My family of 5

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Well it seems that the plans for building a house may happen, unfortunately just when I'm due. I was really hoping I'd be closer to moving in when this baby arrives. But such is life, what can I do? I have one contractor with an excellant price and excellant references, I have to jump at that. So we are getting the final quote next week for the approval process. My only problem is where am I going to live when we are building our house?? The plan was the inlaws but I don't think I can stay in their small basement with 5 kids, 2 under 2 yrs old. I think I'll go insane, not kidding. I may have to rent an apartment, which I so don't want to do, but it's not fair for A to have to stay in a tiny basement with no place to play all day long. Just not fair, so I think we are leaning towards an apartment, and of course the only thing available are not so nice places, but whatever, it's the end result, that's what I have to look at! I'm sure we'll manage, hell I may actually get some highspeed internet while I'm in a new place! lol. Gotta look at the bright side right?

Anyway, yesterday was grading day. My oldest is going to camp, that's her present, and the other 2 got bikes. My son's certificate was different than the girls, had he is being placed from grade 1 to grade 2 written on it, of course I got upset and cried, poor guy, I hope that something is identified at this testing so we can go from there.

So on to my story, hubby was taking the tag off the bike and somehow with the knife managed to stab his hand right between the thumb and index finger! OUCH!!! It was bleeding badly and he needed stitches, so I had to take him to the hospital. Luckily I ran into one of the surgeons I work with on my unit and nicely begged him to quickly stitch his hand up because I had sooo many kids and didn't want to wait 2 hrs. LOL. He agreed and said to hubby when he was doing it that he had to take care of one of his good little nurses, hehe. One of the advantages of my work I suppose, if you look at this in a weird way, because it was the stabbed hand that brought him in :P

I'll leave this post with a recent picture of all 4 kiddos!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I went for my big u/s yesterday. It took about an hour for the tech to do it, I was quite surprised because none of my previous u/s for any of my other babies ever took that long. She warned me before hand that it would take that long though, so no extra worrying. I had to get up to pee 3 times during the u/s I could barely hold it! lol. The baby didn't coopearte much for face pictures, he would have his hands up over his face the whole time, crossed it was very cute. She also said she's about 85% sure it's a boy, but that still leaves room for error! LOL. So I'm not counting on it until D-day. But I have my own suspicians that it is going to be a boy anyway, this pregnancy reminds me of my son's. So I'll go with "maternal instinct". Next appointment is on July 4th, so I'll get another good look at the baby.

I'm sorry that my blog is boring as S*it, I just have nothing to write about, the pregnancy is all consuming and that's pretty much the focus, that and my other kids. I don't have a ton of time either with work and kids. My oldest is going to camp this summer she's super excited about that. Oh and we finally got a decent quote back on our house, one that I would jump at in an instant, of course he can't start it until I'm due! LOL. Oh well that's luck for me eh?

Profile picture, head on the left, you can see the nose and mouth.

This is his hand.

Friday, June 22, 2007

17 week pic

Yah at this rate, I may not be able to drive a car at the end of my pregnany! lol

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Today is little E's birthday. Here's her birth story, since I never wrote one here about hers.

She was born 6 years ago today at 9:19am.

The day before I had her I went to the hospital to see about possible induction as I was 2 weeks overdue. The doctor wanted me to have an u/s done (biophysical profile) to see about well-being of the baby. I was told then that she was roughly about 6lbs. Yah, right. Anyway, up to the antenatal assessment I went after the u/s. The Dr. checked my cervix and had said that if I were having a contraction as he was checking me he would have broke my water since the "membranes were bulging". Had i known I would have said I was~! LOL. Anyway, that he thought I'd return later that night, but he couldn't induce me until Friday morning, since there was already one lady being induced the next day, and they didn't want to overcrowd things so I was the only one booked for Friday. I was so upset, I was so huge, tired and just wanted this baby out!

