My family of 5

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Holy Hot!

Ok, I can't get over how hot as hell it is out these days. It's more the humidity then anything. I really hope we get a thunderstorm soon and get rid of this humid weather.

I've been taking the kids to the beach the last few days, they just love it there. What kid wouldn't?? It's still pretty damn cold for them to get in the water, but they sure try hard to convince me to let them in.

Poor little E has a Terrible cough. She's up half the night barking with it. She doesn't sound congested or anything, and no wheezing, so I'm thinking maybe post-nasal drip irritation. Who knows, just started though last night, so I'll keep an eye on it.

Tomorrow is Grading Day for the kids. They are soooo happy, first, that school is finally out for the summer and second, that they get a present for grading :) We'll take them out to buy something tomorrow after they get their report cards. My son got his journal back from school this year and oh there were some entries that I couldn't stop laughing at. He's in grade primary and one of the things the teacher does is to get them to draw a picture in the journal then to try and spell what it is they drew. Then she'll write underneath it for us to see how close he was to what he was trying to spell. Anyway, you get to see the progression over the year. Well one entry made me crack up laughing, it said, "If a bully chases you and puts you upside down and steals your lunch money you should tell someone" Another thing was "goats have fleas". hahahaha. The teacher told me how it's just random things that the kids will put in their journal. I thought both of them were pretty cute. hehe.

Anyway, must go to bed, lately I've been getting some horrible headaches, I'm assuming it's due to the weather. Urgh. So of course, I have yet another one, so must try and sleep it off.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fiddleheads, YUCK!

This folks is what yucky fiddleheads look like.

Ok, in response to people asking what a fiddlehead is in my last post on the questionnaire, thought I'd post a pic and give you what this site has to say about them. I personally think that they are disgusting, my hubby likes them. YUCK. Just thinking of them make me sick.

"Fiddleheads emerge in their miniature dervish dancers around the first week of May. In lowland forests from the Great Lakes to the Maritimes of Canada the Ostrich Fern emerges in profusion. Tiny gray-green spirals reaching into the first really warm days of Spring. Each of them wearing their own little fur overcoat to protect them when it was chillier weather. Snapped up and eaten by whoever has the sense and taste to do it."

If you want to go wild and read more about those lovely things, go here:

Fur, ewww!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another Questionnaire

Totally stole this from Emma in Canada's blog.

Accent: Canadian, good ol' East Coast accent. Really you'd laugh if you heard me talking. I usually post the way I'd speak, completely guilty of using eh.

Booze: Coolers, usually vodka. I don't think I have gotten drunk in a veryyyyyyyy long time. Alcohol must be totally disguised for me to drink it, hate the taste of it.

Chore I hate: I soooo hate putting laundry away. I'll do the wash, I'll fold, put it in the basket to go down to the kids room and then it'll stay on my bedroom floor until the kids have worn all the clean clothes out of it. Ridiculous. I just really hate putting them away. I don't really mind anything else.

Dogs/Cats: One dog, Mia.

Essential electronics: My computer and my DVD player. Since my VCR is broken, need to have something to watch movies on.

Favourite perfume: I don't particularly like anything. I don't wear it. As a nurse, the hospital policy Scent Free Zone, you just get used to never wearing anything. But men's cologne I LOVE Drakkar Noir. I don't if I spelled that right, but I'm sure you get my point.

Gold/Silver: Right now, I have my gold wedding band, and engagement ring on, and my X ring. Also have a pair of gold hoops in my ears.

Hometown: The closest I'll tell is it's in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Insomnia: Not a friggen chance, I could sleep alllll day and all night I'm sure if given the chance but yah know, baby loves to disrupt that these days :)

Job title: Off on maternity leave right now, but I'm a Registered Nurse and MOM!

Kids: R 10, E 6, Little E 5, and A 2 mos, 3wks.

Living arrangements: With my hubby, kids and dog, in the woods in a 3 bedroom home. Totally need to build a new house, the baby's crib is right next to my bed. Can't stay like that much longer than a year.

