 3/4oz when I took her in 2 days later she weighed in at 7lb 3oz. My milk came in that day with a vengeance too. Also when I was getting ready before I got in the shower I looked in the mirror and saw the ENORMOSITY of my breasts, I know TMI! lol. Anyway, I came in to show hubby and asked if he ever wondered what it would look like for me to get implants, wonder no more! At least now the pain is starting to subside. I didn't remember it being like this last time I nursed a baby. She's been doing really well nursing too. Every 3 hrs and she's pretty content in between feeds. Oh and her umbilical cord came off through the night too, so she had her first bath today :)

I also think I have a touch of the baby blues, I am so darn emotional these days, I find myself crying at every little thing. I find I cry the most when I think of this being my last child. I know that this is crazy to even think of having another one, but I just get sad at the thoughts. Damn hormones.

So that is pretty much what's been going on here. I love having our new baby and the children are settling in fine with her.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Really cute pic

I just had to post this pic up. It's front on and you can really tell what she looks like.

Birth Story

This is going to be long, since I want to record everything so I don't' forget a thing about this delivery.

Well it all started on Thursday morning. We arrived at the hospital at 8:30am. When I walked in to the unit I told them I was there for an induction, of course the staff weren't aware I was coming. But the nurse said oh well you're here now come on in and we'll put you on the monitor. So I was hooked up and was there for about a half hour on that. She put a call in to my OB and he was to be in the OR all day so he was going to come by in between cases.

The nurse actually thought I was supposed to be induced LAST WEEK. I was like omg, if I was supposed to be here last week and suffered longer than I had to I won't be too impressed, but his chart said induction for sometime next week. So I didn't misunderstand, it was Thursday I was to go in. So he finally came in and told me what he was going to do. He checked my cervix said it was high up, very thick and closed pretty tight! I was pretty doubtful that this was going to work. So he said he was going to use 2mg prostin gel at 10am and then he'd repeat it again at 3pm if things haven't really started. The resident that was with him inserted the gel. Then I had to stay laying flat for an hour and stay on the monitor. At 11am, I was sent on my mission to walk. LOL. I was also admitted at this time so there was no going home without a baby. That was a relief.

Off my hubby and I walked. In about 10 minutes I started having pains. They were about 7min apart and were getting worse but bearable. So she said to go for an hour and to return after that and she'd check to see if things were moving along. When I went back to my room the resident was there again and he wanted to check to see if anything was happening with my pains. Of course, NOTHING changed. That was fine. I stayed on the monitor for 20 min, while we woke the baby up and then off on my journey we went again. This time the pains were really bad, they started up at 1pm and I had to walk until 2pm. This time was worse, I had to sit for a majority of them, I didn't leave the unit this time, just hung out around L&D. After that my nurse checked me and said, maybe 1cm, and thinning a bit. What a laugh, all that pain and for NOTHING! The contractions were 2-3min apart and doing absolutely nothing.

So I was put back on the monitor again. Stayed there for about 20 min. The pains were actually not going away at this point, they'd start up and kind of decrease and then get worse and they'd do that about 4 times in a row then they'd stop for about 2min then they'd do that again. I have worked in L&D before so I knew that that wasn't good seeing that coupling pattern because they are pretty much ineffective contractions, which we were realizing when I wasn't dilating.

Anyway, she called my OB and asked if I could have something for pain, and he told her to give me Fentenyl and to repeat in 20 min. That would take the edge off them for about 15 min but wore off quickly. He came in to see me at about 2:30pm and checked me and said, I was definitely thinning and close to 2cm. So he was not going to redo the gel at 3pm and that he was going to break the water after his next case at 4pm. Also said that her head was coming down and at -1 station. So away he went. Hubby and I were just there as I breathed through the contractions. About 3:30pm they were still every 2 min and getting stronger and lasting longer so the resident checked me to see what I was doing and said, no change at all. And told me to walk. That's about the point that I started to cry and said to my hubby they are retarded if they think I can walk let alone tolerate this much longer. The resident was going to use the gel again but my nurse told him, NO way my OB doesn't want it repeated, that it's causing too much pain leave it for now. Around 4:20pm my nurse checked me again and said, I was actually making some progress that I was getting thinner, a good 2cm almost 3cm and the head was really low. At exactly 4:35pm my water broke. lol. I was like, i have to pee but I either just peed the bed or the water broke. And the gush would come every time i laughed so we verified i was not incontinent and that indeed the water was gone. hehe.

