My family of 5

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ok, I am so impatient about next Thursday to come. It's terrible, I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa to come!! My worry now is that I'll be all hyped up for the induction and something like a stupid massive snowstorm will hit, or he'll use that gel and it won't give me so much as a cramp. I have to stop thinking these things or I'll go bonkers within the next week.

Anyway, hubby called his unit manager at work to tell her that he'll need the 6th off next week and he also told her he would need the 7th and 8th off. Because he works 4 days on 4 days off all 12 hr shifts, 2 days to 2 nights. So he goes back on Wednesday and he requested the next 3 off. She actually thought that all he'd want off is Thursday. I'm like ok, who's going to watch the kids during the night on Friday and Saturday, the magic fairy from la la land??? I'll still be in the hospital for Friday night at least, depending on when I have the baby. That's even if this works the first try. Anyway, whatever I don't care if he is granted it without pay. There is enough casual nurses begging for work around here to be able to pick up the extra shifts.

My friend just came up and dropped off an order of hotwings. Ohhh they were soooooo good. I have been craving them for days and she got them for me. I've also been craving chocolate really badly. But I haven't given into that craving yet. Well must get ready to watch ER tonight.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

38 Week Check up

I went to see my OB today, as you know from my previous post. He weighed me and I lost another 2 pounds. B/P was 126/78 and I was measuring at 37wks. Heartrate is fine. He asked how I was doing and I told him I was feeling nasty. So he said, we can finish this soon if you like, so I am scheduled to have this baby on next Thursday! WOOO HOOOO!

No more office visits for me. He said, I'll see you in L&D next week, at 8am.

Only 8 days to go!

I am pretty excited, a little disappointed she won't be born on hubby's birthday, but hey, she'll be here and we'll be home to celebrate it. Hubby was pretty excited when I called him at work. He was all like seriously, omg, it was too cute. This will be the earliest I've ever had one of my children, like I posted before they were all overdue. So this one will probably be the smallest.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My weekend was pretty much uneventful as all the other weekends I have been having for the last few months. LOL.

Yesterday I got a really big surprise. We had filed our taxes about 2 weeks ago, so we were expecting to get our checks soon, so we finally got them in the mail yesterday. I wasn't in a hurry to open them because we already knew what our return was estimated as. So when I got home, I finally opened them up, my hubby's first and he got exactly what he was supposed to get. When I opened mine, I got 3 times as much as I was supposed to get! Hubby was all like, it's a mistake. blah blah. So I read the breakdown of it, apparently there was a mathematical error when filing it, due to all my tuition that wasn't claimed. I had approximately 35,000 in tuition that wasn't being claimed so god love revenue Canada they did it for me. LOL. So I got back pretty much all that I paid in last year. YAYYYYY~ It definitely made my day.

Other than that nothing new here. I have an OB appointment tomorrow. We'll see how that goes, my OB is finally back. Hope he considers inducing sometime around my due date. I absolutely hate being overdue. I shall see tomorrow.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Belly Pic

Here it is, the latest belly pic. Almost 38 weeks. I just feel big and awkward now. Having a hard time getting comfortable too. Same old complaints, different day.

Was out cleaning up our car and getting ready to try and sell it. Hubby wants (actually is obsessed) to buy a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I hope he sells the other car and can get a few bucks together to try and buy a truck/jeep. I would love to be able to surprise him with something, but right now that's just not a possibility. Hubby's birthday is actually only 2 weeks away too. The baby is due the day after his birthday. I would love to have her on his birthday.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Post About Nothing

As the name implies this post is just random thoughts about nothing in particular. I've been so darn tired lately I don't have the energy to do much of anything. The highlight of my day is that hubby is off now for 3 more days, so he can help do some much needed cleaning of the house. I just find it so overwhelming when it's just me having to run and chase after the kids.

I had my wonderful BH ctx last night. They were there teasing me for about 2 hours then left without a trace :(

We finally started buying some outfits for the baby. Hubby got her a pair of jean overalls with a little off while color shirt with flowers on it, and a jean jacket. It's pretty cute. He picks out such cute outfits, especially the one when little E was born.