Most admired trait: I don't think I have one.

Number of sexual partners: 4.

Overnight Hospital Stays: 7....Severely sick during 1st pregnancy had to go on IV fluids for a few days, baby, baby again, gallbladder attack during pregnancy, baby, pancreatitis in for a week~!, then baby.

Phobia: bugs that bite. I really hate them. I suppose I have a fear of heights too.

Quote: Too tired to think of one.

Religion: Baptist.

Siblings: Just one brother, J, 3 yrs older than I am.

Time I usually wake up: About 7, or earlier if the baby has me up for the day at an earlier time than that. But for the kids to get ready for school I have to start getting them ready at 7am. But hell, SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!

Unusual talent: I don't believe I have one.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Hmmm, I hate cauliflower. It's nasty. I don't really care for fiddleheads they are just gross.

Worst habit: I bite my nails and crack my fingers, toes, knees and neck. Yah, I'm screwed I'll be all crippled up in about 10 years.

X-rays: Wrist to see about arthritis, upper GI series and Small Bowel Follow Through for my Crohn's. Really great tests. Yummmmy Barium, UGH, I gag right now thinking of it that chalky yuck. EWWWWW.

Yummy foods I make: Manicotti, and my BBQ ribs are pretty damn good too.

Zodiac sign: Cancer.

That's it!

Monday, June 26, 2006

The time when hubby is off of work just flys by. I can't get over how quickly 4 days go by. He's already working his first night, then tomorrow night, then off for 4 days.

I am home alone (well not really, baby is here with me). The kids are at a sleepover at their grandparents house. I can't believe it! They took all 3 of them and it was their idea~! Anyway, I am sitting here, no hubby, baby sleeping and I can't think of one damn thing to do for myself. I'm not tired at the moment, TV sucks on Monday night, so what do I do? I don't have a book to read, well nothing that interests me at the moment. *sigh* So here I am blogging.

I am going shopping with my mother on Wednesday, she's going to buy me a new outfit for my birthday. I can't wait! I haven't bought anything for myself in a long time. I'd like to wait until I lose some more weight until I get some clothes, but at the rate I'm going what the hell. Oh speaking of weight, I lost another 0.5lbs, bringing me to a total of 2 lbs in 2 weeks. Ahaha! Not too bad when I'm not really doing anything at all but standing on a scale once a week. Sure better than hubby, he's only lost 0.5lbs so far!~

Oh I have to post about my son again. My goodness he says some pretty funny things, usually involving me nursing the baby. haha.

boy: MOM! The baby has her hand on your boob, she's touching your boob! Starts laughing uncontrollably.

Me: *laughs* (that's all I can do) Thinks to myself, ahhh yes her hand is on my boob, nevermind the fact that she's SUCKING on it! What a kid!

Ok, must end the post with some recent baby pics. Here's one of her with a new outfit i couldn't resist buying. It's got a pink hat with a tie similar to the tie around the neck. I love it!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I was just scrolling down the page and reading my older posts and realized that my post for June 22, sounded as though I was giving an acceptance speech for receiving an Emmy! HAHA. Oh the little things that amuse me these days.

Anyway, tried the diaper cream on her fat neck rolls and wouldn't ya know, it's much better today. Not as bright red as it was. Thanks for the tips. :) You'd swear I never did this before :P

I think after you have kids (well for me, lately, it feels as though I am losing my brains) No really, I really think that I'm not as "bright" as I was prior to this pregnancy. hehe. Now I have always had my dumb blonde moments, but lately I seem to be worse. I lose things, ie. car keys. Just misplaced them and then have to sit there and try and visually think of where I last put them. Hmmm, must be the lack of adult stimulation maybe? The fact that I am not at work? See, I was always the type of person that had to constantly be doing something. Like school, studying to be a nurse, now that I've fulfilled this, there's no more school. It's just work. Strange. Oh well, this is what my big ol' blog is all about, me babbling about crap that I wonder about. LOL.