Home I went, and started having contractions about an hr after I got home. They were irregular, here and there, but about 4pm they started to get regular, so we timed them. About 7pm they were about 6min apart so I decided to go in to get checked. I was 3cm so the nurse there said they would admit me, that was good enough for me! I was happy at least I knew I would be leaving next time with my baby. So I was put in a room and hubby stayed with me. I had a shot for pain around 9pm but that made me sick, so I just kind of layed there and breathed through the contractions. They slowed down to about 10 min apart for the whole night, I wasn't dilating at all but my cervix was definately thinning. This was a smaller hospital so there were no such things as epidurals here, so I asked my Dr. if I could be transferred to the other site since I was there for over 12 hrs and wanted some relief. He broke my water and said I could go. This was about 6am that he did this. The other hospital knew I was coming by ambulance and they got me in my room around 6:30am. The contractions started to pick up at this time about 4min apart. I begged for my epidural, they had told me that they called the anesthetist and he'd come asap. Well at 7:55am he finally came, said that no one had called him. I was pissed but what could I do, I'm just the patient. When he was doing the epidural he was going over all possible scenarios to tell him if I felt something, like "if at any moment you can't feel your feet tell me" He said a few more things and I was like just do it, get it over before the next contraction. I just wanted the pain to go away. Finally after about 15 min the pain was gone. I had no feeling at all, it worked beautifully! I had the catheter put in and I layed on my side and went to sleep. This was all about 8:15am.

At about 9am I was ready to roll on my other side since I love to lay on my right side, so hubby was in the chair sound asleep next to me so I asked the nurse to help me roll over cause I was really numb, I felt reallllly heavy. LOL. Anyway, over I rolled, she said, let me look down there to see what's going on just to have a check, much to her surprise was little E's head halfway out! The panic for her set in, my Dr wasn't there, he was on his way from the other hospital which is about a 20min drive. So she paged him but got no response, no OB's were close by so the page overhead was made for 'any Dr. with obstetrical priveleges" to come to L&D now! One Dr. that was just ready to do assist with an operation (in her sterile gown and whatnot) came in, just in time to catch the baby!

She was perfect, she had a dark complection with dark brown hair, quite a surprise since my last 2 were bald and very fair. She weighed in at 8lbs 4oz and 21 1/2". Quite a shock since the u/s the day before said she'd be maybe 6lbs.

Happy birthday my little girl!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hello all, I'll be 17 weeks on Wednesday. I find this pregnancy is going by quite quickly now. I'm sure it'll slow down once I hit 30 weeks. I'm starting to get quite big, patients are starting to notice at work, so I guess I've popped quite a bit. I felt a big kick from the baby earlier today, and have felt little taps here and there the rest of the day.

I have my big ultrasound Tues the 26th, at a different hospital, so I won't be able to find out the gender there! I'm a little bit disappointed but as long as baby is healthy I don't care that's all that matters. I'm sure I'll have more than this u/s anyway, he's concerned about growth and always checking on baby. My next OB appointment is on July 4th.

I have to get new batteries for my camera so I can take a new pic. Hope all are well.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Had my OB appointment today. He says I'm 16 weeks, so I'll go with that, puts my due date to Nov. 28. A few days sooner. LOL. Anyway, I gained another 5lbs in 4 weeks, putting me up to 126lb. Hopefully it'll slow the hell down now that I'm on 10mg of prednisone, not the whopping 40mg that I was on. He did a quick u/s today, and the baby is sooo much bigger, he was moving around and confirmed what I was feeling was baby. LOL. No matter how many times I have had children, I still wonder in this first early part. Baby looked great, heartrate in the 140's. I'm convinced it's a boy, but didn't get a peek to see for sure. He wants me to have my big u/s within the next 2weeks, so I'll be finding out soon on the gender. Hubby still wants to leave it as a surprise but I'm too excited I want to know~ lol.

Not much else new here, can't wait to see Canada's Next Top Model tonight.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Well I've signed up for facebook and am slightly hooked. It's new to me, so I'm sure the newness will die off soon.

I'm 15 weeks prego now, just waiting until I can feel this baby kicking. I have confirmed I don't feel anything but fat now. I have my next OB appointment on Wed. so I'll get to have an u/s then and get my big u/s booked. At least I think he'll book it because next time I see him I'll be 19 weeks and they generally want it done by 20. Oh who knows, it may be booked next time.

I'm off work for a week, I'm so freakin' happy, I was ready to go out of my mind last week it was so crazy busy. Now while I'm home I've been cleaning walls and painting getting ready to see our place. Not much more has been done on the building the house, still waiting for a quote that meets our expectations. Only one quote back so far, 3 to go. Hopefully we'll hear soon.

My little E's bday is the 21st of this month. I can't believe she's going to be 6~ Ack, where did the time go? It's amazing how fast they grow.

Anyway, must get ready for some playgroup time to meet with other mom's. This is the last one I can get to this year until Sept.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Went to my GI specialist today, he wants me to stay on 10 mg of prednisone for the next 2 months then to taper off at an extremely slow rate, he's afraid we may need Imuran, well I'm afraid, I won't take that during pregnancy, so forget that idea. Anyway, all is ok here so far, I have good days and bad days with my crohn's. More good than bad so I'll go with that.