The days are numbered until the big D day. Only 17 days to go! Just wish there were some way that I could magically fast forward the next 2 weeks. Oh well such is life. Only 5 more days until my next OB appointment. This time I have to take little E with me, now you know that'll be the appointment he'll want to do an internal, because that's my kind of luck. LOL.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Braxton Hicks Are My Nemesis!

Well by the title you can see that I've been having those wonderful, play with your mind, make you think something is actually happening, pain the butt BH ctx. LOL.

Last night they started around 7pm and were pretty regular at about 15min apart. Like the typical ctx that you read about, from the back to the front. But I know better. I've had this happen with my last 2 children so my trick is, if I can manage to go to sleep and stay asleep, it isn't the real deal. Of course I fell asleep watching American Idol and woke up to go to the bathroom at around 4am. No more pain in sight.

Anyway, I'm in a better mood today. Just the pressure of the baby is getting to me, it feels like at times she wants to fall out. (I wish it were that simple) Anyway that's about it here.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

37 Week Checkup......

Yah that was a complete and total waste of my time. I got there for my appointment and there wasn't one other soul in the office waiting, he took me right in. When I was in there he did the usual, weighed me, listened to heartbeat, B/P, and measured me. I gave him my pee and he didn't even do anything with it. I'm sure he'll find that later in the day and wonder who the hell it belongs to. Anyway, when he finished the only thing he said to me was, "carry on", "keep doing what you are doing". This guy was replacing my OB while he was away. Now I know that they don't entertain you or do anything spectacular ever at any visit, but I had no internal, no check, no GBS screen done, NOTTA NOTHING!

I think I may be pregnant forever.

So after that completely uneventful waste of my time, I went shopping. As any other annoyed woman would do. AND, I actually packed my bag. I am not sure what the hell for, because I am sure I'll be a whopping 12 days overdue. I'll beat my record!

Is it obvious that I am bitter today? Oh well, I hope this mood passes quickly.

Monday, March 20, 2006

37 Weeks!

So today marks the day when baby is supposedly full term. So anytime after today would be nice. :) I feel fine and have no indication that she's coming soon.

I went to playgroup today with my youngest daughter and I saw my friend that is having twins again today. She is almost 38 weeks. I was laughing saying how I finally measured at 36 weeks since that is how far along I was then, and she told me she measured at 49cm! I CANNOT even try and fathom what that would feel like! WOW is all I can say.

I had to post this about what my son said the other day. It is hilarious. I have no idea why the kids even mentioned "wieners" (other name for penis, as my boy would so like to refer to it). Anyway, they were having a discussion with my hubby and I saying only boys have wieners and I said yes that's right that's what makes them a boy and girls don't have one. Anyway, my boy says, "Yah that's right dad has a wiener, except his is huge!"

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Not much going on here at all. Just a nice day to relax and do nothing.

I figured I would post up a baby pool game, an idea I "borrowed" from another site. You can guess stats about the baby and when baby will be born.

Some information about my previous pregnancies, are
1) girl, 7lbs 13oz., 22 inches long. 10 days overdue.
2) boy, 8lbs 11 1/2 oz., 21 1/2 inches long. 2 days overdue.
3) girl, 8lbs 4 oz., 21 inches long. 11 days overdue.

So there ya have it for the last 3 turkeys. This pregnancy has been a difficult one, and I never suffered from crohn's disease with any of the other children, (I was only diagnosed 3 yrs ago). I have no clue if this will change anything with this baby but anyway, thought I'd throw that info in for ya's.

If you want to play along, go to and choose the game Emmakirst.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I finally did something productive. I actually packed the baby's diaper bag yesterday, of course with a little help from my youngest daughter. She also picked out a little outfit for her new sister too. She was so excited to buy something for the baby, she picked some hooded towels, and some washcloths. Of course it just dawned on me yesterday that we didn't have any of that stuff in our house so now we have a few things. My hubby picked up a bag of the smallest diapers too yesterday, partly to be ready and the other part for the girls to use on their dolls. I had been promising them since Christmas that I'd buy some diapers for their cabbage patch kids dolls. Well I had to laugh at the size, I couldn't get over how tiny they are. They actually fit the doll. I mean, you'd swear I have never had a baby before, but I don't remember them being that small. hehe.