Anyway, it's as hot as hell in this house, must go outside in my gazebo with my patio furniture! :) Take care all.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

5 Things

5 things . . . .

5 items in my fridge:
1. Diet Pepsi. I always have a case of canned diet pepsi. I'm such a pop junkie it's not even fit!

2. Milk. Like 2, 4 litre big ass jugs of skim milk, because with 5 people drinking it, it goes pretty darn fast in this house.

3. Eggs. I have 2 dozen eggs at all times. The kids LOVE french toast so when I make it, it usually takes up a whole loaf of bread and about half dozen eggs.

4. Steak. We are bbq'ing tonight.

5. Yougurt. We all love it. So there's tons here all the time.

5 items in my closet:

1. Lots and lots of my uniforms. Won't be needing them for awhile. So hung them all up.

2. Christmas decorations. Lots of them. I collect hallmark christmas ornaments and I have a ton that I bought for 2005, so they are sitting there on the floor staying away from being broken from my kids.

3. Suitcases. We bought a set of 4 last year so they all sit in each other, yah know the ones with the different sizes. Anyway they are residing in my closet right now.

4. All my dressy tops and pants (that don't fit me right now, I might add). Stuff that has to be hung up, since I took my treadmill over to my inlaws. ( I needed the room for a crib, LOL).

5. A CD rack, I have tons and tons of CD's. I just don't have any time to listen to them anymore. Hmm, wonder why??

5 items in my car:

1. Car seats, yes that's plural. I have 3 of them. 2 booster seats for the 5&6 yr olds and the infant seat for my baby.

2. A stroller, that I never take out to use because I'm too damn lazy to set it up, it's humongous, I can't wait until she's old enough to fit in the umbrella strollers.

3. Mail, old crappy mail. Stuff that has to be thrown out, but I haven't quite gotten to it, what a slacker.

4. Toys. Lot's of them. The kids are forever taking an extra toy into the van each time we go somewhere, and they are just piling up.

5. CD's. I can actually listen to them when I'm driving, but most of it is kid's crap. Urgh.

5 items in my purse:

1. Pictures of the kids.

2. Pens.

3. Tylenol

4. Credit cards, my God I have too many of them.

5. Pennies. My purse is filled with them. Can't ever seem to get rid of them.

Need some Advice...

Ok fellow bloggers, needing advice again.

My little chubba baby has such huge fat rolls everywhere. Well with her neck her rolls are always in the way. Now with all this damn humidity that we are having, her neck under her 3rd friggen roll is reddened. It just looks awful. After her bath I swear I have to fight her to put her neck back a bit so I can dry it all off because I'm sure that's the cause. Anywho, just wondering what the heck I can do to make it go away. I'm sure the best cure is drying the area out, but HOW when this kid is always scrunched up and won't tip her head back for any length of time. Even when I lay her on her back the area is still all covered in rolls. LOL. Poor little girl. It just looks sore.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

First of all I'd like to say thank you to everyone's response to my last post. The advice given was great.

Yesterday was my little E's 5th birthday. She had a party here at the house. Hubby went out and bought some patio furniture so we were able to go outside and have the supper and cake out there in the gazebo. It's absolutely beautiful. Little E got some new clothes, as well as her sisters and brother. We went on a mad shopping spree yesterday, the clothes were all 1/2 price at one of my favorite stores so I couldn't resist getting such cute summer outfits for all of them. :) We then went to another store and she picked out a polly pocket play house and polly pocket DVD. Overall she had a great day.

It was basically a family party. Anyway SIL was down with her kids as well as MIL and FIL. Well we had hot dogs and hamburgers that we put on the BBQ. Now, I've blogged about this before, my "disgust" of bugs. They were absolutely horrific last evening, so I said, hubby go out there and cook supper for your guests. SIL offered to do it. So I fired up the BBQ and got the stuff out and then she went out to put it on the BBQ. Halfway through cooking she went out to flip them, opened the BBQ lid and did her stuff, then grabbed the actual LID to close the BBQ and burned her hand! She starts yelling, why would you buy a cheap BBQ like that, and just kept ranting about our BBQ. Fellow bloggers you'll be happy to know I had a comeback! My reply:

"well I'm sorry dear, but we all can't go out and buy $500 grill master chef BBQ's like you, you know" Some of us just can't afford it!

