My family of 5

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Well I had the interview yesterday.

When I got in there, the man gave me a copy of the questions, did a basic rundown of what type of jobs are available and told me basically don't count on getting full-time work just yet. Most of the casual staff have other jobs, but at least this is "your foot in the door". So I took the questions and was left alone to write what I wanted down for about 20 minutes before the "interview" took place. Holy shit, I froze when I saw the first 2 questions. Of course, I did what I used to do when I was in school and looked at all 6 of them and said, omg, i can't answer any of these. For a brief minute I felt like getting up and running as fast as I could from that place. My mind seriously went blank. It was more like a test to be honest, he wanted me to define two things for the first 2 questions. Ack. Anyway, I made up some kind of BS and relaxed enough to think clearly to write up the other 4.

Into the interview I went. I said, ummm, I'm seriously nervous and I think I had a brain freeze. I don't know how well I'm going to answer these but here goes. He just kind of laughed and said, don't worry about it, you get 2nd chances here anyway. I kind of think that I did ok on it, I definately gave some of what he wanted but did I give him all the info, enough to score a pass, who knows. There were 2 people doing the interviewing too. He asked me when he could get a hold of me because of my wonderful shift work, and I said one day this upcoming week. So there it is, over and done with. A huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Hopefully I'll get it. But it won't be the end of my world since I do have a full time job now anyway. Oh to answer your question Shannon it's in Orthopedics, but I also work in a nursing home too, when I'm off from the hospital. Only until hubby goes back to work then I won't do that anymore.

Anyway, baby took 2 steps today. She's into everything and can't wait to take off. I wish I had her used to a playpen because I can't keep up with her! Well must go and bake cookies with the kiddies.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

200th Post

I'm still here, just been busy. As my title says, this is my 200th post! I also had my big ol' blogaversary on the 16th. I can't believe I have been keeping this up for over a year.

There's really nothing new with me. I have an interview for a new job tomorrow, so wish me luck on that. It's a day job and pays more, so I really hope I can get this.

I have been working pretty much non-stop since the 8th, or so it seems. This new schedule is the pits, I am trying my hardest to get used to it, ah but such is life. Ortho nursing is pretty different from what I am used to but I'm sure I'll adjust. I have to get used to being the one in charge on the floor, that's new for me too. Anyway, just wanted to pop on and let you's know I didn't drop off the earth. :)

Gotta go watch The Guardian with hubby.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Today is my son's 7th birthday. We didn't have his birthday party just yet but we are going to have it on the weekend. We got him a few games for his PSP and he just loves them. We had a cake today and gave the baby a piece of it, it was too funny! She ate the entire piece. :)

I remember his birth as though it were yesterday. I was having false labor for days. The night before he was born I went in for an assessment. I wasn't dilated at all but my cervix was thinning. The nurse told me to go home and if things changed to return. I went home and had contractions regularly every 10 minutes for over 3 hrs. I was getting a little sick of them at this point so I asked hubby what we thought we should do. Shortly after that I had a big gush of blood. That was it, off to the hospital we went. Again, I was only dilated to 1cm. But they figured it was a long travel and the storm was starting so we stayed the night. In the morning the nurse told me I should go for a walk, do what I had to and then return around noon. The whole time I was walking I was in unbelievable pain. It was all back labor. I couldn't stand it at all. We went to the mall and I had 5 contractions from one end of it to the next. *this mall is pretty small I must add* I didn't want to return too soon so we stayed in the car for a bit. At 12pm, I had enough we went back up to be assessed. The nurse had told me she called my house to see how I was, because she thought I would be returning. Anyway, not 2 minutes after I sat on the bed, my water broke. I was definately staying. Things started to pick up after that. My Dr. came to the hospital to assess me at around 4pm. I was about 6cm. It was still all in my back. At this point I needed something for the pain. I remember getting fentanyl at this time. Whoooo, that was quite the medication. My only complaint is it didn't last very long. Anyway, my Dr. stayed there with me, because if he had left, he would have one hell of a time to get back. After pushing for about 20 minutes and after having the vacuum used on him, he was born. He was OP and that was the reason for all the pain in my back. He was born on the biggest blizzard of the year. I was 9cm dilated and they were going to transfer me to another hospital for a c-section but I was determined that I would have him where I was. Luckily I stayed and ended up having him only 15 minutes after the paramedics arrived to transfer me. His birthplace would have been on the highway. LOL. He was 8lbs 11 1/2 oz and perfect. He was perfect from day 1 and still is :)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Holy CRAP, have I been busy. I returned to work on Tuesday since my leave was all finished. I didn't want to return, but thought maybe it'd be good to keep my mind off of all that has been recently going on.


That place I work is a zoo. You barely have time to eat let alone think of anything personal going on. I think it's actually something I really needed. It's certainly something to try and get used to that's for sure. There are new admissions, ALL through the night. We get new OR patients, all the time, and it seems that they all come at the same time. :)

Hubby and I have been talking and I think we are going to wait for a vasectomy, there are no immediate plans of trying to have another baby, but we aren't going to permanently erase the chance of ever having more. So who knows what's in our future?

Monday, January 08, 2007

National De-lurking Week

Well apparently is de-lurking week folks. So whoever is reading this old blog and hasn't commented before, this is your time to do it. I want to see lots of comments ;)

Someone asked for a pic, so here's a recent picture of my baby. :)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

9 Months

Today you are 9 months old!

I can't believe how much you have changed in the past months. When you were born, you were so tiny to us, well since your sibling closest to you was already 4 1/2 yrs old. You used to make the cutest, "oooo" sounds, now you yell and make such funny sounds, like Mumumum, Dadadada, and ooo baba.

What else? you are so sneaky, you can crawl under your highchair that I use to keep you in the living room, faster than I can catch you!

You now have 4 teeth, that you love to bite things with, you just bit your sister today :) And you love to stand up and walk across the sofa and table. You have 3 amazing older sisters and brother and were about to have 2 new siblings. Baby girl, I love you more and more each day :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Where do I begin?

Thank you all so very much for your comments. I never imagined how much support I would receive.

It will be one week ago tomorrow that I received the news that will forever change my life. I had mentioned earlier about my symptoms not being as bad, I suppose that "foreshadowing" the inevitable. The u/s tech took me in and did the u/s, the sacs were quite visible, as were the babies, but I didn't see the all familiar flicker I have seen so many times in the past. She then called in the radiologist to read the u/s, as they require a Dr. to tell any information. At that point, I knew, hubby and I both knew they were gone. He then came in and told us the news that will forever change our lives. They were gone. They only grew to be 8w2d when I should have been 9wks. We were given some time alone to try and process what we were just told. I don't think you are quite able to think straight when given this kind of news. I automatically just thought how it was all too surreal, like I never quite believed that I was expecting again, especially twins. The waiting for the actual procedure was hell. I hated being there knowing that this was it, it was going to be final. I only stayed after the surgery for about 3 hrs. I went to the hospital carrying 2 babies and left with none. Ugh, I have no other words to use other than this is the shits.

I am lost as to what to do now? Hubby is very adament that he get his vas&ectomy and that be it. I just don't want to finalize anything right at the moment. I guess only time will tell what will happen. I just have to grieve, both of us have to.

I return to full time work in only a week. I remember at first thinking how am I going to tell work that I am preg. again and will be leaving again to have another baby. Then there was the shock of finding 2. All sorts of thoughts came to me, like, how will I work on such a heavy floor with so much lifting, what about bed rest? Will I need it, and now, there's nothing. No thoughts at all.