On a different note, we were going to get a swing today since there is one that I liked on sale. Then about 20 minutes ago I got a call from a distant cousin that I had given my old crib too, when she had her twins (3 yrs ago). Anyway, she explained that it was far too beat up to give back so she was going to buy me a new one. I told her how I'd already bought one and don't worry about it, because when I gave it to her I never expected it back. We had thought that E was our last child. Needless to say, she was determined to get me something because it was such a help to them at the time, so she's ordering me a new swing for my baby along with a bouncy chair! I am so surprised, and what great timing too!

So now I think we are totally prepared for little miss to come. I just have to get my butt in gear and get my bag packed. Hubby told me he absolutely refuses to pack something together for me this time, like he had to the last few times. LOL.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patty's Day.....

To all of those who celebrate, St. Patrick's Day.

Anyway, not much new here. Just waiting for some indication that I could potentially have this baby sometime in the near future. But as I was sitting here today, I couldn't help but get upset at the fact that as bad as I want to meet this baby, it's upsetting me so much to think this is the last time I will ever be pregnant. So, now I think, stay in as long as you want little girl, because momma will never have another in there. :(

I think I am far too hormonal these days.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

36 Week Checkup

I had my OB appointment today. When I got there, I had to wait the usual eternity that it feels like, well really only an hour. Anyway, I saw of friend of mine there and she's expecting twins due only a few days before me. I had wondered if she had her babies, and of course I knew the answer, she's still hanging on! 37 weeks along with 2 girls!~ Ack the size of her belly. And this girl is all babies.

Anyway, my OB is gone away on vacation for the next 2 weeks so there was a fill in there for him. When I went in, I was surprised that I actually know this guy. He just finished his residency or whatever Doctors do to become doctors since they are in school for umpteen years. He introduces himself to me and is like, "hey wait a minute, do I know you from somewhere?" I'm like well you know my brother, I met you like ages ago and I never thought you'd remember who I am, considering name is different and it's been a long time. So that was kind of neat that I know him, I was definitely more comfortable around him even with talking about excretion. UGH!!!! LOL

He did the weigh in check to discover I have lost another 4 pounds in 2 weeks. He was a little surprised. As was I. I told him the steroids don't do D**K for me, so he said, get off them. Better to be off then on, since it's not making a darn difference. Other than that he checked the heartbeat- 140 and B/P 124/84. All is good there. So in the last 4 weeks I have managed to lose 6 pounds. hmmmm, maybe I'll have this baby soon, since not gaining weight or losing weight is a sign of pre labor. I wonder.

Anyway, I had my ultrasound today to check in on little miss. She is measuring at 35 weeks 5 days, and I am currently 36 weeks 2 days. So that's not bad, only a 4 day difference. And she weighs an estimated 6 lbs 2 oz, and of course I asked if she was still a girl and she is. LOL. So all is good with baby, and now I can breathe a sigh of relief.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Decisions, decisions....

We are having one hell of a time trying to decide on a name for the baby. We actually have a boys name picked out, if for some reason this baby ends up being male. (although I've been told twice now it's a girl, and am going for another ultrasound tomorrow and will no doubt ask again, lol)

Anyway, people keep asking and asking, what is the name, and I keep dodging them and saying we haven't decided, but we had one picked out. Then I opened my big mouth and told an acquaintance what it was and she bluntly said, "I hate it". I'm like, what the hell, who says that to someone. I wasn't very impressed at the comment. I had to do all I could from telling her off about her kids names that all rhyme. So now that made me think if she hates it, is it a bad name?? Will my child be tortured later on because of her name. I thought it was a pretty plain name with little room for name calling. And I know how ridiculous this would be to change a name based on one person's opinion, but no one has really said anything like that's nice, they just say oh yah.

Here I am with a little over 3 weeks left until my due date and no name. At least I have a month to decide after the baby is born on what to call her. Hope she wont' be referred to as Baby Girl for her first few weeks of life.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Crazy Pregnant Hormones!

Well I am 36 weeks today. Two more days until my ultrasound and another OB visit. Hopefully all will go well. I am thinking that the measurements were off because baby was in a different position, because these days there is hardly anymore room in my body for the uterus to go!