She was all like, I was just joking you know, all I said, was yah right, I'm sure you were. I think from the sarcastic tone of my voice she got the hint.

That's it for that topic, now on to baby. She started grabbing at the toys on her toy bar now, it's too cute. She loves to coo at them too. That's about the only new thing that she's doing now.

Oh last night the viewer's choice for big brother allstars was on! Wooo hooo, the little things that excite me in life now, it's just pathetic. I have to admit though, that's one of the shows I look forward to watching. I dunno why, just addictive I guess. I really hope they vote Will back in the house, he's absolutely nuts and doesn't give a hoot what others think of him. He's a roar. Anyway, I think I've rambled enough for now.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Alright, this may be long.

Yesterday my hubby asked me where all his money went. I was like, I took 30 dollars and I'm sure there was another 20 dollar bill still up there.

So today at the supper table he asked my daughter (R) if she knew where it was. The look on her face said it all. We knew immediately she knew what we were talking about. So a little probing further she admitted to taking it (to school, why a kid in grade 4 would take money to school, I'm not sure) Anyway, she told us how her "friends" (yah, friends......) asked her for some money (once they knew she had it) to go to the store and to buy them some chips and drinks. Well I wasn't too impressed, she knew she was in crap for stealing, that's just wrong. Urgh.
Then she tells us how these "friends" are mean to her pretty much all the time and that was the one time they were nice to her, then she starts bawling and says how she has no friends and she doesn't know what to do, that she figured that if she got them things they would be nice to her. My heart just broke, why does a 10 year old child have to feel like she has to "buy" herself friends. I don't get it? It was pretty damn sad sitting there. I thought for a split second it was an act to get herself out of trouble, because kids are good at acting, but it was sincere, she was so upset telling us this. I feel so sorry for her. I know the girl's mom, that's been bugging her the most. But my daughter doesn't want me to say anything to her, because the mom will bring it up to her daughter and then they will make more fun of my child. So I just let it as it is. We told her that anyone that has to be "bought" are not "friends". They are users. I honestly don't know what else to say to her. In my own opinion, these kids are considered the "cool" kids. They talk about having boyfriends and dating. (what the hell, they are 10????) I mean, all I did at that age was play barbies! So I am stuck, I know I said the right things to her, but I wish there was more I could do to make her feel better. She says they torment her, calling her fat and make fun of her too. :(
She is chubbier then those other kids, why do kids have to be so darn mean? I know that's something that will never change, hell I had my share when I was younger too. But it is much more upsetting when you see it happening to your own child. Urgh.

Oh the lobster boil went fine. My hubby called my BIL and got it all straightened out. So thank goodness we didn't have to buy for her whole family too. *phew* The kids had fun, they had a slip and slide thing there and they stayed out all day. AND the weather was perfect, nice and windy so no BUGS! Yayyy!

On a different note: Must post pics of baby, here's her 10 wks pics.

Can she change her looks anymore? I dunno.

Here's a pic just after bath time. She's getting those long eyelashes like my other children. :)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Well weigh in was yesterday. I managed to lose 1.5lbs amongst all my pretzel eating episodes. Hubby only lost 0.5lbs. So he's all like, I only have to put 5 dollars in I guess. What a twit. It's going to be me winning back all my money at this rate. Oh well. It's still a little more incentive.

