My family of 5

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So maybe I was wrong about the last post. We didn't end up moving my computer yet, or the the only tv left in this place with our satellite receiver. A and I are sitting here on the floor watching the 13inch tv, Curious George, Bo on the GO. all the good shows. I have come over here because well basically I'm loosing my f*&**king mind at the inlaws. Omg, it's awful, not like I originally wanted to move quickly, but it would have been nice to have A a little more adjusted to the place before a new baby comes. Let me describe the situation some;

We are living in their basement, it's nice, it's all done over (of course after the flooding the whole house is redone). We have our living room setup there, our kitchen table, a fridge, no stove. There is a bathroom, but the fan for the shower thing hasn't been installed so I haven't showered there yet. YUCK! The type of person I am, is one that trys to stay out of other people's business. The kids have their beds upstairs and are to sleep up there only, I want them down with me so I can watch them, and discipline and whatnot. I am not there for them to babysit, whatever. So to get that through the 6&7 yr old's heads, it's pretty tough.

Anyway, this morning, I have to take them upstairs to feed them, because I have no dishes, sink whatever, it sucks ass, because A is running through the house, talking and happy. They are upstairs, and I say to the kids is SHHHH SHHHH SHHHH< i feel like a fucking parrot, repeating myself all the time, it's horrible. It may be the excess hormones from a 9 month pregnant woman, who knows, but I'm not dealing well with this. AND. IT"S. ONLY. BEEN. 2 . DAYS! Have I mentioned the only thing done with my new house is the ground is dug, that's it, they ran into trouble and hit rock, but they resolved it yesterday. The footer hasn't been poured nothing is done, I'm freaking bad. Anyway, that's my rant about that.

So back to this morning, I had a meltdown, cryed my face off, took A over here and we got in the tubby (as A calls it) hehe, so now I'm just going to sit around here in my empty home so I don't invade over there and wish that I could make my new home magically appear. This is just awful. I have to make the kids supper tonight and I don't feel right going upstairs to her kitchen to make food for them. (*this is my MIL, not my parents!!, I wouldn't care if it were mine) NOT to mention that all my MIL and FIL do is fight, constantly, OOOOOHHH Shoot me, really though, this has to get better, because I don't know if I'll be able to stand it. Oh and hubby is at work till 7:30 tonight, for 13 hrs so I would just make him do it if he were home, since it's his family, but nope he's not here. So that's my babble, I am upset, practically crying right now, still full of a headcold, and did i mention upset.....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Last Post for Awhile....

That's it, we're pretty much moved in to my in-laws. I am taking apart the computer and moving it over later today. So, there's no internet connection as of yet, so I'm not sure when they'll get something hooked up. Hopefully not long, because it's my only connection to the outside world!

Last night was our first night at the in-laws. The crib is apart, so A had to sleep for the first time in a big bed. She did ok, but is still freaked out about all of our furniture there and just wants to "go home". I feel bad for her but what else can we do. Even little E started to get upset. They were excited at first to be sleeping over, but the realization hit her when I said, we're never going back to our old house, the next time we move is in our new house. She's good about it, knows we have to do this to get our new home, but still it's sad to all of us. The kids were all raised here, little baby Nolan/Rylan, still haven't decided won't even have a chance to be here.

Oh we'll make the best of it and it's not for long, then it's everyone has their own room and all new, so that's exciting.

Well this has been a serious ramble for now, I'll post when I can, hopefully hubby will try and set something up for me quick, so I don't go through serious withdrawals!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

39 weeks, yep, pretty big!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Well I didn't manage to post every day this month, but hell it was more than I've posted in a long time. Tomorrow may be the last post for a looooong time, we are moving tomorrow or Sunday, so after that I'm not sure when I'll be able to make a post. Anyway, must get back to packing, BLAH~

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I had my 2nd last OB appt today. Went fine, baby still head down, got to see his big hands on the u/s. Heartrate 125, he was resting so it was lower. B/p fine and I am measuring at 34 weeks, smaller than last week, he didn't check me but said the 28th is my last visit and he'll have a definate date for induction after that. So until then I wait. Hoping for something.

