My family of 5

Monday, December 31, 2007

The last day of 2007! I can't believe we are heading into 2008~

New Year's Resolution for me:

TO LOSE MY FAT ASS! yah, it's really getting to me now, must do something about it.
I am only 5 feet tall, so for my height I should weigh in around 100=115 something like that, certainly not the 138lbs that I am at right now. So there's my goal, I want to get down to 110lb that I was prior to this pregnancy, that was a good weight for me, my clothes fit good, and I had more energy. It's surprising how difficult I find it to do things, and I know I just had a baby and all and that's tiring in itself but attribute half to the excess weight that I am not used to living day to day with. Anyway, that's my goal.

How am I going to do this? Fuck if I know.... Last time I walked 2 miles everyday with Ava in one of those snuggli pouch things, this time, it's winter, we get storms pretty much every 3 days, snow everywhere, needless to say, no walking outdoors for me. Treadmill, my SIL has one, I could go there to use it, which I may do, not everyday but I will go up there, But it's just not the same, I get bored, at least walking outdoors, I am going somewhere. Also I did that southbeach diet, well not to perfection, but did limit carbs to an extent, so I can't really do that too strictly while breastfeeding, but I can cut out the sweets, the umm, 4 squares daily that I have been consuming since all that Christmas junk has been staring me in the face, taunting me to EAT IT! haha, so we'll see. I'll maybe put up a ticker to stare me down while I'm doing this, and have weekly progress, I may even go as far as taking pictures, better yet, I should, then I can see the change and how big I am now.

On to another topic, New Year's Eve, I haven't really any big plans for tonight, since I can't drink, and have a housefull of little ones. We are probably going to have a big last pigout of chinese food, yum, my favorite before I deprive myself of what I love so much, chocolate, and deep fried foods. And another reason no plans, a big snowstorm has hit again, 30cm today with ice pellets, just what I want to see. :(

Anyway, enough babbling, I'll post again Next year :)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Well did we have a busy Christmas!

The kids had so much fun, they got a Wii and have been playing it off and on since then, they got a karaoke type of game and it's hilarious, hubby and I were playing it last night and couldn't stop laughing at each other at how silly we sounded! Anyway, it's good for entertainment that's for sure.

The older kids had a great time opening things, Emma loved all of her things *she's the 6 yr old* she kept saying, ooooo I love this, it's what I've always wanted, she really appreciated everything. Ethan he liked his things too *the 7 yr old*. He got some Xbox games and had fun playing them too. Rebekah *the 11 yr old* was so damn hard to buy for! She didn't seem too interested in anything, but she says she likes all of her things. Ava was hilarious, she just kept walking around digging into the wrapping paper and just trying to eat chocolates. Nolan, well hello he's 3 weeks old. So that's our christmas, I video taped everything, I really didn't get many pictures, but when I replace the batteries I'll post some, if there's anything decent to put up. It was chaotic trying to video tape and snap pictures of 4 of them going at once and trying to pay attention at the same time, hey I guess that's what tripods are for eh?? LOL.

Anyway, a Nolan update, he's doing great, growing so much, he's up to 9 1/2 pounds already. It's amazing how fast they grow, he's got a wonderful cold, they he got from his sister, and now he's got a cold in his eye. Poor guy, he's getting attacked by the germs already. He's sleeping a little better, wakes at 2 am for a feed then again at 6am and will go to bed for the night at 9pm. So I'm usually gone to sleep by 9:20pm! haha, gotta get sleep while I can!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wow, hard to believe that Christmas will be here in less than a week, even harder to believe Nolan is 18 days old already. Crap time goes so fast.

There's been a few new things going on, such as my house is starting to get built. Yay, we got the lumber yesterday, and the flooring is on the basement. Our mini-home is completely paid off and no longer ours, so there's another thing, the keys were turned over to the new owners. Strange, it's not ours anymore but hell we're getting a new house!

Nolan has a cold, already, from my germy kids, well Ava mainly she's the one full of a cold and in his face all the time. Oh well, I have to get some saline drops and maybe that'll help him. He's growing all the time and I see a difference everyday. He can hold his head up for awhile at a time, so I think he'll be doing that shortly on his own. His bum is a mess of course from the explosions that occur ummm about 20 times a day! My son was just like him, I guess I'll need to get a prescription cream for him, damn, he screams bloody murder every time I change him! Poor fella.

My Christmas shopping is almost done, I have to get stuff for Nolan now and just a few other things for the other kids, not bad considering we just started last week really. lol.

I'll finish this post with some newer pictures of my little man.

This is the fat face squished look! lol

Haha, this one is funny too!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I've been feeling a little better the last couple of days, I think this is just going to be the blues this time and not escalate to anything more. I haven't even thought of crying, the rational me is starting to kick in. I realize taking care of the 5 I have, is more important than mourning what I'll never have again. So that's it. It was a special time for me and my babies, that I'll always cherish, but gone. I think I'm over it.

Last night was my children's christmas concert, my last one for my oldest, my goodness how fast time goes. The other ones were too cute. I didn't take pictures, I only videotaped it. So nothing to post.