The contractions actually turned into hell at this point and I was begging for my epidural since I knew that there were changes happening so my OB said, it's time, you'll get it, of course the anesthetist was in the OR just starting a c-section! AHHHHH, i had to wait until he was out. So I was actually staring at the clock with my every 2-3min contractions waiting for the anesthetist to come save me. At this point I was chewing on a face cloth to keep myself from swearing at people around me. It worked good. lol. Also I would squeeze the crap out of hubby's hand to try and distract me, that helped a bit. So at 7pm my nurse checked to see what was going on and I was at 4cm. That was a relief to know at least I was making some progress. The anesthetist came in to give me my epidural. I sat on the side of the bed all hunched over, he froze my back and warned me about what he was doing at all times, so I'd be prepared for any pinch and different feelings. He was at the last point where he was threading in the epidural catheter and told me what to expect and of course I flinched when he inserted it. I knew then it wasn't going to be good. I asked when to expect some relief and he said by the time he left the room. Of course my left thigh was numb and that was it. He told me he'd be back if i needed anymore medication and that he would increase it if i wanted to. So i let him go and figured I would wait at least 20 min to see if it would work, i didn't want to yell him right back in. Also it was just change of shift so I wanted to leave the nurses do what they had to do to give report instead of begging for my epi to be increased. I got my catheter at that point too. That was relief, I had to pee so bad but didn't want to move since the pains were crazy bad.

So about 8pm rolls around. The anesthetist was in a case and would be in shortly to try and fix my epi, since it was unilateral blockage. Of course the side it does work on is where i never really had pains that bad anyway, it was all right sided and down my right side of my back. My nurse checked to see what was going on with me and I was about 8cm dilated. The nurses were asking about my previous delivery's focusing especially on my last, saying how long was the actual delivery. I was like maybe 9min from when the nurse saw her crowning. So they figured it was time to get the warmer on and start setting up. My OB was gone home for supper and was going to come back ASAP but his resident was there. My contractions were about 1-2min apart, unbelievably painful, nothing that I have ever felt (or remember feeling in the past)lol. So they were just waiting at this point. The anesthetist came in around 8:25pm to try and fix my epidural. So he recommended he take it out a half cm and see if it would straighten out and then that might give me some relief, along with a bolus of meds. So the resident wanted to do a "quick" check at this point. He said call my OB that I almost fully dilated only an anterior lip there. He just had enough time to take his glove off when I said, ummmm no the baby is right there! It is coming. Of course he didn't actually believe me he just had his hand up there. The nurses yelled at him and said, GET READY that baby is coming NOW! So they were trying to get my legs in the stirrups since I was on my side and the poor anesthetist just said, ummm ok finish what you's are doing, and taped my back up. It was pointless at this time. This was about 8:30pm now.

The baby's head came out on her own, while they were putting my legs in the stirrups. My hubby was right there he saw everything! The resident and nurses told me DON"T PUSH! i was like I'm not at all. One nurse told me how to breath so I wasn't putting any pressure down there. The cord was looped around her neck tightly and they had to cut it right away to get her out. So once he finished cutting the cord they said push, I may have pushed for 2 seconds and out she popped at 8:36pm. Her face was totally blue. It was pretty nasty looking. She was pretty limp laying there too. The nurses had to resucitate her for about 5 seconds but at that point felt like an eternity. It wasn't long but you can imagine what it felt like. They told me her face was bruised since she came down the birth canal unbelievably fast! The poor resident was quite shocked at all this too. lol. My OB finally showed up about 5min too late. He checked her over and said, she's fine and that the bruising would go in about 2-3 days. It's been 3 days since I had her and it's completely gone.

Anyway, there I was laying there waiting for the placenta to come out and away that went. After feeling every last bit of her coming out that burning pain, i had to ask, how many stitches am I going to need. And he said, I'm not putting any stitches anywhere in you, there's not a tear or anything. I was VERY surprised. My OB checked me all out too and confirmed no stitches needed at all. YAYYYY~! the highlight of my delivery. I did have a little bit of blood pooling so they had to increase the pitocin to make the uterus contract faster back to normal. They cleaned my baby up and handed her to me, of course her face was still bluish and I kept saying is she fine?? They said, yes her body is all pink she's ok. So they asked if i wanted to try and nurse her and I did in the delivery room. She was so alert she took right to it. I was quite surprised that she did, from her rough little start. But she's been doing great.