I got a call from my son's teacher. He didn't actually grade this year because he nowhere near meets the minimum requirements of grade 1 but they are putting him in grade 2. He's going to be tested for learning disabilities on July 30 so hopefully they can identify something in order to help this child learn. It's a struggle and I just hope that there is something we can do to help him.

His teacher also went on to congratulate me on my newest upcoming addition. She laughed and laughed and said she had to tell me how he told her the news. As my boy is always giving this woman a laugh in class. Now picture this 7 yr old doing this.

In class he holds up his hand, and wiggles all 5 fingers on his hand. She says, Yes E what can I do for you, are you having some trouble with math.

E says, Nope that's 5.

Teacher- Yah that's right

E- wiggles fingers again

Teacher- Yah, what's this supposed to mean

E- There's going to be 5 of us, (very sarcastically says) "she's having another one" and rolls the eyes.

Well I couldn't stop laughing. That kid is foolish!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I think the reason I hate blogger so much these days, is that I am rarely ever able to comment. The word verification comes on, then when I submit it, the page warning expired comes up. Numerous times I have tried to post comments on sites like Becky's and it continues to do this and I can't comment, then I get frustrated cause I lose my comment then I have no desire to try and repost. It's a viscious cycle, LOL.

Anyway, lately I have been getting some nasty headaches, this is a fairly new symptom for me, and I'm telling ya, I don't like it. :( I have to work all this week and it's a killer especially with those neon hospital lights, oh they kill my head. Oh well what can I do? Take a tylenol and grin and bear it I suppose.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my GI, I'll let ya'll know how it goes. :)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I'm seriously considering moving to a wordpress account. Blogger hates me, and I'm beginning to hate blogger. The only thing I'd have to know is how to save all my old previous entries into a newer account.

Anyway, we had the BBQ, I ate my face off, what a surprise! Nah not too bad, but I did stuff myself. Anyway it's all good once and awhile. My SIL was there with her 8 wk old baby, he was crying and wasn't settling at all, after about 10 minutes she yelped to her hubby and told him to come in the room, she was crying, frustrated and upset. He told her to go home and he'd watch the baby at the party. So home she went. What I found funny was when she came back 5 hrs later, and said, I'm just so tired, I haven't been getting any sleep, he's up a lot at night, I have 2 other children to care for, I just can't sleep when he does, I have housework, laundry, blah blah, I had to SEVERELY BITE MY TONGUE FROM YAPPING< No shit, and remember when you dumped your 2 off to me to watch them for the day when I had a 2 wk old newborn not to mention 3 other children to care for so you could go TO THE SPA FOR 6 hrs! What the hell, get over it, suck it up, such is life, lots of people do it honey. YOU wanted this, You GOT HER! But alas, I said nothing, as I always do. Just sat back in amazement at her crying out her guts and thought what a pathetic creature.

That was my rant about her. We are on speaking terms, I just prefer not to speak to her, LOL. I do go to the family thingys, but like I said, all the better when she's not there.

A is getting super cute these days. At the BBQ she would go to the baby and point at him and say, Ahhh bebe, cute, and would say shhhhh. She was pretty gentle with him too. She did however get quite jealous when I was holding him and hubby was talking to him, she ran over to her dad and immediately wanted to be held. I'm not sure what she'll be like once the new baby comes, I remember with my middle 2 which are 17 mos apart, that wasn't a bad age difference at all, my son didn't bother at all with the baby, mind you I had to take her EVERYWHERE with me, like the bathroom and so on. I wouldn't leave her out of my sight, because you never know what he'd do, but it wasn't too bad, although this was 6 yrs ago! hehe.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

This weekend we are having a big ol' BBQ for my father in law, he's moving away to work, so we're going to have a little party before he leaves. I'm making 2 types of pasta salads to have, one with feta cheese and grape tomatoes (blah, I hate feta cheese, hubby wants this one) and the other kind is a sweet tasting kind of cold pasta salad with macaroni and tomatoes and cucumber. Yum. We're also have a pig out of lobster. Yum!

I have reached 14 weeks tomorrow! Yippee, so every damn site on early officially says that is the 2nd trimester. LOL. My baby is the size of the average fist, at this point. Grow baby grow!
I actually seriously think I have felt the odd flutter now. I know I know, it's more than likely gas, but this is my 5th, I think it might be baby.