I found out the other day that my SIL is trying to have a baby. I'm sure she'll be pregnant within the week. The only thing that is annoying me at the present time is that when the mother in law found out she said, "oh that's nice, I think they have wanted another one anyway". This will be her 3rd. But here's the catch, when I announced my unplanned pregnancy this time to the family, here's the mother in laws' comment,

"I think you are F**KING NUTS!!!"

So there ya have it, I am a little emotional these days, and that is just adding to my crazy hormone pile that is driving me bonkers. It wouldn't bother me half as bad, but of course I am surrounded by inlaws living around me.

Anyway, had to vent that crap, the internet is about the only place I can vent.

Well I didn't get my swing yet, I figured we still have about 4 weeks at least left to buy it so, I'll get it in a few more weeks. Along with packing that bag. But we did get the DVD player for the youngest kids, it's great, they actually go to sleep in their bed now :)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

30 Days To Go!!

Well, I didn't end up going in. I stayed home and self doctored. I figure it was just my lovely crohn's exacerbated with a nasty bout of the flu. Anyway I do feel a bit better. Just wish I felt like I did a few years ago!

I can't believe there is only 30 more days till due date. Now with my track record this means nothing. Basically it means I have 40 more days to go! Hopefully this little miss will behave and come earlier. Even next week would be good :)

Last night hubby and I were making an attempt at intimacy, anyway, needless to say he can feel the baby's head right against my cervix. With my last 2 pregnancies I used him as my pseudo nurse so when I had all my false labor, I told myself that I wasn't going into the hospital if there wasn't any change. I know this is TMI, but I have also lost my nasty mucus plug. But we all know it can be weeks away from delivery after you lose it.

Anyway, we are doing some shopping today, I think we are going to get our swing today and a DVD player for the youngest kids. So off to get ready.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Funny How Things Happen.....

Today was supposed to be the big day for the interview. It was for 1pm in the afternoon. I was going to give it a shot and do my best, since I had a pretty decent chance considering my educational background, it's an odd combination of degrees but perfect for management. A BScN and BBA.

So last night was pretty much like every other night, fell asleep at the start of American Idol and slept fairly well.

This morning was a different story. I have no idea what's wrong with me, but now I know this is far TMI, but I have VIOLENT DIARRHEA! No joking around. I must have gone about oooooh, I'd say 15 times so far today. Baby isn't as active as usual, but I feel the required magic 10 movements an hour, so I'm not too upset, but this has got to stop. I've had this going on for a week now, can't really eat or anything. But this is different, so I'm going to say it's the flu.

Anyway, my ramblings lead me to think, I was not meant to go to this interview anyway. So there it is. I was trying to rack my brain thinking that this was for the better, blah blah, only to have to cancel today. *Sigh*

I think I may make a trip to ER later on this evening if it doesn't let up a bit. We'll see. As a nurse I try and self doctor as much as possible because I know how much people hate to see you over abuse the system for little ailments. I'll keep ya's posted.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Why Now???

Here's the latest picture, it was taken today. Not much of a change since the last 1 1/2 weeks.

I received a call for a job interview yesterday for a really good position that I would really like to have. The pay is better, the hours are much better, but with it comes more responsibility.

Of course when is the start date? A week before my due date. So there ya go, of all times for me to get an opportunity like this to finally get an interview for a job like this, it has to start then. I would have to go right to work after I had the baby. I feel so upset at the thoughts of even doing that. My hubby and everyone around me thinks I am nuts, because it's the opportunity of a lifetime but I feel so torn that I won't have the time to spend with the baby. Jeez it'd be like one day pop out the kid and bam right after I get out the hospital I have to work. I know people do it, but I do have the opportunity to stay home with my children for a year with paid leave and still return to a good paying job in the end. At least with my other children I never had to do that before. I had the time to stay home with them, even for a month. Anyway, I am considering declining the interview, because my luck I'd actually get the job, then I'd have to decline it. Just wish it weren't now!

Monday, March 06, 2006

35 Weeks!

Wow, I can't believe 35 weeks today. That's kind of neat that I am 35 weeks pregnant with only 35 days to go too! Little things that amuse me these days. hehe. The baby is supposed to weigh over 5lbs now, I guess I'll find out next week what they "think" she may weight, although I know that's never exact anyway. With my last baby they had told me, maybe 6lbs and I ended up having her 2 days later weighing in at 8lbs 4oz.