I got back to my room at about 11pm after the bleeding let up and we finally got settled in for our first real feeding. Again she did great.

They only kept me for 2 days since I had no stitches, no problems there and baby was nursing fine. She's now 3 days old and my milk has come in with a vengance, lol. I'll post more later about how her siblings reacted to her and how my first few days have been going.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

We're Home!

Well I'm pretty tired. I'll post the crazy birth story soon when I get time to think clearly again. Anyway, she was born
April 6th @ 8:36pm.
7lbs 8oz
20 inches long

Thursday, April 06, 2006

This is It!

Well here I am, only a half hour before I am leaving to go to the hospital. I can't get over how nervous/excited I am. Nervous since it has been 5 yrs since I went through this. Yes I know I at least know what to expect, but really once this time has passed, you truly forget it. I am sitting here ready to barf at any given second. The darn butterfly feeling in my stomach, along with baby kicking the crap out of me, is making me nauseated. And I have no desire to eat. NONE!

I was up till about 12pm last night, slept until 3am, woke up and started watching Reba and Married with Children, then made one final half assed attempt at sleeping. Needless to say, I didn't get much last night.

Anyway, next time I post something here, I should have a baby home with me. :)
Hopefully the gals that are due around the same time have their babies this weekend too :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

39weeks 2 days

Here it is the last belly pic that I'll be taking. See my sexy white bra just creeping through the shirt. hehe. Anyway, my I am rather large and round in this pic!

Thank God, so far I haven't gotten the flu. If I haven't gotten it yet, I am guessing that I won't get it. (here's praying I don't) Hubby is a bit better, well better enough that he went to work.

Little E is here helping me out cleaning up the living room since my children love to destroy it daily. I told my son that tomorrow is the big day that we "might" get to meet his new sister. (since I know that inductions don't always work right away) He was so excited. It's pretty cute to see a 6 year old boy get excited moreso then his 2 sisters about the new baby coming. My little brother in law's girlfriend brought over a present for baby and it is a homemade baby blanket and it is pretty cute. Well the boy took it out of the bag it came and said, "isn't this beautiful?" He can make me laugh with some of the cute things he'll say.

Well I'm off to go to town to do some last minute shopping for things for my bag. Because of course it's not totally ready. The main things are in it, but need toilitries. I'll probably post again later on tonight because I won't be able to sleep!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Can This Actually Be Happening???

Well Monday morning, actually Sunday night, hubby decides to wake up and be hit yet AGAIN, with the flu! I can't believe he has it again. He was vomiting all day Monday and a few times so far today. And of course the explosive diarrhea that accompanies it. I have resorted to the sofa. That's my new bed. I am not taking a chance of getting this. PLEASE PRAY I don't get this.

Anyway, that's all that's going on here. Only 2 days left to potentially be induced. I have changed to potentially now, because if I get this flu, I'm rebooking. I think I'll be depressed.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Still Here

Yep, still hanging around waiting for something to happen on it's own. I know that I'm dreaming of course since my history has me overdue for children. I have a lot more pressure and feel like she'll fall out at times and been having more intense BH ctx but that's it here.

We finally cleaned this house from top to bottom over the weekend. We figured it was time to get it ready since here a public health nurse comes for a home visit about a week after baby is home. (not sure if this happens everywhere) Anyway, it looks really good for a change ;o)

There's not much else new here, just counting down my days, only 3 left!~ The other night I had a little scare. I woke up for my 6th time to go to the bathroom and didn't feel baby moving like she always does. So of course, miss paranoia that I am, couldn't sleep again until I felt something. So I waited, nothing, then I ate some chocolate to hopefully give her a sugar rush, nothing. At this point it was about 35 min since I had been awake trying to get her moving. Anyway, I was just about to wake hubby up to say we should go in and get her checked and go figure she starts up with her kicks and wiggles. I was never so happy to be bugged all night long. She must have been super tired, because the movements are consistent again.