Tomorrow the SIL is going to have a big family outing. A lobster boil, muscles, salads, more food, and I am bringing up a cake for my little E since her birthday is only a few days away. Anyway, yesterday she asks me, how many dozen lobster do we want and I'm like only 1, that's more than enough for us, since it's hubby, me and 2 of the kids that will eat them. Anyway, let me explain this, it's all of HER family that will be there, her mother, father, aunts, uncles, grandfather, her sis in law on her side, etc. Only a few members from my hubby's family will be there, meaning us, and his parents. Anyway, she says, well 4 dozen lobster should be enough for all those people. I'm like 4 dozen, I should hope, then she says that's including your dozen. She says, that should be enough for everyone to have 2 each. (I'm not into the whole pig scene but....) Now this is where I say quietly to myself. What the fuck?? Ummm, ok, maybe I completely misunderstood, but hell, it costs over 50 dollars for the f'in lobsters, and I am surely not gonna feed your family. That's the point I'm trying to get across. Why in the hell, are we the only other ones that have to buy the damn things, ( I totally don't mind, but we are the only ones here that have to buy some and then have to feed HER family???) That's just downright insane. I am hoping that I have made a big misunderstanding here, but shit it seemed that way yesterday when she was talking to me. Hubby was a little more pissy about it all. He's all like, why am I buying that for them???? It's not my family and 2nd I don't really want to be around them. So I don't want to be a downer but I'm thinking we may not go to this, since the money around here is gonna be tight, because my hubby's damn union just voted 93% in favor of striking!!!! URGH.

I'm glad this is all that I have to be pissy about though, LOL, makes me happy that this foolishness is all that's going "wrong" in my life.

Anywho, my son, the vegetable-tarian, has struck again.

I'm sitting here feeding the baby (nursing her) He comes over and proceeds to talk to me.

boy: Mom, dat's in her way.

Me: what?

boy: dat big boob dere, I dunno how she can breathe!

hehe, he's all like, how does she get milk from there?? Do you drink the milk then it falls out through there?? hahaha. I explained that I "make" milk, like a factory, cause I sure didn't want to compare myself to a cow at this moment with my blabbermouth son. hehe.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

When will I learn?

Yah, this is just one of the items from my load of laundry that I did yesterday. The title speaks for itself, when the hell am I going to start checking the pockets, especially my son's?? Exhibit A- black crayon gone unnoticed. I basically wrecked all his clothes. I will laugh at my own stupidity, since this isn't the first time that this has happened.

Baby was pretty fussy after her shots, even up until last night. I still have been giving her the tylenol, the odd time just in case her leg is still sore. :( Poor babers.

Little E went for her shots for school today. Like I figured, they referred her to speech therapy. I knew that they would since a lot of people have difficulty understanding her. Oh well, I had to take my son for a year and his speech is great so I'm hoping that hers will be much better too. I still have the stuff the language pathologist gave us for my son so I'll get an early start with her. I have been doing some things with her anyway. Just to get her to slow down and think before she speaks is one of the big things too.

Here's another pic of my chubba bubba baby. hehe.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My poor little angel had to get her needles today. When we got there the nurse took us in and did her measurements of the baby. She weighs 12lbs 6oz and is now 22 1/2 inches long. I thought she'd be longer since she seems to be outgrowing her sleepers in length too. But I suppose all that chubbiness makes them too small. Anyway, on the growth chatrs she's in the 50th percentile for length and 75th percentile for weight. Given her weight to her length she's overall in the 75th percentile. It's funny because all my other kids were over the 90th percentile range for all their visits.

After all the stats were taken it was needle time. :( She got 2 shots. The first she didn't seem to mind, that was the Pentacel shot. The second one she screamed really bad for it. That was the pneumococcal one. I think I know why it was worse is because it's a prepackaged injection, and
I remember giving patients shot that were prepacked and the needle itself is as dull asd my arse. So, makes them more painful. Ouch for my poor little girl. She didn't end up crying too long, but she had the biggest tears. :(

After that we had to run to town to rent some movies for the kids. we just finished watching Aquamarine. It was alright, definately for kids. I had to have the baby in my arms the whole time, she's pretty cranky. I think her leg is sore, she has a preference for her left side. I have been giving her baby tylenol, but it only seems to help for about 2 hrs, then wears off.