This place has been pretty crazy the last few days, of course Saturday my boy ended up being sick, well his older sister started around 4pm with vomiting and then my hubby came home from work around 7pm and he was projectile vomiting. Thank god I didn't get it nor did my youngest. I'm happy to say finally, everyone is feeling like themselves again and it was only a 24 hour type of bug. So everyone is doing well here once again.

I guess I should start considering packing this bag soon or at least get what I need for it. That'll be on my to do list for the next 3-4 weeks. hehe. I'm such a procrastinator.

Thanks to all the prayers for us during this time with hubby's grandmother. She's starting to accept the fact that this is her diagnosis. Apparently this heart condition is almost a complete blockage, so I think that is why she has such little life expectancy, due to the fact that it maybe heart related that claims her in the end.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

My poor little boy is sick again. It wasn't that long ago that he had the flu, now he's got it again. He's sleeping right now in my bed by me. Hope he won't have it for long, when he gets sick he just takes so long to get better. Now the girls they bounce back quick, but he seems to hang onto it for a longer time.

Anyway, the prednisone is doing a "little" bit of help on my situation. So here's hoping it continues to help me. Baby is still as active as ever so I am not worried there.

Last month I had posted about my hubby's grandmother being just diagnosed with lung cancer, well she had numerous tests done, had a reaction to the CT scan dye, had some renal failure. Now she can no longer get radiation since it has spread to the lymph nodes. Anyway, last week she went for chemo and course had a reaction to that too, ended up in CCU. Well today the cardiologist tells her that she has an underlying heart condition undiagnosed, that will prevent her from getting chemo at all. She's been told she had asthma for the last 5 years, turns out it was a heart problem all this time. Worst part is, she was given a 10% chance to live 2-6 months. UGH! Not good at all :( All we can do is hope that she doesn't suffer during the rest of her life. Pretty sad stuff.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Slowly Going Crazy....

Ugh, that's how I feel. I hate to whine about this, but when I started this blog, I had decided that I would keep track of how often my flare-ups reoccur. Well this is a dandy. This flare is actually worse than the one I had when I initially found out I was pregnant this time.

Yesterday I thought I was having a "good" day. We took the kids out for supper, then out to the movies. I only got some bland soup thinking that won't play with my insides too much. We went to the movies and I was a good girl, didn't have any popcorn, pop or anything as the kids watched their movie. We saw curious george, it was pretty cute, I wanted to take that little monkey home with me. :) Anyway, that was a struggle to sit through as I could feel my feet ballooning up and getting itchy, but those are normal joys of pregnancy.

When we got home I watched American Idol to see who got kicked off. Then fell asleep before CSI had a chance to come on. Then, 1am, it hit! Trip 1 to the can, then trip 10 happened around 7am. Then again, blah blah blah, you get the picture. I'm at the point now where I can't even eat. I just have to sit really still. So I called my OB, he said to increase the prednisone only to 20mg for a few days then taper off to 10mg. The problem is I highly doubt this is going to do the trick. Anyway, here I am, praying for a miracle that 20mg will keep my insides happy. I got my ultrasound scheduled for the 15th. So we'll see how little one is holding up amongst her mothers agony. UGH!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

40 Days to GO!

I can't believe it's March. Wooo hoooo, only one more month to due date. Anyway, technically only 40 days to go! LOL.

Anyway, had my OB appointment today. Apparently I lost 2 pounds this time from 2 weeks ago. And 2 weeks ago I was measuring at 33 wks when I was 32 weeks, and now I am 34 wks and measuring at only 31wks. Ugh, so off for another ultrasound in 2 weeks to do a biophysical profile on baby. I think he's planning on inducing me the end of the month. He did do an ultrasound in his office and everything looked good. He told me she could have dropped too and he's going away until the 29th of March and said, it's likely that I could deliver this baby before then!

We went looking at laminate flooring today. There's a really nice one I want to get, but to get it installed the man said we're looking at around $1000. YIKES! I don't have the money right now for that, so we'll have to hold off for a bit on that plan.