The baby and I have the worst head colds on earth. I think I have the flu, I was all achy and sore yesterday and had chills along with not being able to breathe through my nose! BLAH! A woke up through the night 3x sobbing with her cold/flu. Poor girl, she was excellant today as I had to wait to see my Dr. and file for maternity leave. Not much else to say, going to go to bed soon.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

UGH, whiny post here.
I woke up 2 days ago with a major head cold, all stuffed up. Now today, I ache all over, my head is pounding, actually feels like someone was beating my cheekbones with a bat and feverish. I obviously must have the flu. I didn't sleep well at all for the last 2 nights as I'm sure I won't be able to tonight also. So far I'm the only one in the house with this so that's a good thing. Blah, hope it lets up some tomorrow, I need to sleep and can't when I'm unable to breathe through my nose and otrivin doesn't cut it at all, only for about 2 hrs and it's too soon to spray more :( Wahhh. What a baby I am, I was thinking that the baby must stay put for another bit because I can't have a new baby to care of like this, just wait till I feel better kiddo. :P

The kids got their report cards today. R did excellant, The boy did well I guess as well as expected given his difficulties. I do believe they'll recommend more 1:1 next year but we'll do what we are doing for now this year. One positive note she mentioned that he is progressing with home and school help, so that's it for him. Little E is displaying +++ difficulties in language arts as I already know and groaned about when I met with her teacher at the first of the year. I already know what we are dealing with, most likely she'll be tested this yr too. But the advantage is she gets the help she needs once the testing is completed, I mean it could be worse. They could be sick children and fortunately all my kids have great health and are pretty cute if I must say :P So I meet the teacher for their report cards on Thursday night.

Lastly, tomorrow is my next OB appointment. I also have to file for maternity leave at work so this shall be fun, taking A with me at 11 for the mat leave forms then 11:40 for my Ob appt and that usually is a half hr wait, all with A who is as antsy as I don't know what, she doesn't stay put for 5 minutes.

Oh and this weekend, we are moving to the in-laws, we have to have a close date for the trailor of the 30th and this is the only time hubby has while off to move us. I can't believe how fast things are going. The hole is dug for the new house, except, of course there is always and exception, there is a pile of rock at one end of the hole for the basement that will require jackhammering, hence, more money. Fortunately he only thinks around 500=1000 dollars, so I can go with that, do I have any other choice, no. So that's that. Will post again tomorrow after my appointment.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Know what I'm listening to right now as I type, and no it's not the keys.....

The sweet sound of an escavator digging me a BIG OL' HOLE FOR MY NEW HOUSE! We've started, holy shit, we're actually building a house!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

38 week pic

Major huge belly here, excuse my hairy arms. LOL.

13 days baby before you're evicted! This is going so FASSSSSSSST!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Terri suggested I do a poll as to when people think this little one will arrive.
Here's some info about previous pregnancies.

-with my boy I went on my own into labor and it was on his due date. he was 8lb 11 1/2 oz, 21 inches long. (my biggest baby)

-my girls were both overdue at least 2 weeks, with A I was induced, and the plan is an induction for 2 weeks from today. (I'll know exactly on my next visit)

-E was 8lb 4oz., 20 inches and my oldest R was 7lb 13oz, 22 inches. A was 7lb 8oz, 20 inches but she was induced 4 days early.

-so far for this baby, I measured smaller at my last visit on Wed. His head is supposedly engaged right now and I have awful back pain and pretty much every evening I get lovely braxton hicks ctx which obviously don't lead to the real deal, cause I'm sitting here typing this post right now.

-Yesterday had me a big scare, the baby is slowed down in movements, he's certainly active enough, but slowing down.

So there ya have it, the info, if you want, play along.

it's found here at and the game name is emmababy5 to enter a guess.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ok, why is this baby feeling the need to make me worry now?
Yesterday and everyday before it, he was active, kicking like crazy, squirming around, now today, he's not doing much of anything. I mean, I can bug him and get a little nudge here and there, there is definately movement, but not the "10 movements" an hour thing. Hubby seems to think that he's asleep, well that's fine but usually a sugar rush gets him active and crazy. UGH, around here you don't call the OB you go into the hospital to get checked out on the monitor. The only one you'd call would be L&D and they'd suggest to go in, so pointless to call because they are required to cover their assess and pretty much say that when any concern arises. Anyone have any thoughts? Has this happened to anyone before? And I do know that movement slows before delivery, but what the hell? Like this is a big difference. Anyway, there I may or may not go in, he better start kicking the crap out of me soon.

*Edited* I decided to have some serious sugar and he finally decided to give me some good kicks, I do the kick count thing and he's certainly over 10/hr so, maybe just slowing down to prepare for delivery? I would have gone in had he didn't start up, I know A did this a week before I had her too, so that's it for now. If I do get concerned enough to go in I'll post.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I was tagged by Beccy to do the 7 weird/random facts about me meme.

1. I'm a major packrat, I hate to throw anything out.

2. When attending school I much preferred anything to do with sciences/math related rather than English based. I have an extremely hard time writing.