Oh, my hubby's grandmom got some great news today. I wrote about this before about how her cancer was inoperable and most likely terminal. Anyway, her CT scan showed that the tumor has shrunk from 8cm to 2.5cm. The Dr said it may actually go away after her next 2 rounds of treatments. That would be such a miracle.

I must tell you's that my pc internet connection sucks ass lately and has not been allowing me to comment on sites, not unless blogger is acting up again. Anyway, I am reading and comment when my anal pc will allow me. Oh and Hilary, I nearly peed laughing at your comment. She's once again a normal baby with her feedings every 3hrs through the night. Well, hopefully I'll be able to post like usual soon.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

100th Post

Wow, I can't believe that this is my 100th post. I guess I'll celebrate it by telling you that my little baby slept ALL night long last night. :) She fell asleep about 10pm in her swing then I put her in her crib about 11pm and she stayed asleep until about 6am. She woke up long enough to feed and then fell back asleep until about 8am. Yayy for her.

I've decided that I'm not going to start taking that new medication that the Dr. wants to put me on. I'm not ready and I don't think baby is either for me to finish nursing her just yet. The other day hubby was feeding her a bottle and she started to cry and cry, and the only thing that calmed her down was me nursing her. Usually she only takes about 2oz of formula maybe 3 times a day. So I'm going to call that Dr. and let him know not to expect any of that bloodwork on me cause I am not taking it just yet. I've been like this for 2 yrs what's another few months?

About the whole SIL, I'm going to have to just stand up to her using ass and say no next time she asks me to watch the kid. I was tempted to post a "Free Babysitter" sign above my door. Maybe she'd get hint then. Urgh. Anyway, someone had asked about her if she cared that my children were sick and the answer is no that means nothing to her, when she wants something she'll get it. Actually, someone else was supposed to watch him, but their children were sick with the flu vomiting and that, so she decided that I would be good enough, since my kids only have the cold. Imagine. Oh and the thing is, that I had already agreed to watching the child before I actually knew where she was going. I very well couldn't back down after she announced where she was going. Thank God she told me on MSN, because if I were on the phone with her when I found out, she would have heard some profane language.

My little E's birthday is coming soon. She'll be 5 on the first day of summer. She's getting pretty damn excited too! She has decided that she wants to have her party down at the beach. I don't know how warm it'll be, but if it's nice we can go there and have a little party. No swimming of course but it'd be great to just have a little camp out there. She's got her invitations all ready. LOL. Her birthday is really the last of all the kids around here. Well it seems that way. My son's was in January then it seems there is a ton of birthdays every month until it hits June. Of course she'd always be asking, is my "birfday" next? Now we just have to pick out what kind of cake she wants. Funny that 5 yrs ago today was my due date for her. I guess you never forget dates like this.

Hubby and I have decided that it's "diet" time. I have about 15lbs to lose and he has about 35 lbs. We've decided that for every lb we lose we're going to put $10 in a jar. Whoever gets to their goal weight first wins the money. So we went out and bought a digital scale, because I don't want any guessing on the whole weight. Friday is "weigh in" day. Since we've started this "diet" I've been eating more crap and junk food. LOL. I think it has to do with the crappy weather we've been having. It seems like it's been raining forever, I think it's been about 4 days now though. And it's not supposed to get nice until about Tuesday. Urgh.

Well I suppose I've rambled on enough for now. I must end the post with this pic. Here's baby smiling up at the ceiling fan. She just LOVES it. hehe.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Then & Now: My Oldest Daughter

I've posted all the titles under the pics, hopefully it won't be too confusing.

This pic was taken when she was 1 day old. All the other pics you can't see her face, so I thought I'd put this one up.

She's about 4 months here, I posted this one because I find the baby looks just like her especially here.

I think this pic is just too cute! She was about 4 months old here too.

This was taken on her first birthday! Mmmmm, gotta love that cake.