Noley is doing well, he's feeding wonderfully, he's already up to 9lbs. Ava is doing well with him, she loves him so much, I'll have to post more pictures of him, he's changing his looks so much. Not much else going on here, we may get a tree this week, I'm not sure. Anyway, hope all are doing well.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Many have asked how I'm feeling, well to be honest, not that great. Well physically I feel wonderful, it's as though I never just gave birth 9 days ago, no pain, nothing, even (tmi, that wonderful flow is gone). But seems I have been afflicted with the good ol' baby blues. After I had my son I ended up with them 8 yrs ago almost, must be a boy thing, because I have it again. I ended up with postpartum depression after him, but nothing too serious. I guess one of the things that gets me down is that we are through, no more children, I am finding it so hard to let go of the fact that we'll never have another one, I'll never be pregnant again, I know it's crazy, 5 kids hello, that's enough, but it's still sad. To talk to my hubby, shit he can't understand why I cry and get upset. Men! I think that the closer my appointment gets for my tubal the more upset I get, but this is what has to be done, we can't have anymore. :(

Other than that little babble, everyone is adjusting well to the baby. Ava still thinks he's her toy, she calls him Noley, it's pretty cute. Speaking of Noley, the little one doesn't know how enjoyable it is to sleep at night! He's up about 3-4 times a night, ugh, little turkey. Anyway, that's it for now, don't have much else to post about, trying to get in the mood for Christmas, but I'm just not into it this year. I hope this mood lets up and I start enjoying things more. :(

Oh the house, the basement is getting poured tomorrow so that's promising. Can't wait to see some of it going up, maybe that will get me in a better mood.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Finally hubby got my internet connected, so now meet Nolan. :)

The first is him at 12 hrs old. They grow so fast!
This picture is at 1 week old already!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Our Family is Complete

Nolan Christopher was born Dec. 1 at 5:44pm weighing in at 7lbs 8oz, 20.5 inches long.

My birth story is as follows:

Last Saturday we woke up and took my final belly pic and arrived at the hospital at around 8:15am for my induction. The nurse hooked me up to the monitor and did a quick tracing of the baby. My OB called around 8:30am and said he'd be in around 9am to start the induction. At that time he checked me and said I was about 1-2cm dilated and 60% effaced and decided he'd use the gel this time and if it didn't work he'd break my water *6hrs later* and start pitocin. So at 9 he inserted the gel. I had to stay flat, and on the monitor for an hr. after that we went walking. I had maybe one or 2 contractions the whole time while we walked around the hospital. Nothing was happening at all. At around 12 noon we went back to my room and got hooked up the monitor and basically just waited till my OB came back to decide on his next plan of action.

At 2:45pm he came in and checked me, I was only 2cm, he decided then that he was going to break my water and start the pit. So after he broke my water the contractions started, they were about 10 minutes apart, but bearable. The nurse then started my IV, which I HATE, but anyway, it was done, then the pitocin was started at about 3:30pm. The contractions hit at about 2-3minutes apart immediately. I breathed through them and was pretty damn uncomfortable until I asked for my epidural at about 4pm. The nurse checked me at that time and said I was 3cm, she told me she'd call my OB and tell him that I wanted one. So he said that was fine, and he'd call the anesthesiologist and call if she couldn't make it there right away. No calls meant she'd be there soon. While I was waiting I had a shot of fentanyl to take the edge off, which really didn't do much for my pains.

So at 4:36pm the anesthetist showed up, my nurse decided to check me first and I was at 4cm, and thinning more, at 4:38pm I had my epidural, within 5 minutes, sweet relief. It worked this time. It was amazing. :)

So got my catheter and layed on my side. The baby was doing fine, heartrate would dip the odd time but still looked good. Ahhh it was great, time to relax, since I had a crappy sleep the night before anticipating the days events.

Around 5:20pm I started getting some awful pressure feeling. So the nurse checked me and said I was at 6cm and fully effaced, of course I never mentioned that it was storming here, beautiful snowstorm. The nurse called my OB to let him know he should come in soon. He lives fairly close but things were moving fast. Maybe about 5 minutes later I had more of that pressure, she checked me, I was at 7cm. 10 minutes passed and I was fully dilated. It was about 5:40 at that time, only 3 hrs short since he broke my water. The other nurse was checking out the window to see if he was coming in since they knew he was coming, they had no time to do an overhead page for any Dr. to deliver him, so my OB nurse delivered him herself at 5:44pm. I didn't push at all, pretty much the same as when I had Ava. He was perfect, cried immediately. My OB showed up about 5 minutes after he was born. He was there to at least deliver the placenta. lol. I had no tears and needed no stitches. I would say this was my best delivery and our family is finally completed. I was given him to start nursing about 20 minutes after he was born and he latched on perfectly and has been doing great since. I love this little guy so much :)

Since I've had him, things have been going ok, we are in the inlaws and it's getting 'better' if that's a term to use. They really haven't been around much so that's good.

The kids they love him to death. The oldest oddly is the hardest one to deal with since he's been born, I think she's the most jealous. Ava she loves him and wants to hold him ALLL The time, it's cute, she yells gimmie him, gimmie him! She's not doing too bad though, surprisingly enough. The other 2 kids just come around once and awhile. They are doing great with him.

Hubby still hasn't gotten me the internet to use so I'm using my SIL's pc right now. I'll post some pics when I get it set up at home.