3. That's why my posts are so jumbled and random. I am not very creative.

4. I do however like to tolepaint. It's pretty easy, trace and paint. :)

5. I am shy, I don't like meeting new people, although I encounter it daily.

6. I am 5 feet tall. Not sure if I've ever mentioned that before on here.

7. Finally, I have a love/hate relationship with work. I enjoy working to some degree, but would rather sleep in and be lazy around the house. But generally, I would rather be a working mom than a stay at home mom. The optimal setup would be that hubby would stay home with the children to raise them rather than me.

I tag anyone who wants to do this one.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Had my OB appointment today. I lost a pound since last week, baby is engaged at this point and I'm measuring at 35 weeks, when I measured at 37 last week~ My pressure was 130/86 and baby's heartrate was 140. Everthing looks good with baby just waiting for him to come. Dr. somehow thinks that I may go on my own by my next visit, since he's so low down. But I have no way to know if I'm dilated or not, my OB doesn't check at visits, only when you go in to a) have baby or b) for an induction. He did however tell me that if the baby isn't here by Dec. 1 he's going to induce me. So there is an end in sight~ yay! Don't get me wrong, I love feeling this little one moving all around but my back is absolutely KILLING me and it hurts to do almost everything now. :( But anyway, 17 more days till we meet him.

Thanks for the input on the name for him too. I was telling hubby how Nolan pretty much won over my choice, he just grinned and said how we should definately go with it now. We'll see, when baby is born what he looks like, it's one of those 2 names for sure.

Did more shopping yesterday got 3 more presents for the kiddo's. I'm almost donw, since I'm not getting them much this yr.

Oh well this post is beginning to be a big long ramble for now, I was tagged by Beccy so I'll do the meme tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Well, here it is. I would need some serious airbrushing to make this look good! Ha!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Here's the newest belly shot at 37 weeks, maybe just maybe, i'll post a bare belly shot tomorrow, it's pretty nasty looking though with severeeee stretch marks. This picture does no justice for the size that I really am!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

We've been having a tough time agreeing/deciding on a name for this baby. I figure hell, this blog is anonymous enough, so I'll ask what readers that pop on here for their opinion. Which would you go with?

Rylan Christopher


Nolan Christopher

I'm desparate, this kid is coming in less than a month. Any thoughts, I really like Isaiah but hubby won't even consider it. Urgh, too bad this baby wasn't a girl, because that's the only name we could agree on this time, it always works out that way doesn't it?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I've been sitting here thinking of what I do in the run of a day now that I'm off work.

6:30am Get up with A, immediately she wants to be fed so out to the kitchen we go preparing breakfast.

7:00am Get the rest of the kids up, prepare lunches for school. Feed them breakfast, do hair, get bookbags ready for the 3 of them.

7:50am Kids are out the door. (breathe again)

8:00am, A and I watch some Bo on the GO and Arthur cartoons.

9:00am Tub time, she loves the tub, since I'm too fat to bend over the tub, I get in with her (hey why not kill 2 birds with one stone right?)

9:30am Start laundry, because there is like always 3-4 loads a day to do, no joking.

10:00am do dishes, vacuum, clean, clean some more the kids rooms, my room etc.

then flop on sofa for a bit.

Around 12:00 I feed A some lunch then we crash for a nap. (i usually don't sleep, I just lay there)

She is usually asleep for an hr.
2:00pm I usually start supper, read below to see why.

3:00pm kids are home from school, the real fun starts. I do homework with E and little E. That consumes about 2 hrs of our time, all the while doing this A is jumping up on the table, R is trying to get the occasional help with hers, which is fine. After an exhausting 2 hr homework battle we are finished.

5:00pm, we eat, roughly around this time.

6:00pm I clean the dishes, sweep floor for 20th time today, vacuum for 2nd time I'm sure because A is a mess-maker.

6:30pm start getting kids in tub, I wash little E's hair, the others are fine.

7:30pm, I flop on sofa, wanting and begging for sleep.

8:30 put A to sleep, other kids are finally in bed. Ahhhh quiet at last. Hubby and I finally have some alone time *he of course helps with the insanity of the house when he's home, but when he works he doesn't get in until 8pm.

9:00pm I'm asleep, ready to do this allllll over again the next day. LOL.

I'm thinking I had a far less hectic day when I worked.

Friday, November 09, 2007

For this pregnancy, the maternity clothes that I'm wearing were given to me by my SIL, hubby had given his cousin my clothes and I never got them back. So anyway, the shirts are all fine, I had some from a friend of mine and I even bought a few new ones, the maternity tops are fine.