This pic is for you Mandy. Hehe, I had to post the playpen pic. She's about a little over a year here.

She's about 2 yrs old in this pic, starting to get some hair!

Here she is with her brother, she's about 5 yrs old in this pic.

Here she is about 6 yrs old here with her brother again. A friend of mine made those jeans for her with all those hearts on them and she just LOVED them.

This is a pic taken before her 2nd Christmas concert. She was about 7 1/2 yrs old here.

Here's a pic that was just taken a few days ago. Can you say bad hair day?? hehe.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

So yesterday I babysat my nephew , yet again. She keeps catching me off guard asking me, "what are you doing tomorrow?" and stupid me answers with "nothing". Then the trap is set! I don't want to be lying to her because that's just wrong, but anyway, what can you do? I have a hard time saying no I guess. Just wish I didn't have to be put in that situation in the first place.

Anyway, I finally decided to ask her where she was going, because last time I had him, she was taking some day long seminar thing. I don't mind half as much for a reason like that. Well, get this, she made an appointment at a spa! A 6 hr day spa package. OMG, I bit my tongue soo hard, and said that's nice. WHAT THE HELL???? I'm sorry but 1) that's a thing that you plan when hubby can watch your kids, not your sis in law that has 4 of her own, not to mention new baby. 2) who the in right mind would expect someone to just watch their kid so they could do that for the day? Crap, that's what daycare is for! Anyway, I'm sure the princess had a great time.

She also came and took all my maternity clothes the other day. I can't believe how sad I am. How crazy is that? I am really upset by the fact that I won't ever have another child. Hubby also made his appointment for a referral for a vasectomy. I guess just the whole definite ending of it is getting me down, but hell I have 4 children! Anyway, must be PMS, since I'm pretty sure I've started already. Urgh. Not like she needs the maternity clothes. She isn't even pregnant. But the whole having them gone for good, is just another part of my life gone for good. :( Damn PMS! hehe.

The kids are all sick here in my house with a terrible cough/cold. I think the baby even has a touch of it. She's stuffed up at times, so I use those saline drops to help clear her nose. I'm just scared of her getting RSV, since it's still pretty rampant here. :(

Anyway, it shall be a boring day. Cold, damp and raining and hubby is back to work. I'm sure I'll be posting again later today. :)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

2 Months Today

Yah , I know I say this all the time but where does the time go?? This is crazy that baby is 2 months already. That baby is just flying on the ticker up there! Anyway nothing much different with baby. Still growing like a weed. The last 2 nights she's been sleeping great. Slept in her crib from 8pm until 12am when I woke her to give her a bottle, then back in bed until 5am. So she's doing much better in terms of sleeping.

I went to my specialist today for my lovely guts and he prescribed Imuran for me. Ummmm, I'm kinda scared at the idea of taking this pill. Considering the whole fact that long term use increases my chance of cancer, ahhh that my white count has to be monitored weekly (not the best thing for a nurse!!!, since I'll be exposed to everything!) ummmm, the whole hair loss! URGH. And I have to wean the baby because I certainly can't breastfeed with this. He also suggested getting a tubal before starting this medication. Yikes. I am not looking forward to this. Needless to say, I'm a little down today. But I suppose things could be worse. When he explained about my particular type of crohn's (since I can't be normal, gotta have crohn's/colitis, just about the worst damn kind to get) he said that I have a 50% greater chance then the normal population to develop colon cancer anyway, so given these odds, I'd be better off taking the medication. So there it is. I just won't be doing anything anytime soon, until I have the baby completely off the boob, because there is no going back once I start this. :(

Since this is just the downer post, I'll tell what my son said yesterday at the supper table. Now this boy has to be the pickiest eater on earth. Anyway, we had pork chops and pasta for supper. He was sitting there, just playing with his food (as usual) and said,

boy: "Ummmm by the way, I'm not really into this meat tonight"

me: "why's that?"

boy: "I think I'm one of those, you know, vegetable-tarians".

hehehe. He's too cute.

Must end this post with a pic of my baby taken today. Yes those are 2 chins you see there, 2!!!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Then & Now

Here's a Then & Now post of my son. I'll do some pics of him, since I already have some older ones scanned on the computer and then newer ones from the digital cam.

He was born January 17th, 2000, weighing in at 8lbs 11 1/2 oz and was 21 inches long. Here's his first pic.

This picture was taken when he was 3 months old. Such a cutie there :)

Here he was at age 6 1/2 months. Gotta love his little tie :)

I had to post this one below. He was watching TV there and fell asleep in this position. How funny. Must have taken the good right out of him.

This was his 5th birthday with me. I rarely get in pics, I hate getting them taken. He was pretty proud of that bob the builder birthday cake too.

And here's the badness now! This picture was just taken a few days ago. hehe. Gotta love those dimples.

Just For Laughs. I completely took this from Suzanne. Here goes.

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet and current street):

Yoda Archibald

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (grandfather/grandmother on your father's side, your favorite candy):

Florence Mars

3. YOUR "FLY GIRL/GUY" NAME: (first initial of first name followed by izzle", first two or three letters of your last name follwowed by "dizzle"):

Sizzle Jedizzle

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal):

Pink Cat

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born):

Anne Nova (close as I'll reveal, lol)

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (first 3 letters of your name- last 3 letters of mother's maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet's name repeated twice):

Sargee MiaMia

7. JEDI NAME: (middle name spelled backwards, your mother's maiden name spelled backwards):

Enna Eegam

8. SUPERHERO NAME: ("The", your favorite color, the automobile you drive):

The Pink Caravan

Friday, June 02, 2006

See the little friend my children brought home to me today? We're calling him Kermit. LOL. I think it suits him. I have to sneak out later to let him go, poor bugger. The kids are now in the tub getting scrubbed from top to bottom! EWWWW~

Hubby finally got the gazebo put together. Now I need some patio furniture to go into it. Surrounded by woods and bugs, blech. I still can't believe he figured it all out. Apparently all he had wrong was 2 bars at the top that were put on backwards, so that one error made the whole thing lopsided and impossible to go together until it was fixed. lol.

And here's baby, just as we came home from getting the groceries today. The chubby cheeks!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

8 Weeks Today

Wow, baby is already 8 wks old. I really see a big difference in her now. She plays under her little gym and coos up at those toys, smiling at them for a half hour at a time! She also is starting to get too big for her 3 mos clothes! I find she's at the really fun stage where she's able to interact more with people.

Yesterday we (baby, E and me) went for a picnic at the park. Little E had such a good time. I packed a lunch and she had a blast. Of course I bought her some strawberry icecream and she insisted that it melt in its container so that she could drink it like a milkshake. But she had a fun time anyway.

We got a new ceiling fan for our bedroom the other day. That was *fun* to install. hehe. I don't know why hubby insists on thinking he can do these things on his own. Surprisingly enough he got it up after about 4 hrs. LOL. The baby is totally obsessed with the fan too. She loves to stare up at it while it's going. :)

Today is going to be a totally lazy day, since I don't have my van to use. My hubby had to take it to work. My sis in law just called, her daughter has pinkeye, and I have a feeling I am being beckoned to watch the overactive hyper child as she takes her daughter to the doctor. I just ignored the phonecall. LOL. I hope she gets the hint. I am so exhausted these days. I swear I have no energy. I don't know if my blood is low or what, but lately I don't seem to have enough energy to get out of my own way, let alone watch other people's children. URGH. I know I've whined about this before but jeez, I wish she'd get lost.

There's nothing else really new in my life. Oh little E has her first day of "school" tomorrow. It's primary orientation here. I can't believe she's going to be in school in September. She's so ready to go though, she loves to learn.

Thought I'd post some pics I got of the girls together. Not like I could get that boy to stay still for more than 5 minutes to join in the pic. hehe.