The pants, they are the underbelly style, ummm, I HATE THEM. They were fine for about 4-7 mos. Now they don't go anywhere near my huge ass or gut, they slip down. I'm sure my child is going to suffer dents in his head from the god awful band digging into his skull. Really a man must have designed these. That or the 45+ weight gain isn't helping things. LOL.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Just to say, braxton hicks really suck!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I had my 37 week appt today with my OB. All looks fine again with baby. Still head down, gained another 3 lbs putting me up to holy hell 45lbs! Yep, no doubt about it this kid is definately a boy. I gained 80lbs with my other boy! I see him every week now so the time should go pretty quick now. I had lots of lovely BH's today, which drive me nuts, it's a tease. If it's not going to lead to something soon, leave me alone is my theory.

We also picked out our flooring and cupboards for the new house, oooh I love the cupboards, they are dark in color and the flooring is cherry colored laminate. (for now, when the kids are older I'll get hardwood) We picked the ceramic flooring for the bathrooms and kitchen area. The kitchen is a earthy tone with a green combined, so we got a sample of the flooring to take to match up the counter with it. I can't wait to see it all come together.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Lately I have had the worst case of insomnia. I'll fall asleep around 9-10pm and around 2am I'll wake up and end up staying awake for about 1-2hrs. Ugh, this is horrible. I feel like crap in the morning and am still exhausted. If this is natures way to prepare me, it's getting old. I already know what I'm in for. LOL.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Since we are moving to my in-laws soon, we've gotten a start on packing. We've been storing the boxes at my SIL's house. One day we packed the kids toys that were on their shelf, stuffed toys and few other older toys that were hanging around up there. One that was there was a "chicken=dance elmo" doll. It's self=explanatory, it's elmo dressed as a chicken and sings the most annoying chickendance song on earth then clucks. Well we got that toy for E when she was about 1 1/2 yrs old, same age as A is now. Noone ever really played with it, that's why it was up on the shelf.

I took it down while packing and gave it to A. She loves the stupid thing. She walks around everywhere with it, grabbing it's arm/wing whatever it is supposed to be and talks away to it. The cutest thing tonight she tried to share her potatoes with it! Yuck.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Well I think I may unoffically be part of NaBloPoMo. I am a day late but what the hell, just for fun I'll try and post everyday, now that I'm through with work.

My in-laws house where we are moving to, is almost finished, the flooring is all down upstairs and on the main level, it's the basement now that has to be finished. It's gorgeous the covering for the kitchen, I would love to get that in our new house, but I think it would be out of our budget right now, apparently ceramic tile is cheaper. I would like it but not, I find it cold and hard on the feet but everyone that has it says they love it, just it's cold. Whatever, we'll be going this week to figure all that out, or get a start on it.

Still have some serious Christmas shopping to get started on, apparently the sears website has some good deals so that's where I'm headed to now!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hey this is my 300th post!

As you can see, nothing has happened, which i basically assumed anyway, not that I would want him to come this soon either, another 2-3 weeks would be perfect, but 5 weeks, come on baby, you don't have to hang on that long... Whatever he's eventually gotta come~ lol. I was pretty much up half the night with the pains, every 20-30 minutes, some woke me, and I assume they ended. I've been getting them again today, but sporadically with no pattern, I just know there was no way in hell I would have been able to work today. I did call off last night around 10pm and finally gave my notice that I'm done for this year at work :)

I made it to 36 weeks hauling ass around all the while hauling my own fat ass around! Much better than last pregnancy when I went off sick at 28 weeks. I still feel fine, I would have stayed another week if they were only 8 hr shifts, the 12 hrs nearly killed me yesterday. Anyway, that's that, I'll file for maternity leave in another 2 weeks, I still have sick time to use up from the hospital first.

I have another OB appointment on Wed. Hubby and I are going to go "shopping" for the windows in our new house and doors. Maybe we'll check out the cupboards and flooring just for ideas too, since once the house gets started it doesn't take too long to go up.

Well not much else to write about, been eating Halloween junk all day, damn you halloween!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Well, I have been having an interesting day.

All day at work I've been having terrible back pain, although I notice it getting worse. Oh about 4pm (TMI< TMI i notice some mucus yuck) Around 6pm I start getting contraction starting in my back, radiating to the front, about 25min apart. This is unusual for me, so what do I do? Come home after shift and drink a glass of water and I'm going to lay down. (on my left of course like a good momma) I have been through false labor far too many times, if it wakes me up, hell it's the real deal~! lol. If I don't post again through the night, you know its' the good old false labor acting up on me, as always, because I have to work another shift tomorrow. If I go in or any kind of anythign happens I'm sure I'll post.